#TheFeminist v/s #R&BFanGirl - An Eternal Battle - Page 2

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Posted: 6 years ago

Guess what?
My class finally got over. 
I do have truckloads of work...but...
I have no clue what we did & discussed in class. Confused

That I will figure out somehow.
But. Still.

R&B proposed!
He proposed!!!!!!! 
::swooning and cheering and squealing and mad-girl-dancing::
You made my day! 

The part I loved the most in this was him wiping off her tears and asking if Iyers get married on Sundays. 

And. Madam Cliffhanger. You had to add that sneaky little note about the encounter not being over, didn't you? Now how am I supposed to go around behaving like the mature 23-year-old that people in my college are used to seeing?
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Posted: 6 years ago

I absolutely loved every single bit of this update! 
But most of all I loved the promise of two weeks from R&B.

Right from the first sentence of this chapter...
Every line was loaded... With those subtle non-verbal emotional shifts that you are the mistress of, those hints of loving mischief that R&B seems to be the master of and those open, independent thoughts of II that all of us have been privy to.

All in all.
I'm in SW-wonderland-induced-happy-coma. (And obviously you know how much of that is induced by R&B) Wink
Your R&B will forever hold a piece of my heart... For someone who projects himself as uncaring, and almost stony... It's beautiful how he is around II. Softly enunciated words, and sometimes the littlest actions, that show exactly how attuned he is to her. 
I could even say that they resonate with each other.
Someone, please shake me awake when the next update arrives.

I think I will never tire of repeating this...
You write beautifully. 
You have this amazing way with words to indicate the subtlest emotions non-verbally. Clap

I hope that someday when you publish, the book is also immediately available in India. Or else I'll have to come all the way to the U.S. to pick up my copy. After all, I do want to be one of the first people to pick it up. LOL

Much love (and gratefulness for rescuing us from the edge of that crazy cliff),
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Posted: 6 years ago


We're on page 149.
Pudu thread-oda linka kudungo! LOL
We absolutely refuse to let you not continue this Tongue

As for those lines by Alfred Lord Tennyson... 
That was an edited version...

Here's the original.
" Half the night I waste in sighs.
Half in dreams I sorrow after
The delight of early skies;
In a wakeful doze I sorrow
For the hands, the lips, the eyes,
For the meeting of the morrow
The delight of happy laughter,
The delight of low replies."

I thought this perfectly described how II and R&B felt about each other... especially since their relationship was almost purely physical when it started...
And. It perfectly depicts the search for that elusive, purr-fect R&B.

You've managed to create a character who has absolutely no parallel. 
And, that is extraordinarily amazing. And. Spectacular.

I like that word.
Spectacular. Like you.
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Posted: 6 years ago

Congrats on Thread 4, Nisha!

It's been an AMAZING journey so far (and I'm sure in the future too) every step (chapter) of the way.
I'm glad that I actually got to be a part of it... even if only as a reader (and a kind of crazy stalker too).
And. You're simply spectacular.

It's beautiful how you always manage to convey such intense emotions without overt-emotional sequences or verbal disclosure. So close to how it actually is in real life.

Bally, in Soaps & Stars, reminds of Dad. 
Namma aatila, Ammavum naanum jaasti TV soaps ippo paakiradda ille... (At our house, Amma & I don't watch too many TV shows now)
Aana (but), Dad still follows all the shows that Ma & I used to watch earlier LOL

Amma's agreement was in the works for the last 3-4 chapters... In all those subtle questions and reactions of hers... And today, it almost came out in words without actually doing so. 

I'm going to have to buy a thesaurus to find words to describe your writing.
Till then, you'll have to make do with the same word time & again.
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Posted: 6 years ago


Horoscopes matched!!!!
Dil khush ho gaya! 

Now I'm looking forward to see how they handle Appa now. 
Disgruntled Appa cribbing about being browbeaten and bullied was so adorably hilarious! 
But. I am really qondering how they'll convince him. And what if they don't manage to?

It's great how you've managed to show II's independent streak even where her worry for her relationship with her family is at play... in her wondering if she'd be able to come back home if she ran away. She's something. 

R&B and II will never quite stop fighting professionally, eh? 
I think this will be interesting. Especially once they get married.
Maybe they'll resolve them in the bedroom! LOL 

all in all.
lovely, lovely updates. And beautifully written. As usual.

much love,
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Posted: 6 years ago
Review on
3/7 jaadagum (horoscope) 92-97% match, from Iyer end. And Sam kuduthadum match aachu. (The one sam gave also matched)

Akka sonnada seri thaan. II-ku avaloda Rakshasan kitta irundu yaarum kaapata mudiyathu.
(Akka was right in what she said. No one can rescue II from her Monster)

It was amazing, how II kept thinking of how THEIR future would be. Not hers or his, but their collective future.
It's also amazing how you've shown all the insecurities and indecisions that a girl might face prior to her wedding.

If only Appa could see how happy R&B makes his baby girl. And how much his anger is hurting her.

Bala is awesome. So smartly asking if they could invite the Bhallas & the Batras over, to discuss the wedding date. Whattay sly devil!
That also made me wonder... R&B-oda "randu vaarum" promise fulfil aaguma? (Will R&B's "two weeks" promise be fulfilled?)

That last bit... Between Ranjan and R&B... Seemed so poignant... Highlighted the differences between the two, especially in the professional context... Ranjan mixed his personal life with his work (no puns intended) while R&B kept it painfully dissociated from the other. 

Makes me wonder... How will II and R&B sort out their professional differences after the marriage? And after their wedding, will II and R&B stay apart (when he's working in Paris/elsewhere) or will he move back to India and set up Argent Graines here?

Chahe kuch bhi ho...
Shaadi ke baad toh har roz bomb phatega. 
 If not in the boardroom or anywhere public, at the very least in their bedroom(or over phone)!

Can't wait for their wedding and married life!

P.S. Loved how both of them, and Shravu, love potatoes.
I love potato too. But am now living in the constant fear of hating it cuz that's what my hostel serves everyday.

Posted: 6 years ago

I have no words to express the beauty of the updates you've given us today.

The Appa-R&B conversation... 
It made me realise that I'd only be happy with a guy who could respect Dad this much, and is willing to accommodate him as much as R&B with Appa.
II is an extremely lucky girl. Cry
She's her Appa's Princess alright. But her Prince respects her & her Appa just as much. 

R&B stole my heart that little bit more today. Embarrassed
(Well, I don't think there's much left to give to him.He owns most of it already!)

As for Vandu, she was brilliant. 
Only a daughter can trap her father in is own words. 
And that's exactly what she did!
::cough:: Satan ::cough::

And. Shravu is just perfect. 
Avan II pinnadi nadakumbode nenechen, yedo golmaal panraanu. 
(When he was walking around behind II itself, I knew he was going to do some golmaal)
Spawn of Satan. 
(And the nephew of the consort of the Devil).
He's got a rich heritage to live up to.

Looking forward to more Appa-R&B, Shravu-II, Shravu-R&B, Vandu-II, Vandu-Bala-Appa, Iyers-Bhallas-Batras interactions. Wink
And, of course, II-R&B is a default. LOL

I just saw you'd taken my post with the poem from Tennyson onto the endorsements. 
Second post of mine on Endorsements!!!!
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Posted: 6 years ago


"Will you be faithful to Ishita?"

R&B had me at that. I'm sure he had Appa too.
After all that conversation, Appa came to the crux of the matter. And R&B replied exactly as only he could - succint and direct.

And. In the end... the Amma-Appa convo...
The very fact that Appa noticed R&B smiled only when II & Shrauv were mentioned...That should, if nothing else, help convince him that this marriage can work. 

"She will be happy and safe with me"

Appa wants to be sure that his daughter will be taken care of, that she will be safe. 
I'm hoping that slowly, surely, eventually Appa will be able to trust R&B fully. It's unlikely that it'll happen overnight... but still...
Yenna aanalun... (whatever happens)
Appa will eventually (maybe when R&B finally convinces II to have Baby#1[of 3LOL]) accept R&B as the right partner for his chella kozhandai (darling child), the way Amma has finally seen it.

R&B has this amazing ability to convey so much, with so little. 
He almost had me in tears with those (above) dialogues (or it might just be PMS).

Loved it.
Looking forward to the next update. Wink

And. Please give this PMS-ing druggie her drug fix on time. 
Withdrawal symptoms thaanga mudiyala! (Can't bear the...)

Review 2 


Forget BayArea Srikanth!

Appavoda semathu kutti yenna kammiyaa? (Appa's good/innocent/darling child is any less?)
R&B ke saath bandh kamre (optional that too) mein kya hota hai... 
Yeh math poochna! LOLWink
Uss naalaayak Subbu ke saath bhi toh kiya tha. Ouch

Bas humara R&B... ethical hone ki wajah se honest hai. Ouch

Paavam Appa... questioning R&B without knowing how (s)experienced his daughter is! LOLTongue

But... this line cracked me up totally!
"No" (he did not complete the line with "Not those that I KNOW OF") "None" he said.
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