Mr. Billionaire & Me : TaaRey 2S -Completed-

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Hello Guys!
I'm here with new 2S. Yesterday night i penned this down and I'm posing both the shots together. 

Scroll down for the shots.

Enjoy Reading :)

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SHOT 1 {Scroll Down}
SHOT 2 {Scroll Down}

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"Your lover boy is here, Taani!" A voice from the outside reached her ear, She come out of the kitchen of the cafe and walked toward the counter where her gaze fell over him, entering the cafe with that killer smile playing on his lips. 

He was Reyaansh Singhania, Mister Billionaire who daily comes to the cafe to have coffee made by her only. Coffee was just an excuse, whole cafe staff know he come there to meet their fellow employee, Taani Shekhawat who ignore him every time he come.

Rey sat on the table and waited for her to come with his usual order. After some minutes, she walked toward his table and placed his coffee on the table.

"Your coffee, Mr. Billionaire." Taani spoke passing a forced smile to him. Rey chuckled inwardly, she was a hard nut to crack. Its been two month he had been coming here to meet her, giving her hints that he is interested in her but she ignore him like plague.

"Taani." He called out for her as she turned to walk away.

"Yes, Mr. I-have-all-the-time-in-world-to-waste-singhania." Taani turned to him and gave a sarcastic smile which he ignored.

"Sometimes I really wonder how that big company of your run when you waste so many hours here?" Taani voiced out.

"So worried for our company, huh? Nice, honey buns! I like your concern." Rey replied back, smirking at her while she rolled her eyes at his cheesiness.

"What do you want?" She questioned him in hard tone. She can never understand why a billionaire like him is after her? An ordinary orphan girl.

"You!" He answered her, gazing at her with love filled eyes.

"Thats not gonna happen, Mr. Billionaire, so keep dreaming." Taani answered him back and walked away, leaving him behind. Ignoring the lovable looks he was passing her.

"God! Why she is so hard to get? Can't she see I love her?" Rey thought to himself, smiling lightly as he sipped the coffee made by her. This was the best way to start his day.


"If i were you, I would have jump in his arms and never let him go. He loves you, Taani-" Alina, her friend & colleague said to her as she entered the kitchen area.

"Love and billionaires don't go well with each other. Ever seen the magazines & newspapers, everyday there is a new girl in his arms and after that he claims to love me. Bullshit!" Taani retorted angrily and got busy in her works.

"But since he started coming here, there is no news of him being with any girl." Alina smirked at her as she retorted back. Taani glared at her but she also knew it was truth but that doesn't mean she will accept it.

"So what? Today he's after me but whats the guaranty that after getting me he won't go to any other girl. I'm just another girl for him, he wants to get to satisfy his ego-" Taani told her, her voice heavy with the emotions she was feelings. As much as she likes him, she hates that he is a player. And thats the reason she can't bring herself to trust him with her heart.


His heart broke into pieces when he heard her conversation with her friend, standing outside the kitchen door. He came there to talk to her but was left shocked after hearing her talks. He understood that she is afraid, afraid to accept him because of his past.

Though he wasn't the one who sleep with everything with two legs but he wasn't saint either. But only if he could tell her that after seeing her for the first time, he had stopped playing around and fallen head over heels in love with her.

"What the hell are you doing here? Didn't you see the only staff members board?" Her anger filled voice broke his trance, he looked up and found her staring at him with her hands on her hips.

"Oh! Can't a boss  come to see how his employees work?" Rey questioned her back, smirking at her shocked expression.

"You are not the boss!" She stated confidently.

"I was not but since last week, I'm. Keep yourself updated, honey buns." Rey answered her with a satisfied smile plastered on his face. Taani look at him in shock then turned to alina who nodded in confirmation.

"Mr. Johnson sold the cafe to him last week. Mr. Singhania is our new boss & owner of the cafe." Alina said to her, taani cursed her fate and turned to him who was standing there at all his glory.

"Are you really that obsessive? You bought this freaking cafe, for what?" Taani shouted at him in astonishment.

"Aw. Aren't you too innocent, honey buns?"

"Don't change the topic, and answer the damn question i asked, Mr. Billionaire." Taani glared at him ignoring the butterflies she felt whenever he calls her honey buns. It was such a nice feeling.

"Control your damn hormones, Woman!" She scolded herself mentally for thinking about him in that way.

"For you. I don't want my future bride to work for anyone else than me." Rey said to her, he winked at her as she stare at him with wide eyes. Rey leaned and placed a sweet peck on his cheek and walked out of the cafe.

"Damn! You Lucky Bitch. I want this man!" She come out of the trance when she heard alina's voice. She turned to alina who was staring at his retreating figure with dreamy smile on her face. Though she knew alina was joking but she couldn't help but feel jealous over the fact that her best friend was drooling over him infront of her. 

"Stop Staring! He is mine, Woman!" She had the urge to say it aloud but she controlled herself and walked inside the kitchen to get back to her work.


Scroll down for SH2. :)
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It was past 8 at night when taani walked out of the cafe. She frowned when she noticed his white audi parked outside. When she walked forward, the driver seat opened and he stepped out of the car.

"Hey, honey buns!" He waved at her, taani narrowed her eyes and walked toward him.

"What are you doing here?" 

"Came to pick you up. I want to show you something, so can you please come to my place for sometime?" Rey asked her politely while she was shocked. As far as she know, Rey singhania never say please to any one.

"Whats going on in that devilish head of yours?" Taani asked him, looking at him suspiciously.

"Nothing! I just want to show you something, it will take just 15 minutes after that, I'll drop you home safely." Rey promised her. Taani look thoughtful but then agreed knowing he won't leave her until she will agree.


"Thanks!' Rey opened the passenger seat side door for taani, after taani sat inside, he hoped in the car and drove away to his home. After 20 minutes of driver, he parked his car outside his house and opened the door for her.

"Nice house, Mr. Billionaire." Taani praised while admiring the beauty of his mansion.

"Thank you, Honey-buns. Lets go inside." Rey offered, Taani nodded and they walked inside the house. Taking her by surprise, he held her hand in his and took her upstairs in his room.

Taani nervously look around, wondering why he brought her in his room.

"Hope you didn't brought me here to rape me then murder?" Taani raised her one eye brow at him questioningly. Rey chuckled softly.

"No, smarty"


"Have some patience, honey buns." Rey said to her, she watched him confusingly as he walked toward his cupboard and came back to her with a packet in his hands. He handed that packet to her and asked her to open it.

Confusingly & curiously, she opened the packet and found some papers inside. And when she read them, she was shocked to know that he had transfered 50 percent of his property on her name.

"What the.." She shouted in astonishment, she looked up at him and got another shock seeing him standing in-front of her bare chest. But what shocked her more was, when her gaze fall over the small name inked on his chest, where his heart was.

She stepped closed to him and saw it was her name. It was written in small yet elegant fonts. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she caressed his skin gently.

"It's craziness." She snapped at him angrily, thinking about the amount of pain he must have gone through while doing this for her. Rey shook his head negatively.

"It's my love, honey buns. It's my way to show that it's only you. Only you live in my heart." Rey smiled at her as he confessed.

"I know you don't have positive feelings about billionaires. But trust me, Even billionaire's have heart, they too fall in love and expect someone who will love them unconditionally." Rey voiced out as he stepped close to her and cupped her face in his palms.

"I love you, Taani. I really do." Rey whispered with slightly moist eyes, taani look at him with teary eyes. She could feel his love, but she thought about her own feelings. Can she let go of her fear of him leaving her for another girl? Can she ignore him even after seeing how much he is trying to get her to accept him? 

She burst into tears, throwing her arms around him she hugged him tightly. She buried her face in his chest, she placed soft feathery kisses on his chest, where her name was inked. His lips curved into a dazzling smile at her acceptance. And at that moment, she let go of her every fear and accept him whole heatedly.

"I love you too, Rey!" She whispered softly. He tighten his arms around her, it was first time, she had spoke his name else she would always call him by the nickname, Mr. Billionaire.

Rey smiled at her before he leaned to captured her lips. Taani closed her eyes feeling his lips against her, sliding her arms around him, she held onto him tightly as he begun kissing her, passionately. He smooched her lips, taani responded back to his kiss, taking her own sweet time. His hands were rested over her lips, pulling her into him, leaving no space between their bodies. Chill ran through her spine, she whimpered as he broke the kiss and attacked her beautiful neck with hot urgent kisses, biting her skin earning loud moans from her. Her body had grown sensitive under his touch.

"Ready to be mine, Honey buns?" Rey asked her in seductively husky tone. She lifted her lashes up and look at him with small smile.

"Make me yours." She whispered against his lips. Rey scooped her in his arms and walked toward his bed. Starting the new journey of life together.


Please do leave your feedback. I have one more completed TS but will only post if i get response on this. :)
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Superb story
It was so cute
Taani nd her insecurities
Rey really knows the way to a woman's heart
Thnkx for the pm
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wow wonderful update taarey part last part nice rey ne apni 50%  taani ka naam trasfer kar diya nice  awsm ts ...
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awesome update... he he nice nickname to rey... luv him ... taarey cute... taani confession... awesome
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Amazing update
Both part was nice
Beautiful loved it
Taarey last part was nice
Wonderful TS
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