Has sanaya been biased toward khushi excessively?


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Posted: 2015-11-25T00:41:29Z
Hi friend, don't get prejudiced. She did give a full justice to her character as paro in rangrasiya. If you have watched IPKKNd, you would have easily found that how amazingly she did the two contrast charaters as khusi and paro. I think despite knowing this fact, you made this topic, saddening.
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Posted: 2015-11-25T06:17:35Z
Nope, I think she has played all the characters till now with utmost sincerity be it a Khushi, Chanchan or Paro. Yes, she probably liked Kushi's character the most but she is so professional that I doubt she would allow things like that to effect her performance.

 I don't think actors only work well if they like their character - that's not a requirement. Their job is to portray the character to the best of their ability and Sanaya for sure does that in all her roles. 

Paro is a role I think she worked very hard on and succeeded phenomenally. The character is so different that what she is in real life but not once when I watch RR did I feel that it was Sanaya on the screen, I was only watching Paro- she was that good. She never missed a beat during the show - were we watching the same show? 
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Posted: 2015-11-25T08:17:13Z
Oh, LP!! Maybe you missed the fact that after the intitial episodes Paro wasn't given much to do!! If they stayed true the story, maybe we would've gotten a separation track or something!! DisapproveBut Sanaya still played Paro to the T!! And about liking Khushi's character!! I think it's more about feeling liberated portraying Khushi cause Khushi can do anything and get away with!!Wink But it doesn't mean she wasn't professional portraying other characters or have a soft spot for them!! 

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Posted: 2015-11-25T09:38:33Z
No, I have no doubt about Sanaya's professionalism and work ethic. I remember how excited she was to get the role of Paro and a show like RR. She knew it would be challenging for an urban girl like her but she relished it and put in her all. She worked on her body language, had language tutor on sets, even the writer of the show said Sanaya was working tremendously hard, hence Paro is receiving appreciation.  You must have missed her interviews I think, where she repeatedly said she loves all her shows and characters she played whether they were successful or not. I think she did a fab job as Paro and won much appreciation from media, critiques and viewers. 
Of course you may not have liked her performance as much which is fine, everyone does not have to like everything an actor does,  but that does not take away from the artist's talent or hard work. Sanaya always maintained how much she loves the work she does. Yes, she loved playing Khushi, saying that does not mean she can never be as committed to any other role.  
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Posted: 2015-11-25T10:38:24Z
Sorry I beg to differ..Sanaya has portrayed every character to her best because she never commit unless she is 100% sure of her character..You might feel Khushi is best but I loved Paro more coz that was way out of Sanaya's real character. infact Khushi is very easy to pull out as it had no restrictions whatsoever.. Paro had many intrinsic layers which is very very hard to pull especially after playing a character like Khushi and Chanchan but she came out with flying colors coz Paro is by far the best she played IMO. 

The character degradation in the later stages is not coz of Sanaya's incapability to play it but because of the makers who changed storyline every week and Paro's POV was compromised in very early stages of RR yet she still managed to captivate the audiences as PARO solely by her performance.. 
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Posted: 2015-11-25T10:49:18Z
A good actor always love the challenge of playing different roles and that is what Sanaya wanted and has done!! I know she is proud of actually being able to play different roles regardless if  her shows work out or not!! People can say whatever they want, I'm glad she didn't have to stick to one show for too long!! And she is the only natural actress who plays her roles so convincingly!!

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Posted: 2015-11-25T11:37:46Z
sanaya gotattached to her khushi role bec she had enough time to get into the character but after the initial episodes of rr paros character changed overnite within a gew episodes she was  in love with rudra all the logic disapeared from rr n paro i admit even khushi was butchered too but towards the end initialy kushi was shown as fiesty darti hai par karti hai but paros role never developed st uncle wasted alot of talent by changing the script of rr overnite that is if he had a scriptso dont blame sanaya
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