#TheFeminist v/s #R&BFanGirl - An Eternal Battle

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Posted: 6 years ago
#TheFeminist v/s #R&BFanGirl - An Eternal Battle

It started off as a series of reviews of Nisha's Software Symphony (index here)... then it ended up taking a life of it's own, with #TheFeminist and #R&BFanGirl coming to life.

Being a feminist doesn't mean I can't fangirl over a hot guy. (This can totally be a whole philosophical discussion about what feminism means to me LOL)
I've always needed to have my words and thoughts fully organised and categorized into neat little boxes (in my head). 
And, when I started reading and getting heavily involved in the Software Symphonies world, it took a lot out of me that I wasn't able to neatly classify and categorize my thoughts, emotions and responses to SoSy. A lot of my earlier reviews were so jumbled and all-over-the-place that I disliked them myself.
Then, while doing the transcriptions of a few user interviews (during my final semester of college), it struck me that I could use a similar format for my reviews (where I tag the origin of each set of thoughts with a unique tag). 
Then, Nisha gave it a name...
And, "Feminist v/s FanGirl - An Eternal Battle" was born.

Below are almost all the reviews I've written since getting involved with the #SoSyVerse.

Nisha once wrote this to me, in response to one of my super long reviews (double review of Savvy & Last night of freedom)

Outstanding review
People dont review THE SHOW SO SPLENDIDLY
I get my fiction reviewed like this?
What an absolute honor
U shud take this review on the road FOR KEEPS
YEARS from now when u are editor of some fancy magazine like Anna Wintour you can tell them it all started RIGHT HERE

This is my version of taking the reviews on the road. For keeps.
I don't know if I've lived up to Nisha's expectations (I've barely been around Cry)... But I do know that I have grown in the last one year. With Software Symphonies. With II, R&B and their insane families.

I'm probably never going to be a fancy editor, or reviewer... But, I'm gonna be doing this out here for as long as I can. 

Thank you, Nisha.
For Software Symphonies, the story that has become an alternate reality for me.
For II, in whom I've seen me every single day, the woman I've cried and laughed with.
For every single crazy fun friend I've made here.
(Especially for Ashu, who's moved out of the boundaries of virtual friendship. )
And, more than everything.
Thank you... For R&B. The man who gets a reaction out of me that no mere mortal man can evoke, the man who makes me appreciate possessiveness.
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Posted: 6 years ago

Oh. God.
You have me hook, line & sinker.
I'm staying awake at such an ungodly hour (for my time zone) just reading your latest update.

I think your R&B and II have me far, far, far more hooked than the actual YHM's RKB & IRKB.

Naan yenna solaradu?? 
Enake paithyam pudikumnnu nennakiren... Sariya ongaloda II madiri... R&B paithyam!

So hot. So mysterious. I'm constantly wondering what is going on in that mind of his, apart from those random Google translations and oh-so-significantly-insignificant gifts of his!

You've created one hell of an alternate universe out here. And pls don't be too shocked if people start fan-girdling more after your R&B than our actual Raavan Kumar Bhalla, who's being completely useless on the actual show.

I love your R&B. He's got a mind of his own. And a body that does as he & his mind pleases.

Much love & kudos, to your brilliant writing, and amazingly kickass characters.
Awaiting your next update with bated breath.

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Posted: 6 years ago
Review on Part 77 (Three Weeks & Nerf Gun)


Vandu calling R&B from II's phone?!?!!
Wonder how he will react when his Fire Cracker calls!

This tale is spinning out so superbly & so fast that it makes my head spin!
Oh god! Oh god!
I'm dying to know how this is going to work out! 
Will R&B finally react? Or say something? And if he does, what will it be? Sreekanth ki kaise bajayenge?
Beautiful, beautiful story!

II's heartbreak broke me. The aversion to anything that brings back Rakshasan's memories. The philosophising. The anger. All of it. Beautifully portrayed.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Review on Part 81 (Insuring Life... and Love)

Vandu knows! 
 VANDU knows!!

Aage kya hoga????

But seriously. The thing I enjoy the most about your writing is how you add bits & pieces from their past encounters at the most unexpected moments in the present.
Yes. It does make me die of curiosity at times, when you leave some super crucial bits out of their encounters (::hem hem::). Then I tell myself that Nisha will bring that up some other time & give me one of those amazingly joyful surprises when I least expect it!

But. This one. 
 This is such a TOTAL cliffhanger.
I hate you for doing this as much as I love you for it!

I'm so, so, so, so glad that finally someone who can do something is going to connect the dots. Maybe this will force II and R&B to finally face up to their own selves!

I'm eagerly (extremely, extremely eagerly and with bated breath) awaiting the next update. Even more than I was awaiting their WW3-waala  update.

And. I'd like to say. 
I love your R&B. 
 Such a hottie mancake! 
 If only I could find me one of those.
::lustful, wanton sigh::

And despite that, it's II I identify with. 
I can understand being so involved with someone and being unsure of their feelings for you... Understand how it feels like they have no value for you. And then that need to make them feel at least a fraction of that pain you'd gone through. 
It's spectacular how you've managed to portray it so accurately, without going all emo.

Ore oru wordilla sollono na...
Posted: 6 years ago
Review on Part 83 (Of Knowing & Learning)

I saw two words, marathon & update, coincidentally in the same order and consecutively too!
So much joy you bring to my world! LOL

But, on a slightly more serious note...
What the f*** is Subbu doing here? And how f***ing dare he say "we went to grad school together"? And then undermine that statement by asking all about her family as if he had a right to know?!?
Screw you, Subbu. 

That last bit there... With II telling R&B something new was a stroke of pure genius!
That bit where we almost saw a reaction from R&B was possibly even more brilliant.
And, now, I'm again hyperventilating... This time, the focus being if and how R&B will react to this piece of news!

Also. I LOVE the fact that Vandu is totally plotting something!

::fingers crossed::
Kadavule, Vandu-ikku edavudu semma plan kuduthidu. 
 Avlavu podium ippodikku!
::praying hysterically::
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Posted: 6 years ago
Review of Part 85 (Search & Spy)

Fail happened.
I happened to read the page title, which shows an update on Pg86, which isn't here yet.
And I got SUPER excited and Res-ed.
Now. I'm eagerly awaiting that post, so that I can comment in the post before it WinkLOL


So much awesomeness in one update?
Yenna kolla paakreengala?

First. Let's talk of II. You know those days when one thing goes wrong and everything after that also crashes & burns. That's exactly what happened there!
Pehle Subbu ko mili. Phir R&B's perceived insensitivity. Followed by a memory of their time together (adding salt to the wound caused by his insensitivity). Then a punctured tyre. And R&B trying to talk to her. 
Phew. Your II survived it. More power to her!

And then, the weekend thing... With Shravu coming over and wanting to meet Nandan... Why do I smell Vandu all over it? (Or I might just be overanalysing)
And. I love how cutely and perceptively Vandu is kind of teasing II!

I'm craving more. More. MORE.

Posted: 6 years ago

I'll never tire of saying this.
You write beautifully. 
 Every emotion of II 's you capture, and R&B's by not addressing it blatantly.

The last few updates have had me extremely emotional.
The chapter where II walked out of R&B's office after confronting him about the proposal, I actually cried. 

I love that you're letting us see more into R&B. Especially the nuances of his relationship with his dad and all the other women he has been with and how that impacts how he regards II.

But I'm extremely saddened even at the possibility of that one-way ticket to Paris actually being used.

There's so much to say. I'll take out a couple of hours some day this week, and pick out my fave bits and detailed-review the how&why of them being my faves.
I know I've been a lousy follower for the last couple of weeks, but I'm still reading as much as possible in one go. Sometimes even while sitting in lectures & reviews.
One of these days you'll get one neelamaana PM from me, with the promised review, and the reason your every recent update has me super emotional.

Much, much love,
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Posted: 6 years ago


Me first! Me first! ME FIRST!
::crazy mad-girl dancing::

Oops. Sorry. Forgot that I'm in a public space Embarrassed

::pretends that crazy mad-girl dancing never happened::


You evil, evil, evil woman, who writes far, far too beautifully for my good.

You stopped right there. 
Ittana kodumai yedakku??! Ouch
Ippo naa epidi ennoda college-work mudippen?!
That cliffhanger ending is going to keep replaying in my head, with all the different outcomes that my poor sleep-deprived brain can come up with!! Confused
Poor Aristotle. How does his Book of Rhetoric even stand a chance of competing with THE Software Symphonies? D'oh

R&B in suit!!! Embarrassed ::swoons:: Day Dreaming
And. You made R&B and II match (burgundy tie & II's dawani)!!!! LOLClap

So. I am pulling an all-nighter in an attempt to catch up on my work & assignments. And. I can honestly say that I've spent more time refreshing SW3 than reading for my assignments Confused
That's the power of your writing. 

You have this ability to convey the emotions of the characters by using their smallest gestures, without the blatant expression which is the norm in most writings. So much so, that a good workaholic college student (namely me) can't focus on work anymore.

I'm constantly empathizing with II... and seeing me in her actions and even the lack of them... 
R&B gave me hope... and disappointment... and then again brought hope back to me... Just as he does to II.

R&B ki himmat toh dekho! 
Khulle aam ladki ke baap ke saamne darwaaza bandh kar liya!
::swoons again::
Gosh. Your R&B has made a total fan-girl out of me. 
The time that I don't spend reading his antics, I spend fantasizing about finding my own R&B. 

It's the littlest actions/inactions that make Software Symphonies and all these beloved characters come so, so, so close to life.

Again, at the cost of being repetitive and boring, I must say this... 
You write far, far too beautifully for my sanity.

Holding onto the edges of the cliff with the tips of my fingers,
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