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Posted: 8 years ago

Akshay Kumar appeared on a new chat show and told the host why he thinks Katrina Kaif is India's answer to Kim Kardashian West. Butt, naturally...

The show, Born Stylish, hosted by designer Pria Kataaria Puri will premiere on Colors Infinity this Saturday and that's where you will see Akshay present his case. As he answered a series of questions that best described his style, one question stumped him: Who he thinks is the Indian Kim Kardashian West? At first, Akki couldn't recall Kim's face.

He did however remember her internet-breaking backside and used his hands to gesture the shape of her derriere. Was Pria talking about the same person? When she nodded, he instantly replied, "Katrina Kaif". Pria laughed, calling his gesture a "typical Punjabi move!"

He gave wife Twinkle Khanna all the credit for styling him. Pria complimented his perfect red carpet looks and he said, "I am checked by my wife before I leave the house. If something isn't right, I am kicked by my wife!"

A shocked Pria refuses to believe Twinkle could ever kick him. His instant retort? "She kicks me on my funnybone!" Touch!


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Posted: 8 years ago
Well, Kim is very hot too 😆
Posted: 8 years ago
And she said Akki looks like her father. So, Akki is BW's Caitlyn Jenner. Butt, natural.Edited by B-TEX - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago

Originally posted by: B-TEX

And she said Akki looks like her father. So, Akki is BW's Caitlyn Jenner. Butt, natural.

Twinkle can pass for caitlyn
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Posted: 8 years ago
So Ranbir is Kanye west??🤣
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Posted: 8 years ago

Originally posted by: SudarshanChakra

So Ranbir is Kanye west??🤣

😆 Ranbir does say the weirdest of things like Kanye.