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It t's a Birthday gift for ArushiParty PartyHave a wonderful Birthday, dear! Wish you all the best and we hope you will like this little gift have prepared for you Heart

So now...read n enjoy hope you like it

Ram stepped into km nd headed straightly to the bedroom in a confident step

Welcome home Mrs. Kapoor Ram breathed hotly in his sweet wife's ear

Ram had been holding her in his arms all the time ever since they entered their home It was an ancient tradition on the earth the husband had to carry his wife over the threshold of their home Ram loved this custom he was wearing beige colour sherwani with light chocolate colour chudidaar looking utterly handsome nd he is looking very pretty in her red lehenga choli looking like a princess he decided to fulfill it on his wedding day Priya ran her long fingers through her Ram's hair tenderly

Put me on the floor Ram Priya whispered softly

He immediately granted her wish nd set her on her feet carefully

Priya gently took his hand intertwining their fingers nd led him to a bed with an enigmatic smile the moonlight illuminated the room through large windows the engagement rings on the couple's fingers sparkled in that mysterious light Ram obeyed to his wife's unconditional wish nd sat on the edge of the bed Priya climbed at his lap nd gently but firmly pushed him in the chest showing him her wish without a word Ram's back hit a soft mattress but he never took his thoughtful brown eyes off his lovely wife

Finally you belong only to me Priya said in triumph Ram smiled bravely nd charmingly in response

Priya began to unbutton his sherwani with confident nd nimble fingers a minute later she opened his shirt nd started stroking his muscular chest in tenderness nd adoration Ram's blood ran faster through his veins from her seductive touch he felt that he couldn't endure her sweet torture any longer when she began to cover his chest nd abdomen with frequent nd scorching kisses his hands slid over her shoulders gently to reach a long dupatta on of her head he removed the dupatta nd then all the pins from her hair carefully he gave freedom to her curls they feel down her shoulders nd back like a blanket the too pleasant touches of her hair against his bare skin made Ram realize that he had been captured by his beloved wife's female charms he began losing his head Priya was driving him crazy nd she didn't feel any remorse about doing so

With one swift motion he rolled to the side nd pressed Priya's back to the soft mattress towering over her with a smug smile on his lips her pupils widened Ram stroked her cheek in trepidation nd froze staring at her nice flushed face

What's the matter baby? Priya whispered anxiously

He took Priya's hand nd brought it to his warm lips only to leave a kiss on each of her fingers Ram did not break eye contact with his wife not even for a second

You are so beautiful baby Ram sighed adoringly you just cannot imagine how much I love you Priya

Priya's heart pounded loudly from his sincere nd energetically powerful confession her whole being was filled with infinite tenderness nd love for her husband

I know Ram you have proved your love to me so many times when accident happened you have defeated death nd survived where it was impossible to stay alive you managed to find me take me as wife nd now finally we can be a real family Priya quickly got up nd hugged her beloved hubby she buried her face in his neck inhaling the unmistakable aroma of his body greedily Instinctively Ram pulled his precious woman to him even closer

They spent some minutes in that position they were standing on their knees on a soft pillow while hugging each other nd being unable to interrupt their moment of unity they enjoyed proximity between their bodies

Promise me that you are mine Ram whispered emotionally looking in his beautiful wife's bright eyes intensely

I'm yours forever nd don't believe anything else Priya said with confidence nd calmness in her voice

Priya gently placed her hand on the place where she could feel the clear beating of his heart under his skin

I really want to help you cope with your horrible memories nightmares unbearable pain that you have experienced in the past but I do not know how Priya added desperation could be heard in her voice

In a sign of support Ram gently covered her hand which was still lying on his chest near his heart with his own hand

Every day spent with you fill my life with meaning when you are with me I feel like my dead heart come to life you are the most precious thing I have Priya

Priya was touched by his sincere acknowledgment to the very core

I am very desperate to love you I promise you I will be with you in sorrow and in joy forever I will never leave you Ram only together we can overcome everything the destiny prepared for us I firmly believe that our love which has undergone a lot of testing nd become even stronger will help us

Without giving any response to his better half's emotional nd frank confession Ram took her by the shoulders in great tenderness nd adoration nd forced her to lie back on the soft bed Ram started covering her velvet face neck shoulders decolletage with hot nd persistently intense kisses Priya closed her eyes in total bliss her mirrors of soul darkened with passion her arms wrapped around her husband in a fit of feeling nd she pressed his strong body to her flushed one as closely as possible

My brave nd independent endlessly beautiful Priya relax you are too excited your body is like a taut string shhh ... relax Ram whispered soothingly let me be the leader today in our lovemaking nd fulfill my duties of a husband Ram smiled at her so alluringly nd seductively that she gulped in amusement for a moment she forgot how to breathe

I will be neither strong nor proud I just need your love Priya moaned languidly

I promise I will not disappoint you my beloved wifey you will experience an unforgettable pleasure of our intimacy Ram whispered in a dangerously low hypnotic voice

Priya's mouth got dry from his rapid charisma she licked her pink lips her innocent gesture didn't go unnoticed by her husband's watchful eyes his brown eyes were dark with an unbearable desire to possess her to become a single whole with her nd to get completely dissolved in each other Ram warmed her with his insatiable gaze intently nd waited for her response to his request

She felt that the wave of irresistible desire covered her from head to toe she wanted to unite with her man right now that wish was wild nd frustrated she had no strength to wait any longer she decided to give in to him nd give him the overall lead in the bed today but then she would make sure to get use of her womanly wiles nd give him all the pleasures that she had planned specifically for their wedding night after all the marriage was a partnership nd they had always been a great  couple Priya knew the way to Ram's heart nd he had a key to her clock of life so she decided to resign herself to his control completely

I'm all your Ram Priya moaned gasping from the severity of emotions which he had evoked in her body with his caressing

Ram affered her a disarming smile

I'll be loving you for the whole night slowly nd with rapturenmy beauty Ram warned his wife promising something incredibly exciting nd wonderful

His seductive lips took possession of her sweet little mouth in a greedy nd proprietary kiss Ram kissed her passionately nd she answered him the same love Priya repeated his name over nd over again unable to deal with herself his hands started to lift the hem of her magnificent wedding dress slowly but surely he slid his hands up and down her slender legs stroking the warm smooth skin in gentle touches Ram seduced his lover pulling red lehenga down her long legs

Priya let out a muffled groan right in his lips unable to endure what he was doing to her now Priya almost lost her mind Instinctively she arched her back in pleasure Ram awoke a burning need in her she wanted him to continue touching her desperately for a lifetime

Ram deprived her of all clothing items painfully slowly he was truly enjoying this fascinating process he kissed every inch of her satin skin enthusiastically Priya moaned in excitement he captured her lips nd deliberately deepened their kiss making it more sensual nd intimate he showed her how serious he was determined to love her all night

He was a man of his word Ram gave Priya a great bliss nd infinite happiness she melted in his secure hands he was persistent though very gentle their love game was very exciting Priya had the impression that he could continue to give her his affection endlessly

Ram was so passionate so concentrated on her so affectionate nd at the same time utterly insatiable on their wedding night he did not have the strength to break away from her he had been longing for her so much at the time of separation they had endured he possessed her over nd over again that night never complaining about exhaustion his body did not feel any fatigue Priys gave him all of her without a trace fully tuned to his needs and desires she was madly in love with him Ram was so strong so charismatic inimitable so loving on their wedding night they made love completely surrendering to each other together the newlyweds reached the heights the existence of which they had never known they became true soulmates only when the first rays of sun appeared in the window they managed to dim down their ultimate attraction to each other lying in bed after beautiful intimacy they were completely exhausted nd plunged into a deep slumber

But sleep did not come to Ram he was so excited about what had happened between him nd Priya she agreed to marry him nd they finally were able to connect their lives in marriage at the memory of recent events a beatific smile touched Isaac's lips he had never been happier in his life before than he was today he was thankful for the fact that he was able to survive nd get back with victory in his one nd only Priya's loving arms to his sweet love with those thoughts Ram pulled her sleeping body even closer to his he would love her with all the tenderness nd sensuality his human heart was capable of Ram kissed her on the forehead nd whispered softly

You are my love my precious wife I will cherish you nd protect you all my life this is the main goal for me

Priya took a deep breath in her sleep nd buried her face in his chest like a small defenseless child she was so comfortable nd safe in his strong arms Ram smiled kindly at her unconscious desire to be as close as possible to him nd closed his weary eyes he relaxed enjoying the warmth nd serenity his charming wife was emanating the slumber didn't take long to cover Ram's mind n very soon he was finally able to get carried away in a faraway land of dreams


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Superb n mindblowing os n pls continue ur ss naa
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Very beautiful OS...
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Originally posted by Prabina057

Superrbb os!!

Thanks for reading n commenting!Smile
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Originally posted by Rayaland

Superb n mindblowing os n pls continue ur ss naa

Thank You very much for reading and comments!SmileSmile
I'll try to continue soon

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Originally posted by mayanandan

Very beautiful OS...

Thank You very much for reading and commentingSmileSmile
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Ram as promise loved Priya whole nite forgetting all their nightmares and fear and only love surrounded them.
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Originally posted by LovingRaYa

Ram as promise loved Priya whole nite forgetting all their nightmares and fear and only love surrounded them.

Thank You very much for reading and commenting!Smile

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