{Dark} TaaRey Drabble : Claimed By The Devil

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Chapter 1

He entered a secluded, old building with his trust-able employee & a middle aged lady who had a cunning smile plastered on her face. She was mira bai, a cunning lady who can go to any extent for her own benefit. She had cigar between her fingers. She finally stopped outside a room and turned to him.

"Saheb, There are many, You can choose anyone you want-" Mira bai said to him, but just gave a small nod to him, and stood there emotionless. Mira bai pushed the door opened and entered inside, Rey stood at the entrance with his arms crossed against his chest, he looked around, at all the girl who were inside the room, but none caught his attention.

"I told you, I want a girl who is not touched by any men." Rey spoke in hard tone, causing Mira bai to shiver in fear knowing about the famous anger of business magnet, Reyaansh Singhania.

"Saheb, Give me a minute. I have perfect girl for you, I'll bring her." Mira bai spoke hurriedly, she signaled one of her men to go and bring that girl who was in room across the hall. The man hurriedly went away while Mira bai hoped that Rey will like the girl else she will miss the chance to earn heavy amount of money in just one deal.

Rey hated waiting, but at that moment, he did. After a minute or so, He saw a man dragging a girl, holding her by her wrist. That girl's hair were falling on her face, blocking his view to see her face. The man came and throw her in front of them, The girl lost her balance and fall over him, in reflex, he slide his arm around her bare waist, and a chill ran through him as his skin came in contact with hers. The girl was wearing traditional rajasthani attire that is ghaghra & choli.

"Her name is taani, From a small village in Jodhpur, her father couldn't repay the loan so sold her to me. She is just 18 & untouched, just like you wanted, Saheb." Mira bai's voice reached his ear, He made her stand on her feet and removed her hair from her face. The first thing he noticed was, beautiful pair of hazel brown orbs. The most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen, filled with innocence & fear. He let his heated gaze traveled down on her body, her curvaceous body enchanted him, her flawless smooth skin had him wanting for more, crave for her touch. She was beautiful and She is HIS.

"Ae Chori! Aaj se tu saheb ke saath hi rahegi!" Mira told her, taani hung her head low with unshed tears in her eyes. She doesn't know why they were taking her away but she knew it wasn't something good. 

"Mira, I'm taking her! You will get the payment from my man." Rey said to her making her happy. He clutched taani's arm in firm grip and took her away, she was stumbling on her steps as he continued dragging her. He stopped near his car and turned to her when he heard the sound of her muffled sobs.

"Stop Crying, Girl!" He shouted in anger, his anger filled voice scared her even more and she couldn't stop crying. Rey closed his eyes in annoyance. He opened the back seat door and pushed her inside the car then he sat beside her and told the driver to drove away to haveli.

Taani clutched her duppatta in fear, the man sitting beside her scared her. He look at his right side, a sly smile made its way to the devil's lips. He lifted his hand and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, her head snapped at his direction. Her hazel went wide realizing how close he was, She tried moving away but he held her hand and glared at her.

"Don't ever try to move away from me-" He growled causing her to shiver in fear. She cried silently, knowing she was sold to the devil.

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Hello Guys!

Back with a drabble series, and this one will be updated regularly as well. This one is going to be dark & intense and Rey's character will be darker.

Please do leave your feedback :)

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hmmm, darr lag raha hai aise rey se per m hoping 4 best
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Posted: 2015-11-28T09:26:08Z
nice start
plz continue

and plz again start ur unwanted ff
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Posted: 2015-11-28T09:27:23Z
interesting start lovd the concept egarly waiting for the next update
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Posted: 2015-11-28T09:29:12Z
interesting concept
waiting to read more
update it soon
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Posted: 2015-11-28T09:30:01Z
Mind blowing proloug
Loved it

Excited to read
Continue soon

Thanks for the pm
Keep pm-ing
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Posted: 2015-11-28T09:33:41Z
New concept start was awsome thanks for the pm
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