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Posted: 6 years ago
I would like to do some voodoo so that chachu and his family wont be able to enter MM...grrAngry 
Loved II babying's so cute to read about their care and concern
Lovely updates
Posted: 6 years ago
Squash ko chodo. Enjoy time with biwi...
She is in full mood to pamper you... Don't miss the chance daWink

If you go to Squash, Abhi will get her attention... Be wise...
Posted: 6 years ago
You're the best Nisha. You wrote a chapter after a busy day. I don't have 100 pairs of shoes either and have been carrying the same bag to office for so long. But I'm like II,  I go crazy when I see good stuff
Posted: 6 years ago
I am waiting for choti seductress to make an entry in MM..
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha two amazing updates 
Fear & Fantasy

I just loved this update sam getting all concerned about the dude like a mother.. 

Her fears that she might just loose another person so precious to her

U so beautifully have shown two sides of a coin one who sees the glass half empty and the other who sees the glass half full 

The dude is missing the mother he lost and hence all his reactions where as Sam is holding on to the father she has by believing ma's death was nothing but an accident... 

I loved the way ii was looking after the dude and the way he was opening upto her...

Rolex & Rosemary; Fondle & Find

I officially hate chachu and his fake attitude... 

I loved the way she gave him his favourite breakfast and bullied him

Posted: 6 years ago
MY rakshasan is not going anywhere" II shrieked

Well I love this II... So wify and concerned bout hubby when he is hurt
He is doing baby sit him and and dude is liking it Wink
So II don't u dare divert ur mind after that abhi comes to MM Angry

Chacha Chachi hmmm wht to say bout them as he himself said she is a Bhalla
She don't need gifts,,, her FIL is a millionaire and hubby well he is no less then his father
So they can buy a Rolex in while if she wish
So u don't worry and take a chill pill Ouch

And wht a perfect place to hide keys II
U know how to make it man go round nd round bout u
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


In the last 20 years I have been ONCE, no not because I am a snob Desi but because it takes too much effort to find a bargain, I buy whenever I want whatever I want, we live pretty simply, I dont have summer cushions and drapes, winter cushions and drapes, summer crockery, Fall crockery winter crockery etc...

Half a dozen laptops, half a dozen ipads etc, kuch nahi hai, I dont have 80 pairs of shoes and 100 hand bags etc, I leave my purse in my car when I go into work, I survive with the same purse for 5, 7, 9 years even

I buy tons of things to take for family when I go to India, none of it designer, no Gucci Prada and such, my family and husband's family are all very middle class, Costco candy and Old Navy hoodies make them excited

IF I did BF shopping I would be richer by $50,000 atleast, but it doesnt matter...

My teenager turned 17 yesterday, so we went out to eat at Olive Garden, on my way home, I went to Target after they all got off, I live across from a Target

I have to go volunteer at a local hospital's Christmas tree show tomorrow from 2-6 PM, they decorate 100 or so trees and auction it off, like the most STUNNING trees you can ever imagine, each decorated based on a theme
Will find some pictures and post

I didnt have anything in red or green so got a scarf in red, and found Ferraro Rocher $7 candy for $2.25 each so bought 20 boxes to hand to school teachers, garbage guy, mail man, dentist tennis coach etc

So yes I saved $80? today... my biggest bargain in the last 10 years

Me neither Nisha, yesterday was the first time in 15 years I went for BF shopping. It's my chhotus birthday in two days and boots were apparently on sale. Like I said the place was a zoo as if all of US was shopping. Here I went once for Boxing Day sale, was  the most horrific experience, so never again and yes I am an extremely frugal shopper too, have no patience and definitely no money!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

I am waiting for choti seductress to make an entry in MM..

Me too n her reaction on seeing her love hurt LOL Wink

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