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The sun was blazing on Rudra but he didn't care it felt good the heat on his skin. Rudra was lost in his thoughts. Boo laughed dhruv. Rudra smiled come here you. Mujee story bato mum said ask your Rudra for an story he is the best storyteller. Acha mum ye bola Rudra smiled at dhruv. Acha dhruv this story is how I met your mother. Oky guys this is just an small part of the story just so you know what the story is based on. It's Rudra telling his life story to dhruv. Warning it's going to be kind of sad. And the title is how I met your mother. 
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Part one 
It was 10 may when I was shifted to work in London. I was only 20. I got an call from my teacher early morning. Hello rudra congratulations we are shifting you to London high school as an exchange program. Sir but I like it here. Rudra listen to me its big gift London high is one of the top schools. Oky sir when do I go said rudra.rudra parents both passed away in a car crash rudra looked at his parents photo mum dad I hope this will be good for me. Rudra soon stared getting ready for his trip.1 week later rudra looked out of the plane window how small and Toy like everyday looked. Rudra arrived at Heathrow airport London. Everything was diffirent way the smell of the air was different. Rudra screamed somebody. Rudra turned around and there she was. Everything around Rudra was blurred all he could see was her. He felt as if he lost his breath.she was wearing an white dress her hair jet black like the night sky her eyes shined like stars. Her red lips. Hello are you rudra. The girl said clapping her hands. Umm sorry ap kon. I'm paro oh Hiya paro I'm rudra. Suddenly paro laughed dude mein apse kitna bar bola ap rudra hai. Im your guide from London high school.  I was picked out the whole school for you. She smiled. Rudra looked at her cute face and smiled acha hai mera kismata. Kiya ap bolti na hai owr jab bola kuch samja na aya. Chalo rudra right I have to take you to your flat. She pulled him from his rudra what do you think of your's nice na. Nice it's amazing yar paro said look at your view. She said rudra looked out of the window. Wow paro it is beautiful. So you like London rudra. Yes paro I love londons people. Paro laughed Acha. Oh no rudra sorry I have my number she said writing it on a tissue paper. Rudra was left alone in.the flat. Rudra couldn't stop thinking about paro. Mum I think I have fallen in love. I can't stop thinking about her. Her smile her eyes.Rudra made him self noodles and then got ready for bed. His mind was only thinking about paro as he fell asleep. Rudra woke up to a bright sunlight shined though his window.Rudra phoned on the number paro gave him. Hello who is this he heard her voice why did it make him so happy. It's Rudra. Rudra hiya how are you. Fine just phoned to ask can u come after me. At 9 for school. Oky rudra teek hai see then bye take care. Rudra one more thing oh don't worry he told me to tell you then not now. And she cut the phone. 
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Thanks for letting us know that it's going to be a sad story...does it mean that you are continuing after Paro's death and Paro is REALLY dead ? Because if that the case then I don't think I would like to read it.
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Originally posted by NavyaKavya30

Thanks for letting us know that it's going to be a sad story...does it mean that you are continuing after Paro's death and Paro is REALLY dead ? Because if that the case then I don't think I would like to read it.
I don't want to give away anything but no paro won't die In this story. 
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Nice to have you back and your FF's
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Nice Start dear.,
Welcome Back dear.,
Thanks for Making sure that Paro s alive in ur SS.,
Pls Pm me whn Update nxt Chapter...
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Part 2. 
Rudra cut the phone and got his things ready. When his phone rang. Hello rudra it's Paro's dad speaking here. rudra was confused. Yes sir.I'm sorry I did this with out your consent but I was told you are the man for the job. What is going on sir my head teacher phone me him self saying to me that it's an exchange program. Sorry rudra I never had an option. I I'm an very rich man I have enemy's even I won't know about and my daughter paro is my life. But sir rudra said abit annoyed my education what about that. I will give you money alot how much. Rudra felt like betrayed but he knew he only met paro now but if he left her or worse If she was in danger he won't forgive him self. Sir if I do this I don't want any money. What rudra do you know this has made me happy for now I'm sure you are the one. And with that he cut the phone. Rudra just stood there for 5 minutes. Letting his mind sink In all this first paro and the magic she had on him at first glance. Then all this bullshit. 2DAYS LATER rudra was sleeping when suddenly he heard the door bell. Rudra was shirtless. He opened the door and there she was like heaven was on earth she stood there. His brain was saying. Idiot say something but his mouth was not listening. Rudra I'm sorry to come out of the bule like this but papa told me he told you everything. Paro said all this while looking down anywhere but not at rudra. Sorry rudra finally said coming back to his senses. Paro come in. Paro walked in and sat on the floor rudra was gobsmacked umm paro sit on the chair. Paro pulled rudra down and laughed rudra wondered will he ever get used to her laugh. Rudra when God has gifted you with carpet and earth and soil sky grass. Why sit up when you can feel the earth sitting down here. Paro said looking at rudra. Rudra laughed your an crazy girl sit up. No she said. Rudra just looked at her and said you are just full of surprises you are. So rudra paro said folding her legs as she sat on the floor why have been not answering Papa calls or mine papa was worried. Rudra getting angry do u blame me paro yoy guys tricked Me including my own teacher. Sorry rudra but. Rudra said no I'm sorry. Oky Acha come here she said rudra sat by her and she said pinkyswear with me. What I'm not an 3 year old. Rudra please oky rudra said and Paro said then from now on we will tell each other nothing but the truth. You and I are best freinds if u fall I fall with you she smiled looking at rudras surprised face. We stick with each other and live life to the fullest possible. Deal hai rudra. Rudra just said you are full of surprises you are. She littlely slapped his arm aw. Oky deal yar chill ap tu tiger hai rudra said looking right in to her eyes. Oky she said an pulled him in for an hug. Rudra was shocked is a understatement. He felt as if all his life achievements were filled. Oh hello were you lost. Come with me rudra I  want to show you London around.kiya. Paro phone rang. Hello papa yes I'm fine I'm with rudra.paro cut the phone and said rudra papa wants to meet you in person later. Oky. And now I show you London. Paro jumped up happily. Rudra looked at this innocent girl. Come na she said pulling his arm. Rudra was getting up.but some how fell paro fell on top of him. Rudra whole body was on fire. Paro eyes were closed and her hands on his bare chest. She slowly opened her eyes looking it one other eyes. Lost rudra felt in her eyes.paro suddenly jumped oh lord I seen an men chest worse felt it to. She started muttering to her self. Not realising rudras condition still laying on the floor praying to Lord thank ended this moment my lower body was reacting to her. He got up abit out of breath. Paro looked at his face her cheeks were red and she shyly said do walk around like this in India kiya. Rudra got his shirt and said j girls love it in India If I walk around like this. Kiya kise larki hai India ya mein paro gasped. Rudra tried hiding his smile. Finally paro said as rudra was wearing his shirt. Paro and rudra were out of the house. 

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I m first...
Nice Chapter..
Rudra is affected by Paro's closeness tat's Nice.,
Rudra is a bodyguard am i right??
bt studies &teacher i didn't understand it dear..
Thanks for Pm..Wink
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