OS : Forbidden

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His heart was beating loudly against his ribcage, and he knew it is because of the girl who had bumped into him and fell in his arms. The girl looked up with her wide, hazel eyes, his heart stopped beating. World stopped for him, feeling her innocence filled eyes staring at him. It stir something in him.

"I'm sorry-" She mumbled softly because she pulled away from him and went away in hasty while he stood there, staring at her retreating figure. His trance was broken when someone came from behind and placed his hand on his shoulder. He turned around and found his brother, Swayum.

"Stay away from her, Rey. It's good for both of you." Swayum said to him with texture of softness in his tone. He understand through which phase of life his brother going, He was falling for a girl whom he was supposed to hate. His head snapped towards him, his eyes blazing with fire. Swayum frowned while he tried to clam himself, shutting his eyes tightly, his both brows knotted.

"I know that! You need not to remind me every time i look at her." He hissed in anger. Before his brother could stop him, He turned and walked away from there. 

Walking in the college corridor toward his classroom, He found himself remembering her, that beautiful pair of hazel who possess the power to make his heart accelerated with such a force that it shook him, then it's her only who can also make it stop beating. He wonder how can one have so much control over one's heart when they never shared anything but some silent encounters with each other.

Rey's eyes bored on the girl standing in front him, busy in talking to her friends. If he look closely, the distance between them if just few steps but in reality, it's like much more than that. And between them, there is an invisible line which will never let them meet, be one from two individuals. A line drawn by their families, not just any families but families came from strong political background and their fathers are leaders of two different, big political parties, And one can go to any extent to get the other one taste the bitterness of defeat.

His heart was slamming hard against his chest in anticipation when the beauty of his dreams turned, and the beautiful pair of hazel met his intensified gaze. He could see same longing in her eyes that his eyes conveyed. He was craving for her, he wanted to take her in his arms and cherished her, love her till his last breath, but he knew, he was forbidden to reach out for her.

"Taani." He whispered in his low husky tone, the way she was staring back at him, made his heart beat faster than usual. She avert her gaze away from him and walked away, toward the secluded floor of college. He looked around, then followed her behind silently.

Taani stopped at the end of secluded corridor, it was the floor where hardly any soul come.

"You need to stop." She spoke, his brows knitted in confusion. He walked more close to her, and stand behind her.

"What? What i need to stop, taani?" Rey asked her in soft feathery tone. She turned around, her hazel went wide realizing how close they were. His close proximity sent shiver down her spine.

"Following me everywhere, you need to stop that. If any one from our family got to know, then we both know that there will be world war 3 between our families. You are putting your life in danger-" She spoke without any hesitancy. He smiled sadly at the mention of their families. He doesn't care about his life but hers, he doesn't want her to get hurt because of him, and thats the reason he had maintained distance from her, or else, he would have got her long way back.

"You are asking for too much, taani." 

"I'm not, You need to understand that, there can never be US." Taani told him, before she walked away to leave but he held her wrist. World stop for them as their skin came in contact with each other, he pulled her back, in his arms. Taani look at him, she tried pushing him off but in result, he tighten his grip. He held back of her neck and made her look at him. The look of love sent her frenzy, she wondered, how can one love another to such extent, even after knowing they can never be together. Love is forbidden for them.

"You can not snatch away a lover's right to love. You can not stop my heart from feeling for you." Rey spoke and his voice held so much intensity that it brought tears in her eyes. How much she wish she could say same to him. How much she wish she could be with him, without any fear of their families, of their fathers who won't hesitate to kill them if they get to know about their silent love.

Rey watched her as she walked away from there, but he didn't missed to see the happiness in her eyes caused by his confession. And that moment, he realized, he can never stop loving her. But he knew he cannot get her, not until their families are standing as rock between them. But he hoped, one day he will be with her, with his forbidden lover, he will claim her as his in-front of whole world, in-front of their families. And he will make sure that day come soon but till then she will be in the other side of territory he is forbidden to touch. She is forbidden.

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Hello Guys!

This was my OS number 44 Embarrassed  and slightly different from my other OS's. It was first OS that didn't have 'together-forever' 'happily-ever-after' wali ending but it doesn't have sad ending either. Sad Endings are not my cup of tea, how much i try, I can never write Sad-Ending Stories. Ouch

If you like it then please do leave your feedback :)

For other links of my works, Please visit my writing gallery.

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It is kind off sad to see them not ending together but love the confession by ReyEmbarrassedBig smile
It was good to see the tension between both amidst the love they share!Smile
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Posted: 2015-11-26T07:09:08Z
Superb epi...bt yaar taarey didnt end up together Cry
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Posted: 2015-11-26T07:10:02Z
nice os
taarey so cute
love it
concept also new
I like it
why don't u try ss on this concept
where there will be happily evere after of taarey
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Posted: 2015-11-26T07:26:16Z
though it was a sad ending...
it was really cute confession
loved it Smile
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Posted: 2015-11-26T07:26:46Z
Awesome update..
The pain and love was so beautiful..

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Posted: 2015-11-26T07:36:15Z
nice os..

thanx  for not giving a sad ending...
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