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Posted: 6 years ago
I wrote on LONG LONG beautiful review. 
"We noticed that your post contains invaild word(s). Please correct it and post again."
And. Then. It ate away such a long review. Cry
EVIL I-F. Angry

A lot of what I had typed out will be missing. But still. I will type as much as I remember. 


Such an amazing update!
SO AWESOME (#StruckSpeechless #SoMuchAwesome)
  1. 1.     R&B thinking of how much of a brat II was... ROFL Avan yenna kammiya? (Is he any less?)
    2. Baldev conveniently switching from mangetar to husband. (#SlyDevilYou) Evil Smile
    3. Baldev taking liberties in the conversation with R&B (... paani mein bhigo bhigoke maroonga.) LOL
    4. R&B looking at "his Iyer" (#SuicidalFeminist #OverjoyedFanGirl) Day Dreaming
    5. II thinking that R&B is a product of her cold medicine addled brain. ROFL
    6. II realizing R&B is actually there. Shocked
    7. "How many men are you engaged to?" "None." ROFL Dancing
The fireworks have just about begun.
And it's going to get wilder and crazier as it goes along, no?
I am so totally enjoying this. 
Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
Is there any way that we will get one more update tonight? Approve
Or am I being too, too greedy? Ermm

Posted: 6 years ago

It's actually beautiful. 
You do this time and time again. 
Especially when it's a pure II-R&B interaction.
Ivlavu emotion, ivlavu kammi words-ile. (So much emotion, in so few words.)

I fell a lot more in love with R&B today.
He's angry, pissed as f**k I'm sure.
Yet. He reigned almost all of it in.
He knew she needed molly-coddling, with a firm hand.
The kind when you're sick and super-cranky, and Amma scolds you into bed and shuts you down when you suggest doing stupid things?
And that's what he gives her.

Things I absolutely loved:
1. R&B persuading II to leave the bed and Bally's Saala's Sasuraal (ROFL) by switching on the fan, and harassing her. 
(Feminist: What a mean A$$. Thumbs Down
Fangirl: Whattay persuasive hottie!Day Dreaming)
2. R&B watching II braid her hair (Dunno why. There's something really cute and erotic in that.) Blushing
3. R&B and II and the JCrew hoodie. (#NuffSaid) Embarrassed
4. II claiming rights on the bed. Clap Which isn't even hers. ROFL
5. II finally letting out her insecurities in that rant. Broken Heart "I don't need YOU OR MY FAMILY."#AlmostInTears
6. II succumbing to R&B's care and orders. (#SuicidalFeminist #DancingFangirl)
7. R&B partly understanding II's insecurities. D'oh(#MixedFeelings)

Yenna aanalum. R&B ida vidaa maatan. (Whatever happens. R&B is not going to let this go.)
Ippo almost silent-a handle panraan. (He's handling it almost silently now.)
Aana, avanoda explosion vande aaganme? (But, his explosion has to come, no?)

I'm still waiting for THE DHAMAKA.

#MixedFeelings on 7, because. 
It's not just II being jealous of Shravu/Vandu/Family.

As I see it... 
Her insecurity lies in the fact that R&B doesn't seem to need her as much as she needs him. 
And with how Appa is behaving... She feels that nobody needs/wants her anymore. 
And that's what's eating at her. 
And, that is what R&B will have to address eventually. Even if not now.

And that's why I want #TheDhamaka.
With these two, they communicate (& miscommunicate also) the most during fights. 
That's probably what will settle II's insecurities. And, maybe (just maybe), show her that R&B has insecurities where she is concerned too.

Edited by Arya1991 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago

It seems like this day is kind of going my way.
The honour of being first to comment, thrice in a row?


This weekend has been a treat beyond my imagination.
(Well. I did imagine everything you wrote, but the fact that you wrote so much was beyond my imagination.)

I don't think we appreciate the fact that you juggle a day-job, a family, kids and writing so much, enough. 
You're spectacular. 
I totally need #TimeManangementLessons from you!
And to top it off... each update seems to outdo it's predecessor. Clap

II and R&B interact. 
Both angry. 
But still no #TheDhamaka.
I still think it will eventually happen (hopefully sooner rather than later).

What I loved, this time around? 

(Feminist v/s Fangirl - An Eternal Battle)
1. The opening line. #WhatAStart Clap 
"When two angry sleep lovers get together, ermmm... they just sleep." ROFL
2. I also love that despite the threat of being beaten up, our man continued to sleep with his lady love ensconced safely in his arms.  Wink
(Feminist: Hello? Who says she's safe with you around? #Appa'sAdvocate
Fan-girl: Such a manly man. #R&B'sChamchi)
3. The very fact that he held her and she held him through the night and in their sleep. 
(Fangirl: Ayyooo! Can I please be II? #OhSoCute Day Dreaming
Feminist: Kill me now. Please. #NauseatingCuteness Dead)
4. R&B's internal monologue about II-the-explosive-cauldron. #He'sHumanToo #FinallyASign Approve
5. The empty ring finger. Goes back to II's dialogue (Closing lines of Marigold & Marriott). 
(Feminist: Dancing Party #HellYeah
Fangirl: What is she doing? Why she do this to poor R&B? Cry Ouch #YehDinDekhnaPada)
6. R&B and II talking about lies. Brilliant way to bring out a lot of II's insecurities. Clap
(Also, sidenote: II has become a liar. R&B sticks to half-truths at worst. DAMN.)
7. R&B's constant state of arousal. Especially whenever II is around.
(Feminist: Good. He's gotta learn to keep it in his pants. #ServesHimRight
Fan-girl: Ayyo paavam! He's NEVER had to wait this long for a woman. #PoorBaby)
8. R&B's annoyance when Appa's advice is referred to. ROFL (The man is winning even without much plotting!)
9. How can I leave out II asking for chocolate? #Chocoholism
10. R&B playing the #AmmaRole again and making II see the doctor. Clap 
(Feminist: Although checking the poor doctor's credentials via Google might have been a touch too over-protective. 
Fangirl: But such is the love of the man towards II. Appreciate that.)

Overall, this update was such a treat to the fangirl in me.
R&B taking care of II, in such a take-charge way... And ensuring ALL the bases were covered (No puns intended. Here, for now.). 
Such a great guy. 
If only he could show her this side when she would actually register it (Read as: when her brain isn't addled by illness and medication).

I want to know whatever happened to the Cartier? Shocked
And when will we get #TheDhamaka?
I'm so, so, so ready for it. Craving it. Evil Smile

P.S.: Title Credits to the BRILLIANT Nisha. #NoSurprisesThere
Edited by Arya1991 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago

Feminist v/s Fangirl - An Eternal Battle On Deal and Athai's Beau.

I'm still wondering how you manage to outdo yourself, and all our crazy expectations (Ummm... you know all about those, right?) time and time again.
How do you manage that? 
(Feminist: She's a woman. And she's AWESOME.
Fangirl: She's given me R&B. And keeps giving me more. She's AMAZING.
Feminist: Do we actually agree on something?! Shocked)

Have to talk about these:
1. II waking up worried that R&B had left.
(Feminist: What is wrong with you?! You're supposed to be a strong-willed, independent woman!#HopelessCase
Fangirl: Awww! R&B would never abandon you like that. #SuchACutie)
2. II's embarrassment after finding R&B lounging on the couch. 
(Feminist: Yenn di? Yedukku embarrassed? Unnoda fiance. Avan mattun thaan unn pinnadi engeyum vara mudiyuma? [Why di? Why embarassed? Your fiance. Only he can come behind you anywhere as he pleases?] #YouCanDoAsYouPlease 
Fangirl: Pfft! Why would you run away when you find him? Go jump on him, take a bite or two. Run away? #HopelessCase)
3. R&B's immediate concern is II's health.
(Fangirl: Ayyo! Ayyoo! Such a sweetheart he is. And you are insecure about him, II? #Swoon
Feminist: Umm. Excuse me?! She's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She's been alive for 27 years already, you know? #Humph)
4. R&B-II conversation about his ring. ROFL
(Feminist: Pfft! Why are you justifying yourself? Thought you said you had no fiance!! Thumbs Down
Fangirl: Yenn di. Unaku vera yedum sensible-a excuse kedakalaya? [Why di? You didn't have any sensible excuse?
5. R&B putting the ring back on II.
(Fangirl: ::swoons in an attempt to fall into R&B's arms::
Feminist: ::shakes head ruefully:: Where the hell am I stuck?!)
"I want u to text me every morning when u get to work and evening when u return home?"
(Feminist: Yenn da? Ivalavu kozhuppa onakku? Nee Paris pove ival kitta sollame, aval Jaipur kooda poga mudiyatha? [Why you? So arrogant you are? You can go to Paris without informing her, and she can't even go to Jaipur?] Who do you think you are to control her? Even Appa has never made such ludicrous demands. Angry
Fangirl: Shaddup, Feminist. He's just being a sensible, protective fiance. Can I please, please get a clone of his? Day Dreaming)
7. The conversation that followed the above. HILARIOUS. (Fangirl & Feminist are too busy laughing to argue.) 
"You thought I left didn't you?" 
(Fangirl: He noticed. He realised. Such an amazing man. ::overflowing tears of joy::
Feminist: Actually, I was hoping you'd actually left. Besides, you've not even managed to assure your fiancee of her permanence in your life. Such an idiotic man. ::exasperated eye-roll::
Me: ::praying for #TheDhamaka:: )
9. R&B picking II up to take her to bed. And the snuggling and sweet-talking that ensues. Dancing
(Feminist: ::snorts::
Fangirl: ::staring off dreamily into space:: Day Dreaming)
10. II's jealousy when it comes to Shravu. #NotShravu'sFaveAnymore #SoAdorable 
11. II-Akka conversation, especially "
Us se zyaada handsome aur mere jitna bolta hai". And, it's almost true! He's been talking a lot more, and is definitely more handsome after her finger-kangi.#AlmostNotALiarAnymore ROFL
(Fangirl: More handsome than R&B?! Pfft. Find such a man first. Evil Smile
Feminist: No comments.Stern Smile )
12. "Athaiya kalyanam panniko" ROFL
(Fangirl: You wouldn't stand for it. You're all talk. Wacko
Feminist: Way to go girl! Though. I hope you actually mean it! Thumbs Up)

This time around there was enough fodder for the Feminist also. LOL

Feminist: II had the last word this time around (Wait. She almost always does. Along with the first, middle and a lot of the other words. Damn.).
Fangirl: I'm waiting for the day when R&B has the last word. (I'm sure it'll come. Someday.)

Me: Shut up, both of you! You've had your say. Now let me speak. Bugger off. NOW!
(Feminist & Fangirl sulk in the corner)
I really think they should address the insecurities that II has.
Her ability to beat around the bush and never acknowledge them straight out.
That's going to be one of the largest roadblocks in their relationship.
Apart from R&B's stoic silence.
::dramatic sigh::
Will I ever get #TheDhamaka? Broken Heart

Just realised I spent almost 45 mins writing a review. And. It's almost as long as an update. Shocked
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Posted: 6 years ago

I've been too caught up with college stuff to read, and review...
However, R&B and II are never far from my mind.

Here's a little something I couldn't help but doodle. LOL
Framed in the half-opened doorway of D-II, R&B is pulling his II closer. Embarrassed

Posted: 6 years ago
Here it is!
The colour version of my illustration. With the added jhumka, mookutti, flipflops and watch.
The daawani will come in the next illustration LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
Fan girl vs feminist review coming soon.
As soon as I catch my breath, after reading again!



Before I let the crazies out... I just wanted to say...
You're amazing! 
You're actually giving US (#TheR&BFanGirls) a choice in the story... 
That's a rare, BEAUTIFUL treat, from any author... but most of all you... It just means so much to me. Thank you.

As for what gaana...
I think Sooraj Dooba Hai is an oddly appropriate song for R&B to dedicate to II... 
And, I'm totally with Poorna, that we should have II sing a Punjabi song (Maybe not Heer though, cuz it's actually a sad song).
Also...I think Sam should force II-R&B to do a completely cheesy couples' number like Ishq Hua (from Aaja Nachle)...
And... Completely deviating from Mehendi-Sangeet, I think Kabira is something II has to dedicate to R&B sometime in life (like, when they fight and he makes up by making love LOL)

I'm sure you'll pick the awesomest combo, even beyond our always-in-overdrive imaginations (as usual) Big smile


Feminist v/s FanGirl : An Eternal Battle 
on 'Perfect For You'

1. "What do you want?" 
(Feminist: Whattay beautiful way to greet Lanky-Overbearingly-Unsympathetic-Tool of a fianc [hereafter referred to as the LOUT]! You go, girl! Party
FanGirl: Is this any way to greet your Handsome-Outstanding-Tall-Sexy Fianc [HOTS fits him, & my feelings for him, to a Tee] who's sneaked in to spend some personal one-on-one time with you?#OhTheAtrocity Cry
Me: Nisha, you stun once again with the opening line itself. You seem to be making a habit of it too! You had me hook, line and sinker at the first line itself [well... apart from the fact that the hook sank in about 7 threads ago])

2. The clothes descriptions...
(Me: So well-written... I love how you've highlighted the differences in them, and the role-reversal of sorts. II starting off more uncovered than R&B LOLWink
Feminist: #StruckSpeechless ::gulping in large mouthfuls of air::
FanGirl: #GatheringWits R&B in a kurta?! ::swooning::)

3. II's warning to R&B and 
"If thats true why are you so afraid?".
(FanGirl: Ayyooo!!! Semma cute!! She's so adorable when's she's frightened... But she's not even really afraid... it's more like an anticipatory fear... Not that I blame her.. If he was mine... I'd be lying in constant anticipation, fear ka pata nahi LOLEmbarrassed #TotallyBesharamR&BFanGirl
Feminist: EXCUSE ME?! Why is he so hell bent of frightening her? Why is he cornering her when she is in such a vulnerable position? Shouldn't he respect the fact that she's uncomfortable, and maybe give her some space? 'Uncomfortable anticipation', my foot! #LOUT
Me: #StruckSpeechless ::looking dazedly between Feminist & FanGirl:: )

4. The MakingOut-While-Having-A-Spat...
(Me: This is almost so typically them that it doesn't surprise me anymore... R&B seems to sort out and deal with all his issues with physical intimacy. Possibly because that's the only time II will shut up LOL
But... This time... The differences in the two of them - their financial statuses, their upbringing, their families - were all there, subtly, but there nonetheless. One thing I'm definitely appreciating more is that II actually seems to be getting some reaction from R&B, on almost everything, even if it isn't direct/verbal. 
This one also highlighted the omnipresent struggle for the upper-hand that their relationship thrives on... It's definitely unhealthy for them... But something that they need to work out and through for themselves and each other... And, that's what I'm sure their marriage will bring to them...)

5. "...
lekin aapke liye sahi hain..." and II's interpretation
(FanGirl: Satyavachan! 
Feminist: Humph!
Me: It's amazing how even an outsider, so as to say, sees them as perfect for each other. It's actually an amazing insight into most relationships - what people see from the outside is just the surface [barely too], the insides are a lot more complicated and tangled up... 
Especially with II & R&B... They could work out beautifully, if only they'd come to a middle point... Both of them feel the need to be 'right', the one who's 'driving' things... II has let R&B run roughshod over her in many ways, and she's stuck adamantly to a few things herself... 
I'm still waiting for that #TheDhamaka when all of this is discussed. Openly. But. I know. It's something that will be a long time in coming. Probably in the middle of one of their post-marriage fights, all of these insecurities and inequalities will come tumbling out, as it does with most of us.)

That's about it for now.
And I realize I've written a LOT.
So I'm gonna shaddup now.

But. I'm lying in wait to pounce on the next update! LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Res for Feminist v/s FanGirl

Feminist v/s FanGirl : An Eternal Battle on ' Sex Ed & RoarROFLBlushing'

Firstly... Ivlavu per irukangu! Ellarodayum perum-relations confuse-aayi pochu  Ouch 
(There are so many people! I've totally gotten confused in all the name and relations)
I'm honestly bad with names, faces and relations... So... I've decided I'll concentrate on Athais and Mamis and not their kids (who is who's kid, again?! D'oh). 

Secondly, in a chapter stuffed with women, I doubt Feminist and FanGirl will have much warring to do. 
(Me: THANK GOD. Finally, I can speak to my heart's content. Big smileOh wait. I already do. And even they are me technically. Damn. D'oh)

After the disclaimers...
Let's get this show on the road! Party

1. "I only want to sleep ka" and the ribbing (and muttering from II) that followed... And the 'movie star' bit... And all the other ribbing courtesy of Vandu & Sam.
FanGirl: Haan Haan. Tujhe toh sone ki hi padi hogi. Aakhir tujhe R&B ke saath sone ki badi jaldi hai (Though, I doubt there will be much sleeping involved. Maybe a power-nap or two in between?) ROFL
Me: Sam, Vandu and II share this amazing bond... One that sometimes clicks within an instant of meeting, and sometimes takes years to grow into that level of comfort... What this part proved to me was that irrespective of whether II is the Iyer daughter or the Bhalla bahu, she will always, always have that one companion, who'll have the power to rib her, make her laugh and blush irrespective of the situation... an unshakeable ally, in all her crazy pursuits to change things around R&B and Ranjan... In Sam, II will find a Vandu of the Bhalla-Batra family. This was all the assurance I needed for II's survival at Malcha Marg. Clap
(I am also kind of questioning my sanity after reading so much into them pulling II's leg) ROFL

2. II thinking about her latest spat with R&B.
FanGirl: Good for you. Think about it, re-think and then sulk. Humph. Poor R&B, eppo paatalum sandehataala thaan paatindu irrupe ne. (... you're always looking at him with doubt.Thumbs Down#HopelessCase
Feminist: Woman. ENJOY your time with the ladies. Why waste your time thinking about#LOUT? Besides, you're going to be stuck with him soon... with no other choice but to face all his crap. Is this really how you wanna spend your last couple of days free of him? By sulking about him? Confused#GoPartyLikeALoon Silly
Me: ::sighs to self:: Jab banda saamne ho, toh jhagda karo. Jab woh nazron se door ho, toh usi jhagde ko pachtao. Thoda boring sa routine nahi ho raha hai, II? The good thing is... this routine is totally going to go for a toss. Evil Smile

3. The conversation between Amma and the Athais (and a mami?)
It's beautiful to see the interaction between Janaki Athai and Amma... especially... It highlighted that Amma has wholeheartedly accepted R&B as the perfect match for II... She realises and appreciates that II has truly found happiness with this man... She doesn't need to know the particulars, she sees that her daughter is satisfied with this man. That's all that counts to her. Especially, after the debacle that Subbu was. 
And, after all those pointed questions and jibes and taunts from Jaya Athai, I loved how Amma and Janaki Athai put her in place (so to speak) very sweetly. 
I've seen this happen so many times at all out large family gatherings... 
When some random relative of mine (sometimes even my Athai or her husband) talk about their kids who're in engineering, and then before they can sneeringly ask me what I'm doing these days... Ma (Or Dad or my Taata or Mami) will go "Oh! I've not at all heard of that engineering college!" LOL It's a sight to watch. 
I generally weave around all the people in such functions at home... watching all the subtle wars that are being waged and fires being lit ROFL And, adding fuel here and there. Evil Smile

4. SexEd from Athai
Me: Before those two start warring within my head... I just had to say... #PricelesslyEPIC ROFL
FanGirl: Awww!! II ko sharam aa rahi hai? #SoAdorable #AwkwardAboutSex ROFL Give R&B to me. I'll take him any way I can get. Even if he's not gentle. #HOTS Day Dreaming
Feminist: Humph. Athai! Who are you asking to be gentle? The Rakshasan? #LOUT? That advice is wasted on him. He can't even shave to save your poor kozhandai's skin. Why is he going to be gentle with her? Ermm

5. II's entry and R&B's reaction (the lack of it)
FanGirl: Ayyyooo!! She's so prettyyy! That everyone's looking at her. And, R&B needed support? His knees couldn't hold him up anymore? LOL #PerfectJodi Wink But why did he have to wear a boring sa T-shirt?! Confused
Feminist: Hello!! She's not a piece of meat being thrown into a cage full of hungry tigers. Why are all these people shamelessly gawking at her, huh? She's just a woman. A very pretty one. But still. Why make her feel awkward with all your staring?? #RoomFullOfNutcases Wacko

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