Jab tum chaaho paas aate ho! PART 2 UPDATED PG3 ISHRA OS

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Hey there

I heard this beautiful song a few days ago and was compelled write this OS! I hope you all enjoy reading it!

Likes and comments most welcome! Wink

Enjoy! Smile

Jab tum chaaho paas aate ho

"Kyun? Akailay main mujh say dar lagta hai?"

Ishita paced the expanse of her room nervously, as she remembered Ramans words.

He had asked her to accompany him to dinner at a new restaurant opening tonight which belonged to a business associate. The restaurant was in the next town but the associate had insisted that Raman bring his wife too.

However the reason for Ishitas quandary was not the dinner party itself but the overnight stay which Raman had booked at a hotel there, afterwards.

"But can't we return home? I have a number of appointments in the morning. And the kids will miss me!" She had lamented, desperate to avoid any time alone with him.

"Why? Are you scared to be alone with me?" Raman drawled, a smile curving the corners of his mouth as he had watching her intently.

"No! Of course not!" She retaliated, knotting and unknotting her hands nervously, then regretting the words as soon as they had left her mouth.

"Well then it's settled. Get ready and pack an overnight bag"

Jab tum chaaho paas aate ho
Jab tum chaaho door jaate ho
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari
Kehte ho phir bhi pyaar karte ho!

Ever since their relationship had moved to a more amicable one, Ishita had found that she had begun to fall slowly but surely in love with her husband.

This had placed her in an impossible situation.

Where she had begun to crave for intimacy with him the ambiguity in his behaviour always left her hanging. Some times he would be teasing her with his flirty remarks yet other times he would totally ignore her leaving her unable to gauge his true feelings for her.

In her constant battle with her growing desire for him she found it torture every time he came close to her, however innocently, making her swoon. If they touched accidentally she would jump back as if a spark had fired between them, while he would watch her with a mischievous grin.

Maana maine galtiyan ki
Thodi thodi saktiyan ki
Ishq mein thodi si mastiyan ki

This left her wondering if he was purposefully teasing her and enjoyed her discomfort or if he really was developing feelings for her. She realised she hadn't confessed anything to him but how could she when all he was doing was giving her hot and cold signals?

For example only a few days ago when she had been getting ready to go to the dance recital at her amas, Raman had interrupting her dressing and begun touching and teasing her intimately. She had been too shocked to stop him, a slave to her desire for him, yet just as suddenly Raman had calmly walked away, continuing with his presentation and hadn't referred to the incident since.

It made her mad to think that he managed to unsettle her like this. Surely he knew the effect he was having in her?

His indifference left her extremely frustrated.

The encounter had awakened Ishitas desires and left her utterly breathless under the erotic torture. A sleepless night had followed for her, while the Ravan Kumar had slept like a baby beside her.    

Dil ki baatein bolte nahin
Raaz apne tum kholte nahin
Apne mann ki tum karte ho sadaa
Mera mann tum tatolte nahin

Then at Rinkis bedai, during the fireworks, when she had unwittingly hugged Raman, he had hugged her back. Her hopes had raised when she had felt the response from his body and she had been convinced that there were some feelings involved!

However while she had struggled to gather her raging emotions, hoping for something more he had been perfectly chivalrous and dropped her home and then promptly gone back to the hall to settle the bills.

He seemed to be unfazed by these encounters. In fact Ishita felt he revelled in teasing and torturing her and seeing her helplessly in love with him.

Jab tum chaaho shiqve gile ho
Jab tum chaaho dil ye mile ho
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari
Jaao bade aaye pyaar karte ho

It was this hot and cold attitude of his that confused Ishita and left her emotions in disarray, while he merely grinned at her and innocently asked her lethal questions like the one he had just asked.

Bhole banke karte ho gustakhiyan
Chhod do ye sab chalaakiyan
Baaton mein behlaao naa yun
Baat ko badhaao na
Maanungi na main manaao na yun

Well she had decided she would not let him have the last laugh. She was not going to get tricked by him. It was her turn to tease and taunt him. Ishita bit her lip and contemplated how she would control her emotions and desires in close proximity with him without embarrassing herself. But she resolved that she would have to. And if in return she got the response she hoped for she might not have to!

Jab tum chaaho hans ke bulaao
Jab tum chaaho ladte hi jaao
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari
Badi badi baatein, pyaar karte ho!

She walked to the cupboard with a determined step.

"Enough of this cat and mouse game Mr Bhalla! Aaj aap say confession karwa kay rahoon gi!"

Ishita ran her fingers over her sarees and chose a dark green coloured one. Then opening the drawer below she decidedly chose a golden deep cut, backless, net blouse to go with it.

"Aaj mujhay resist kar kay dekhao Mr Bhalla!"

Pleased with the outfit, she changed quickly and went downstairs.

Tonight, she would dazzle him. Tonight she would show him her love. Tonight she would get a confession from him. Aab chalay gi nahi marzi tumhari, abb chalaygi marzi humari!!

Abb main chahoon shaam sajay gi
Jab main chahoon raat dhalay gi
Chalegi humesha marzi humhari
Nahi badi baatein, pyaar karti hoon!

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Posted: 2015-12-06T19:26:03Z
Beautiful is
But I think its incomplete
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Posted: 2015-12-06T19:42:09Z
beautiful update
but ek aur part chahiye
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Posted: 2015-12-06T19:51:56Z
surely it doesn't end there...
continue soon please :)
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Posted: 2015-12-06T20:29:01Z
simple and beautiful os Dr.plz continue it.
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Posted: 2015-12-06T21:22:30Z
This is lovely.. You should continue this! Would love to see Puttar being bowled out by Biwi
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Posted: 2015-12-06T23:58:12Z
Beautiful OS...enjoyed reading a lot
buuut what is this!! why did you end it halfwayShocked
not fair yaar..please complete d story!!
it was interesting
plz give it a closure!
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Posted: 2015-12-07T00:54:43Z
Beautiful os it was. 
But u've 2 convert it into ts.. Don't end dis in b/w plz..
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