RAYA OS : Words of Love

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Words of Love 

It was a quiet early morning sun was shining brightly through the bedroom window lighting up the room light slightly blinding but offering a comforting warmth Priya was able to feel when she started to wake up she turn to her right to see her handsome hubby still deep in sleep

Priya smiled contently as she cuddled a little bit more into the cozy nd slightly hard figure that was beside her With that little movement she was able to feel the strong arm that was wrapped around her waist as she inhaled deeply the marine aroma was mixed with a steel essence the one she had grown to love

Priya closed again her eyes as she snuggled again against her love inhaling his smell once again the atmosphere was so quiet that she could hear his slow heartbeat making her smile softly

She fixed her gaze in the chest before her It was muscular she lifted slowly her gaze her fingers traced delicate patterns on his cheek until she caressed his hair

She took her time admiring his features his eyes his thin lips nd specially the comfortable nd calm expression his face held when he was sleeping Priya moved as quietly as she could trying to have a better view of his appearance her eyes softened as she caressed gently his hair

Priya could feel how her heart started to beat harder just thinking about the effect his dark nd intense eyes had on her  your eyes are like the planes Infinite nd boundless when I gaze into them my world stops becoming soundless the bits I've found hat I only get to see when you are around one gaze means forever a glance not so much I wish it could be more but I can never get in touch your eyes equal forever my heart only a lifetime It's only a matter of time until I find out whether your heart is truly mine she touched affectionately his cheek she thought her heart was going to explode she loved the man with all his virtues nd imperfection for her Ram was able to complete her in every possible way a person could

Priya couldnt help but to kiss tenderly his cheek she then placed another sweet kiss on Ram's nose nd then she kissed his lips lovingly It was an innocent nd gentle display of affection that reflected her love for her man soft breeze moved her hairs at the same time she separate her lips from his It was then when she was greeted with a brown eye watching her half asleep

Hi Priya whispered trying to not break the calm atmosphere that surrounded them Good morning sleepy bonus Priya smiled at him

What time is it? Ram  stretching his body he would never admit that being woken up with her kisses was the best thing he could ask for Priya pouted a bit as his arm left her side

I dont know was your sleep good? Priya murmured she just loved speaking in a low tone with him It was as if they were sharing secrets that no one would know

Yes but what kind of kiss was that Ram asked smirking nd enveloping his love in his arms again making her blush should I show you how to kiss properly? Ram turned slowly their bodies being him on top of Priya who was blushing fiercely as she bit her lower lip

Teach me Priya murmured on his lips with all her courage her heart was beating so hard she thought it was going to go out of her ribs

She felt a somethig in her stomach as Ram tilted his head approaching her slowly the moment she closed her eyes Priya felt his thin nd soft lips on hers she got lost in those lips her nose was filled with his characteristic steel scent she could hear her own heartbeat

Ram kissed her with pure love nd gentleness he caressed her cheek with one of his hands as his other took tenderly her waist It was a wonder how the same rough hands that had an incredible strength could hold her in such a delicate way maybe it was the fear of injuring her or maybe his undying love for Priya

She looked into his eyes and he into hers she felt a warmth spread throughout her entire body he put his arms around my waist nd Priya knew she would be safe forever If only they could stay like this Ram slowly pulled her closer until she could hear his slow steady breaths his heart was racing as she slowly fell into his embrace surely he could hear it Ram should be able to feel it her heart was pounding so hard slowly and ever so gently he bent down thier lips met his lips were soft and tender then his lips opened his tongue was warm and sweet on her she felt as though the rest of the world had disappeared nd it was just the two of them Priya dreaded the fact that we couldn't stay like this forever lost in a kiss he was her life, her soul, her everything she needed nd ever would need

Priya couldnt help but shiver when his tongue licked her lower lip she stroked softly his hair as she let him explore her mouth It wasnt forceful nor aggressive he took his time exploring every inch of her remember every detail of it at the same time as his ears enjoyed the weak moans that escaped from her

They parted slowly after losing track of the time they have spent in that intimate nd caring kiss Priya opened slowly her eyes Rams gaze was very intense making her blush once more

I I think I have learnt my lesson Priya murmured shyly

Good he commented with a smirk he moved his head to the laptop I have important work so I'm going to in the study Ram said breaking the romantic air that surrounded both of them

Eh? Why Priya asked pouting she watched him get up from the bed but made no attempt to stop him you just woke up cant you stay a little bit longer? Priya whined Ram turned to his side

We both know that I dont wake up with soft kisses Priya his statement made her confused you look very cute sleeping you know? Ram added with a smirk before turning again his back facing his her

Priya s cheeks were painted of a crimson colour once she understood his remark as she looked his strong demeanour when he started to walk she felt how her emotions began to bubble wanting to be showed once again

Ram she whispered quietly he stopped at hearing his name I love you Priya murmured tenderly eyeing him softly

Ram turned nd come near her slowly he bent one knee to be at the same level as his wife his face remained stoic but his eyes his eyes reflected pure adoration nd love his lips brushed hers in a feathery touch before giving her a sweet kiss as he stroked her soft hair

Priya knew that Ram was a man of little words especially in those kind of situations but it was okay for her because Ram never failed to show his feelings with small gestures because as Priya rejoiced that tender kiss she knew...Priya  knew it was his way of saying I love you too

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Very nice
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A lovely one!!
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so romantic... beautiful..
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Very lovely os.
Thanks for pm and keep writing more.
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Funtastic update thanks for the PM m
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Very romantic...
Beautifully written...
Please do write more..
Thanks for the PM
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Very sweet n romantic update 
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