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Posted: 6 years ago
No one around,,
Looks like alls busy!!!
Monday blues I think

Anyway waiting for update and
new thread also
It will be late as it's Monday morning for Nisha
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning, Monday blues once again. There was a powerful storm last night, no power for about two hours...and after a very very long time with no gadgets, gizmos or any other electronic items for distraction, all of us actually talked for two hours, rolled on the floorr, played name place animal thing... And even cuddled together ...was actually refreshing. Lessons learnt - count your blessings and be thankful for small mercies. 
Posted: 6 years ago
"Hot" & Harangue

"Mazaak ki HAD hoti hai R&B" Sam ranted

"Shhh, dheere bolo" Tan ordered, pointing a finger to the ceiling "So rahi hai woh"

"Usne is se saara din panga liya, I GET IT, stupid, juvenile pranks" Sam giggled
"I mean sealing the toilet bowl with wrap? "Filling up the ceiling fan blades with haldi?"
"AND THEN U go and invite ur high school girlfriend for a drink?" Sam sat down

Lasya was held by R&B, she looked at him like "Are they being mean to you?" look
He kissed her soft fat cheeks,
Lasya wore a tee shirt with pink sparkly candy canes and blue jeans, bare feet

"I was kidding"R&B said


"Galat kiya boss" Tan shook his head

"Are u still seeing her when u are in India?" Sam asked flatly

"When Dad can cheat on Ma, why not you" tone

He didnt answer that

"Sam, quit it yaar" Tan ordered

"Poochh loon na, Dad ne shaadi ke 30 saal mein kiya, isne shaayad jaldi shuru kar diya ho?" Sam said sniffling

"Sam Sam... Sam... jaa meri ma... oopar ja, check on her"

"So rahi hai woh, aur usko aaj raat ko main bhejoongi nahi" Sam warned waving a finger at R&B

Sam started to go out of the sprawling kitchen, turned around and went to grab her daughter "DO MUJHE, meri beti, aaja " she called

Lasya clung to her Uncle R

"Are u kidding? Look at this tall man he looks too hot, in the navy cords, it looks like velvet, Dad needs some fashion advice from this European" Lasya sighed
"I am sorry but your husband wears GOLD. I mean which man wears GOLD?? AND HE HAS NO HAIR I dont know where the head ends and cheek begins,
when light hits that head its blinding, sorry""I get it!! I get it!! hes ur guy!! But THIS ONE IS MINE"
Lasya brought her hands together and narrated some story like that

"Koi zaroorat nahi Dad ko, R&B ki tarah kapde pehanne ki, "lazily casual" my ass, Tan aap waise hi theek ho, in brand name clothing and gold
" Sam cursed staring at her bro

Talking to herself...R&B looked at her curiously

"DEKHA USKO? She keeps a lil red dress in her f**kING PURSE or what?"

Tan accidentally shut Sams ears instead of Lasya's

Lasya thought her Daddy was playing peekaboo and kicked her shins on R&B's chest and laughed deliriously

Sam made a face at her

"I call her at 8 she shows up at Ira at 8:30 LOOKING LIKE THAT?" Sam had her hands on her hips now, looking at R&B accusingly

He shrugged

"Iski zubaan se kuch nahi niklega Tan... she is right may be
thats why he wants to go to Paris, his ex, mera matlab most recent ex lives there, biwi is pregnant and frumpy" Sam spoke softly

"Sam" R&B tried to calm her down

Sam fought his advances and walked away

"Sam, dont get dramatic yaar"

"His high school sweet heart dresses like a" Sam hissed

"sshhh" Tan ordered

"She is a minus 2, but has size umm... boobs" Sam cursed

Tan burst out laughing

"When YOU said "I have someone I WOULD LIKE FOR HER TO MEET" mujhe laga u are setting up this scrawny, skinny 18 year old with someone, I cant believe u ("did it with her when u were 18" tone)
R&B lowered his gaze "Dekha to she looks like THIS? She doesnt need any help from a guy that looks like hes part of a rock band" Sam insulted him in order to defend her SIL

"Oh teri" Tan cursed

Lasya turned and rained a litany of curse on her mother

"TUM CHUP RAHO" Sam ordered yanking her she was stuck like a glue

"Jao ghar abhi" Sam ordered

"Mazaak tha meri jaan, go tell her" Tan begged

"I will not... why shud I go tell her? So he can slip away and go see Arunima?" Sam asked

R&B cupped Sam's cheek "Listen"

"Dont touch me with those dirty hands u pig, u touched her didnt you"

"Not her ummm" R&B paused

"Cheee...Jao... call karo aa jaayegi" Sam said disgusted

"Sam" Tan began

"Mujhe roz dar lagta hai ki Dad ki tarah agar isne ya aapne kiya ho how can I live" Sam cried "I outliving Dad's infidelity so I guess I can outlive anything"

"Jao yaar oopar aap" Tan ordered

"Bache kahan hai?" she asked

"I ordered pizza, they must be asleep" Tan reassured

Sam glared at R&B

"What is wrong with you man?" he asked R&B

"Nothing" R&B chuckled

"Dekha na usko?" he asked getting the chills "Bina baat ke she will bring everything into the discussion

R&B looked at Tan somberly, he felt for Tan, what a great guy!!!!!
 he had no idea  what Sam's insecurity did to Tan's marriage on a daily basis, and how he addressed it whenever Sam turned paranoid like she did now

Tan was the most easy going affable, charming, happy go lucky man, all good ones were handed to Tan while all the nasty ones to
Manya's Sanjeev (author forgets the name so she rechristens him)

Sanjeev did not have ONE... it didnt take too long for their marriage to come crashing down, like his Ma had from the building in Hong Kong
Tan was the epitome of patience and humor

"Sorry man!!" R&B said, Lasya dozed on his shoulder

"abey, MUJHE nahi USKO bol" Tan pointed to the ceiling

"sam?" asked R&B


"Saale, apni biwi ko" Tan punched him  "sharaab to aaj kuch zyaada ho gaya, chal baithte hain, do u want to play a game of poker?" Tan asked casually

R&B nodded, and smiled
Posted: 6 years ago
And I want II to not give in easily this time Angry
If dude can make her jealous,so can she! I want to see one day R&B fears of losing her. have always see II insecurities,it will be good to see R&B's

Edited by Aina91 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
It would be right
Don't forgive him easily this time II
U always loose it when u see him
So my advise don't see him
Blind fold urself!! Wink

Posted: 6 years ago
All of her pranks were childish
Not like this one
Posted: 6 years ago
Waz quite caughtup in a tornado of things...i have dedicated the particular term for my schedules... they sweep me off my ass pinned to the bed and have me swirling in hectic schedules.

About the update

1. Tan kahan milega boss? Bande ko sideline kar hi nahi sakte...he is my hero man.!!

2. Sam the one who we believe to be the most composed one is so because she has a support that she mist needed
To supress a disaster and move ahead in life one needs the right people who have their back.
And i see thaf for sam comes from the husband.

3. Juvenile pranks reach an all new level and directly hit II's most vulnerable spot.
But what i felt vad about was they hit the wrOng target as well.
They hurt sam.
Like the buildings that get pulled down in road extension... sam's strength and its foundations shool with the maha plan that dude adopted.

4. Dude...the guy known to think twice before taking a step gets carried away and ends up doing things that could break his marriage.
How could you be so stupid da? Did you think II doesn't remember dad's incident or do you think she won't take things in that context or did you forget the whole ranjan fiasco 
Or have you totally stopped thinking and looking at bigger pictures?

Well a tiny little prank blowsup
What awaits is going yo be intresting Wink

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