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Ever since she had entered St. Louis, He is behind her, like a stalker, but a cute stalker. She thought to herself as blush crept up her cheek. No! they are not in love relationship not yet but are friends, a friend from her side but from him, he was trying his hardest to make her fall in love with him.

"Hey, Taani!" She stopped in her tracks when his voice came from behind. She turned around and found him coming toward her while taking long running steps.

"Whoa! Slow down, Singhania." Taani chuckled, Rey smiled at her as he stood before her with a gift box in his hands which he handed to her.

"Whats this?"

"A gift for you, Buddhu!" Rey answered in 'duh' tone. Taani narrowed her eyes at him.

"But why? It's not my birthday nor any special day?"

"Well, I don't need a reason to gift you something." Rey answered her back. 

"Okay, leave that, and open this, I'm sure you are gonna love it." Rey said to her, smiling at her brightly which cause her heart to skip a beat. With a smile, she opened the box and her heart burst with happiness when she saw chocolates.

"Ah! Thank You, Rey!" She shouted in glee, and forgetting they were standing in college corridor, she threw her arms around him, she hugged him tightly, making him smile widely as he hugged her back. But when, students passing by hooted for them, it brought her back into reality. She moved away from him, blushing furiously.

"I have class to attend, bye. And thanks for the chocolates." Taani said to him shyly, she waved at him as she walked away to her class.

"Aur kitna intenzaar karwaaogi, taani. Taras raha hu tumhari ek haa sunne ko-" Rey thought to himself, staring at her retreating figure. He ran his hand through his hair and walked away, hoping for the moment to come soon where she will confess her love to him.


"Rey! Where are you? We need to finish this report soon but janaab abhi tak aaye bhi nahi-" Taani was in projector room, waiting for him as they have charity event report to finish.

"Sorry..Sorry, Taani, Kriya stopped me when i was coming-" Rey explained as he came running there. Her nose flared up in anger when she heard Kriya's name, the new girl in dancing team who is head over heels in love with him.

"Kriya? What did she said?" Taani asked him, trying to sound uninterested but her eyes gives away her real feelings, He smirked inwardly seeing the jealousy in his lady love's eyes.

"She proposed me." He answered truthfully. Her anger went on another level, she started walking toward him causing him to take steps back, that continued until his back hit the wall and he look at her.

"And You said yes?" She asked him, looking at him with intentions of killing him if he dared to say yes.

"Why it mattered to you? We are just friends, right?" Rey asked her, his question caught her off guard. And she smacked herself mentally for losing control over her emotions. She turned to leave but he held her hand and pinned her to the wall near by, trapped her in his arms.

"Friends..Yeah?" She stammered while speaking, causing him to smirk at her.

"No! We are not friends, we both know that. You know about my feelings, but it's time you say about yours, Say it, taani. I have waited for long, but not anymore. Sat it!" Rey whispered in her ear. She gripped his shirt tightly in her tiny fists.

"I-I love you-" She couldn't hold herself back, she was breathing heavily, his close proximity was driving her crazy.

"Say it again." He whispered in her ear, placing soft feathery kisses behind her ear then sucking her ear lobe earning a throaty moan from her.

"I love you, Rey!"


"I love you, Rey, I love you so much!" She confessed, Rey smiled, he cupped her face and placed his lips on her, pulling her in an urgent, passionate kiss, to which she responded almost immediately.

"I love you too, my teddy bear." Rey breathed against her lips, then he pulled her into a bone crushing hug. Taani giggled softly but then remembering something, she pulled back and grabbed his collar.

"Stay away from Kriya. You are mine. Keep that in mind." Taani claimed him, possessiveness lacing her voice.

"off course, baby, I'm yours, only yours. And don't worry about that girl, I have rejected her."


Taani giggled softly and hugged him tightly, Rey smiled, finally his wait was over, he has his girl in his arms..


I know it was boring..

But still do leave your feedback please.

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Cute and lovely os

Taani's jealousy and confession just loved itEdited by dh19 - 2015-11-21T10:29:02Z
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Posted: 2015-11-21T10:33:55Z
short and sweet and cute... every synonym of cute OS
m waiting for my suggested story Wink
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Posted: 2015-11-21T10:33:59Z
cute os loved it
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Posted: 2015-11-21T10:36:35Z
It was cute re Embarrassed
Awww Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2015-11-21T10:40:30Z
are yr
its was jst amezing yr
rey taani k pichhe
kitne tym bad ye dekhne ko mila
taani ka possesive hona
taarey kiss
taarey confession

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Posted: 2015-11-21T10:43:35Z
[SIzZE=3]cute os show mein aise hi taarey hote ,,,,,,,,,,,,, kaash,,,,,,,[/SIZE]
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Posted: 2015-11-21T10:47:05Z
Cute and loving os

Taani's jealousy was a treat to watch and confession
Really  just loved it
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