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Posted: 6 years ago
There is no Feminist v/s FanGirl : An Eternal Battle on 'Oh! Come bestow me life'

Feminist and FanGirl are sitting quietly in a corner... thinking over Kannamuchi.

1. II-R&B interaction, forced by Vandu.
R&B's lack of a response annoys me for some reason (yep, just like II). He could at least give her a half-smile, no? Why is he being such a #LOUT?
II deals with enough insecurities as it is... about his past relationships, his feelings for her, their vastly different backgrounds, his ability to stay interested in her, and that list is long. Why the need to add one more, about his physical interest in her? That was the only certainty she had. 
Yes, I understand it was possibly in reaction to their latest spat. But still.
Their relationship is doomed to fail if this goes on endlessly. But. As I've said in the one of my earlier reviews... There will be #TheDhamaka. Most likely in the middle of one of their spats or their making-up-by-making-love sessions... where all of II's insecurities will come tumbling out of her. Maybe then R&B will be forced to react. Even he can stay aloof only for so long, na?

2. "Lust and hostility was the hall mark of their relationship. It was like oxygen and water... one couldnt survive without the other. Fuel and match, the combination was deadly but came together nevertheless unfailingly"
So perfectly described. That's them, alright. I don't think any other words or phrases could've described them so perfectly. Beautiful. Clap
In this combination of fuel and match... both burn passionately. But destroy each other as well. That is their condition now. Disapprove II's destruction we witness regularly. R&B's is far more internalised.
I'm hoping that this will not be their case in the future. I couldn't stand for either of them to be destroyed by their relationship, tumultuous as it has always been.

3. Kannamuchi
A perfect, perfect, perfect song for II to dedicate to R&B. Clap
The wordless communication between them was beautiful. It left me longing for more. 
"Yenn manam unnakenna vilayatu bommaya?" Cry almost had me in tears... And then there was the erotic bit... and then the bit speaking almost perfectly of II's insecurities...
I've heard this song so many times... but never has it worked so spectacularly with any other situation/scene/story. 
Thank you. For the aptness of the song. For the indication that R&B does care, a lot more than he ever lets on. For Shravu pulling her pallu out. For Sam sending him the song earlier. For everything.

Thank you, Nisha, for Software Symphonies
Posted: 6 years ago
Feminist v/s FanGirl : An Eternal Battle on 'Savvy'

1. "He could hear what she was saying in her mind."
FanGirl: Ooohhh!!! So adorable! He blushed! AND. He knew she was calling him a Rakshasan in her head. Aren't they just perfect for each other? #TotalCuties #PURRfectJodi Day Dreaming
Feminist: #FeelingNauseated Dead
Me: R&B blushing when people clapped for II ROFL There was something so damn charmingly innocent about him in that instant... It drove home the fact that if II is inexperienced in terms of physical intimacy, R&B is inexperienced with regard to emotional intimacy, and even being bothered about what a person is feeling. 
He riles her up... because he loves seeing her all riled up... and he knows what riles her up... and how she gets riled up... And, trying to locate her after all that nautanki.. Embarrassed
Whether he admits it to himself or not, he's in it for the long haul. And, he's far, far more invested than he's probably even admitted to himself. LOL

2. "...
he wondered how it would have been like if Ma had been around."
Feminist: The #LOUT is attached to his mother. Maybe he does have a redeeming quality after all.
#StruckSpeechless  Broken Heart
FanGirl: ::silently crying:: Cry
Me: This was possibly the most touching moment in Software Symphonies so far. Why? We've seen Ranjan, Sam think of Savita, and how she would behave had she been alive now... This was the first time R&B did that. 
Somehow, it was poignant that it came on the first wedding related event being done in a Punjabi style. The setting was perfect for Savita's memories to translate into a virtual reality. And, the cherry on top was that it was through R&B.
R&B is finally, in his own twisted way, acknowledging to himself that II would have been his Ma's choice for him, had she been alive. II and his Ma... would've gotten along like a house on fire. And. He wishes that she'd been alive, to be able to hold his child someday.

3. "R&B stared at Amma she reminded her of his Ma..."
Me: Somehow, this line felt prophetic. Amma has accepted R&B whole-heartedly... But has he accepted her the same way? Will their relationship progress, and become the closest thing to a mother-son relationship that R&B can be a part of? Will she, after II of course, be armor? 

4. The Vandu-R&B camaraderie 
FanGirl: II should totally get jealous about this, the way she does about R&B-Shravu LOL#ShaitaaniDimaagAtWork Evil Smile
Me: If II has found an alliance with Sam, R&B has forged one with Vandu. Vandu has seen exactly how much power this man wields over her pattu kutti... She knows he is not exactly great at dealing with emotions, or verbalizing his emotions... She also knows that II will need that verbal assurance, even if not right now. She might end up being the mediator... the Switzerland, between II, R&B and their hostile love for each other. 

5. R&B-II silent convo, and II walking-away-but-not-quite-walking-away
FanGirl: ::humming to self:: ... Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishaara ho gayaa... baithe baithe jeena ka sahaara mil gayaa... haan... aankhon hi aankhon mein... #HappilyEverAfters Day Dreaming
Feminist: ::staring at FanGirl:: She's finally lost it, eh? #BatShitCrazy Wacko
Me: Oh shaddup the two of you. Lemme savour this moment. Approve Yep, savoured it. Now lemme take it apart. LOL 
The hostility from their earlier conversation still holds, a teeny-weeny little bit... But, it's absolutely adorable that they even respond to each others' thoughts Embarrassed #FanGirlCreepingIn 
What I loved the most was that she had to come back to him, even after walking away. Seemed so symbolic. No matter what, they'll be back together. Even if she walks away, she can't. 
It seems like a crazy thing... Even if one person is exasperated and walks away, something or the other (one of them, their feelings, or totally external factors) will drive them back together again.

7. "Savvy"
Me: Ranjan watching II and R&B with Lasya... and seeing their future... was so oddly fatherly. We'd been deprived of that to  large extent, due to the distance that R&B has always maintained from his father. 
Ranjan was always longing for his son's closeness. Now, he longs for his son's daughter. And he longs for her to take after her mother and grandmother. And to bring back the joy in life that he'd lost with his wife.

Feminist v/s FanGirl : An Eternal Battle on 'Last night of  freedom'

1. II-Ranjan
Me: Coming immediately after Ranjan's longing for their daughter... II's concern for Ranjan, was like the soothing balm for the aches of his heart (God. I sound so corny. Ouch). I remember II's guilt about no one asking after Ranjan's meals late one night... And, feel a sort of satisfaction, that she'll get his accustomed to someone caring for him regularly.
Then there comes the immense sorrow for the man... his family is broken, and he quite possibly holds himself responsible (or does he?)... and wishes that things could be repaired. That everyone could be together, unbroken. That II will change things.  

2. Ishita Iyer's wandering mind
Feminist: Are you crazy?! You're next to your future father-in-law, fantasizing about your bedroom habits and possibilities after you're married to HIS son. You creepy, crazy, insane, mad woman! Shocked
FanGirl: Aaaye haaayyyeee!! Main mar jaawaaan! Finally. You're  behaving like a normal female in/around R&B's vicinity. I totally don't blame you for fantasizing. I know for sure that if I could put a face to his facelessness, I'd be doing the same. You're so, so, so lucky you exist in his world, and have actually seen him. ::sighs wistfully:: 

3. The forced hug
FanGirl: Ayyooo!!! So cute! ::blushes:: #AdorablenessHappening
Feminist: Ermmm. Ermmm. Errr. ::waves and runs away::
Me: Far, far more adorable than II & R&B, are the members of their crazy, combined families. In the build-up to the hug... Manny's excuse. Amma's approval LOL (Yeh family badi "modern" hai, ek minute SexEd, doosri mein PDA-approved Wink). Sam and Vandu in cahoots, as usual. Tanmay's pleading and his reason ROFL
And when they're about to... Manny-Sam-Vandu the giggling-teenage-girls trio. Bala-Tanmay the "girls-have-cooties" boys. Awkward Appa. Amma turning away, and distracting Chachi. 
The hug itself? I have absolutely no words left for it.

I'm all worded out.
::releases a breath::

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991


Two of the 'res' have been 'un-res-ed'. 
One more res to un-res. And then six chapters to review. 

Sex Ed & "Roar"
Oh! Come bestow me life

After 'Oh! Come bestow me life'... I couldn't resist editing my previous artwork to include that quote...

Posted: 6 years ago
Review? on 'Kashi Yatra & Beaches of Normandy'

"Satisfied with what he saw he left her..."
My heart is doing funny things. Palpitations. To loud tabla beats. 

"Vendaam vittu kudukkade ippo vitte na raatriyum nee daan vittu kudukkanum"
Pfft. Whatever anyone says. Whoever wins. Doesn't matter.
He's going to be the winner at night.

Edited by Arya1991 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Review, I think.
Ooof. You knocked my breath out of me. Clap
Every moment was packed, emotionally and literally. 
Your ability to convey emotions without flowery words or embellished actions is beyond compare.

My last couple of reviews feel oddly like a prophecy fulfilled to me, with II seeing Vandu in Sam & Appa in Ranjan and R&B seeing Ma in Amma. ::tears of joy:: Wink

The SoSy wedding is a wedding that I've actually been anticipating. 
Far, far more than I've anticipated any other non-fictional weddings. LOL
And. For making it so spectacularly worth all the anticipation. I promise you, that by the end of your weekend, I will write the longest review I've written so far, covering the entire wedding if possible.

Thank you. For giving us the honour of reading such a beautiful and marvellously written story. 
ClapBig smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Not quite a full-fledged review

You're trying to kill all of us, aren't you?

Ever heard of AutoEroticAsphyxiation?
You've caused a new one - BibilioErotic Asphyxiation (totally made up that one)
And. I just realised I'm mostly going to die because of that and you're to blame.
Such hotness. And that too not even so explicit.
I swear, my heartbeats are like a hummingbird's wings, fluttering away at blurred pace.
And I'm breathing like I was the one R&B was working on. Panting, more likely.
Personal fave was him suckling on her taali.

And. All this gushing is just for the last bit.
I just couldn't hold back!

Posted: 6 years ago
Another MiniReview
The palpitations have begun to gather speed, as the anticipation of THE SuhaagRaat grows.

I was out buying groceries with dad a couple of hours back. And. Suddenly I was hit with the realisation that II's daily life and routine will not be the same anymore. She's not going to wake up at DII and come back there every night. She's not going have to lie to make out with her Rakshasan. 
It's going to a whole new phase.

It's a bittersweet feeling. Like II, I've also been looking forward to this moment. The story has been building up to this too. 
Now. We leave the familiar behind. New lives and routines (for II), and new crescendos (for me as a reader).
And. New unexplored, undiscovered territories of physical, emotional and relationship intimacies (for R&B, II & FanGirl).

Thank you, Nisha.
You've given me a parallel world to exist in, and escape to.
Posted: 6 years ago
One more MiniReview (This was after "What's your Thatha's name?" and Suhaag Raat)
It's official. You are evil.
I just about manage to catch my breath after the previous one.
And you give this FULL TOSS straight at my heart. And. Lungs, of course.

Not that that's an altogether bad thing.
It's so true to the SoSy legacy. 
Some parts go straight for the heart strings, some knotted my stomach (she lost count of the orgasms... that many?!!!). And some had me laughing like a hyena. Altogether, I'm all out of breath.
Every single thing has two extreme and opposite reactions.
I'd have died for this update. And I'm dying (due to joy and a lack of breath) because of it. LOL

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