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Heard another beautiful ghazal of Jagjit Singh's and couldn't help my RaYalicious imagination run wild again...so here I am sharing it with RaYans ( the only ones who can understand my craziness;)











"Arre beta tum Rajat ke saath chali jaogi toh tumhara bhi Mann bahl jayega aur usse bhi company mil jayegi" Daija spoke convincingly to Priya.

Priya " par Daija Pihu? " interrupting her Daija spoke " tum Pihu ki chinta bilkul mat karo, mein aur Kady hai na usse dekhne ke liye"

Reluctantly Priya agreed to accompany Rajat to a ghazal-e-mehfil program organized by a few companies as a charity event for the new playground planned to put in for the local orphanage  from the money raised. She had agreed as the cause was close to her heart and her most favorite ghazal singer Jagjit Singh was the voice of the evening.

            They walked into a rather small banquet hall with no more than 50-60 people. Some were sitting at the tables,the bar or standing around chit-chatting. The hall was beautifully decorated with dim lighting, a gentle aroma of jasmine flowers and soft melody of classical music created a perfect ambience.

        Rajat " Priya come, let me introduce you to my business associates and organizers of this event"

As they walked around meeting and greeting everyone, Rajat spotted his friend at the bar, dragging Priya with him, he remarked " Arre yaar, tu yahan baitha hai aur main tumhe kabse dhund raha hun"

           Ram turned around to see the vision of his life...dressed in pure white chiffon sari with silver embroidery and sequins shimmering in the low lighting, she looked like an angel descended from the heavens. His Angel! Her dark kohl lined eyes, her full and alluring lips with that tiny mole above her upper lip always bewitched him of his senses. Her physical beauty unsurpassed most. Every little accessory accentuated her petite yet full frame. She was wearing a thin silver chain with a small heart shaped pendant which highlighted her slender neck and those long dangling diamond earrings...were those the same earrings? Interrupting his reverie Rajat   "Come join us Yaar! Pata hai yeh Priya Ka favorite ghazal singer hai! " nodding his head in acknowledgement Ram muttered " Han! Kaise Bhul sakta Hun! "

Rajat " What! Kya Bol raha hai tu kuch samaj mein nahin aaya"

Ram " I mean tum baitho, main baad mein join karta Hun tumhe"


"Jaldi kijiye nah...MEIN is program ke liye late nahi hona chahati."

" bus do minute" Ram pleaded as he fixed his tie and gelled his hair

" by the way aapko maine aaj kitni bar time par aane ke yaad dilaya fir bhi aap late kaise ho gaye"" aur Jenny neh bhi bataya ki aapko office se chale huye kuch dedh ghaante ho gaye" Priya exclaimed giving him a questioning look

" arrey yaar! Tumhe toh CID mein hona chahiye tha..kitne sawaal karti ho" " kuch kaam tha raaste mein" acting annoyed Ram replied

" accha baba nahi puchti sawaal aap naraaz mat hoiye" she pleaded with him as she gave a final glance at herself in the mirror while fixing her bindi and pallu

A warm pair of large hands languorously sneaked around her smooth waist, giving her butterflies in her stomach while the owner of those hands rested his chin in the crook of her neck nuzzling and inhaling every inch of her sweet smell.

"Ra..am, please chodiye na mujhe" reveling the moment yet trying to get out of his hold

He didn't budge from his sweet spot, holding her firmly continued with his sweet torture..

Priya tried again vainly pushing him away. While enjoying the effect he had on her, Ram stated "Priya ...I know that you want it just as much as I wanna..." This time Priya was able to get out of his hold, she quickly turned around giving him a perplexed expression " haww! Mr. kapoor aapko yeh sab sujh raha hai...mein seriously late nahin hona chahati, pata hai kitni mushkil se tickets mili hain"

Pulling her back in his arms " bus do minute, Kya tum apne pyaare se pati ko do minute nahin de sakti" making an innocent face he sulked

Giving up as she always did when he pulled these antics on her, Priya leaned back into his chest while covering his hands with hers. He smiled a winning smile enjoying his victory yet again " Pri...ya! His voice laden with desire as he pecked her neck a few more times. He heard A barely audible "Jee!"

Tracing her bare back, tingling her senses wild he brought a pair of diamond studded earrings in his palms in front of her " May I?" Meeting his eyes with hers now welling with tears and a big smile she nodded prompting him to put them on her. He carefully secured them in place while venerating her with kisses. She turned around to face him, looking into his eyes questioned him " yeh kis liye?"

Ram enthusiastically replied " Aaj meri biwi ki mere saath pehli date hai and she likes surprises... toh mein is mauke ko ek chote se gift ke saath ek yaadgar banana chahata Hun...kuch galat kiya?"

Priya simply placed her head on his heart and put her arms around him wrapping them as tightly as she could to hold on to him and to this beautiful moment where she felt like the most luckiest and most loved person in the world!

TERE BAARE MEIN JAB SOCHA NAHIN THA, MEIN TANHAA THA MAGER ITNA NAHIN THA ( when I had not thought of you, I was alone, but not as much as I am now)

Melodious voice of the ghazal maestro filled the room, As Ram moved around in the room with a glass of scotch in his hands with his eyes still focused on Priya.

TERI TASVEER SE KARTA THA BATEIN, MERE KAMRE MAIN AAINA NAHIN THA ( I would talk to your photographs, I did not have a mirror in my room)


Holding Priya's picture in his hand " Priya pata hai jab bhi hum kisi party mein jaate thay toh sabki nazaren tumhin par hoti thi...kisi ki buri nazar hi lagi hai jo Aaj tum mere pass nahin ho...kash ke mein tumhe kisi ki bhi nazar mein na aane deta...tumhein toh hamesha kala teeka laga kar bahar nikalna chahiye"

SAMANDER NEH MUJHE PYAASA HI RAKHA, MEIN JAB SAHERA MEIN THA PYAASA NAHIN THA ( ocean has always kept me thirsty, when I was in desert I was not thirsty at all)

Ram noticed Rajat's arm was on Priya's chair, he was leaning towards her and whispering something in her ear...oh how he wished that he could kick that idiot friend of his out of his beloved wife's life..he wanted to be the one, inhaling her fragrance, whispering sweet nothings into her ear and making her blush while her eyes sparkled with happiness.


( in this game of petty fights and arguments, I never thought that we will get separated)

"Priya..this not done yaar!" " how can you do this to me...arre baba I am sorry! Aur kitni baar bolun ki I am sorry" " mujhe jaldi mein Jana pada...mein mannta Hun ki mujhe tumhein prepare karna chahiye tha par yaar I was hoping ki Siddarth chala jayega..issi liye nahin discuss kiya...please jaldi se wapas ghar aa jao..mein teen raaton se acchi Tarhan soya nahin Hun...you know na ki mujhe tumhare bina theek se neend nahin aati" Ram sulked into her voice mail

15 seconds later

" Dekho agar tum phone nahin uthaogi toh mein...mein ( he thought desperately) toh mein tumhare papa ke ghar se tumhein utha ke leke jaane wala hun..." Reverting back from his momentary boldness he did what he knew would work on his hitler wife " Priya...please..I am missing you so much...I love you darling!" Feeling a tap on his shoulder he turned around to find her putting her phone down while menacingly questioning " Kya kaha aapne?"

He fumbled for words finding her right there in front of him...was she being a tease all this time...while he begged and pleaded she made him believe that she had left for her parents house.

Regaining his composure and boldness he stepped forward as she stepped back, looking straight into her eyes " yehi ki I love you..."

Enjoying every second of his bold avtaar, Priya swallowed while biting into her lower lip " Aur..."

" Aur ki...tumhare bina mera saans lena bhi mushkil ho Jata hai..."


As they fell into their king size bed, kissing her forehead, her eyes, the tip of her nose " Aur...ki agar tumne mujhe firse aise sataya toh mein bhi gin gin kar badla lene wala hun.." .she gave him a questioning look " kaise!"

He sank into the crook of her neck, while removing her pallu..." Mein Aaj Saari raat tumhein sone nahin dene wala...hisaab jo poora karna hai"

She giggled and teased back " aap karte rahiye apna hisaab kitaab ..feigning a yawn..mujhe Bahut neend aa rahi hai"

He looked up at her " seriously...Priya tum mujhe Bahut tang karti ho...so I need to start today then only it will take me couple of lifetimes to get even with you" grinning wickedly he held on to her as she tried to squirm out of his tight hold.


The ambience of an occasion like this,and ghazals beautiful lyrics had Priya's head now reeling with all the cherished moments of her life ( the moments spent with her beloved Ram) with tears welling up her eyes, she got up excusing herself to calm her overwhelmed heart and mind, tripped ( like she always did when he was around) and fell sideways only to be caught in his strong arms. She had shut her eyes tight anticipating the hard surface, her hair had now fallen over her face like a veil...while holding her steady on his arm he pushed back her hair with his other hand retorting " mujhe dekh kar hi girti ho ya...as he tucked her hair behind her ear he couldn't help but notice the kala tikka behind her ear. In this moment, all his pain and anguish had washed away as he was once again reassured that theirs was bond beyond bounds...an eternal kind...

SUNA HAI BANDH KARLI USNE AANKHEN, KAI RAATON SE WO SOYA NAHIN THA (he finally closed his eyes who hasn't slept for so many nights) Edited by DiehardRaYafan - 2015-11-21T03:34:03Z
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Posted: 2015-11-20T11:15:03Z
Me first will soon read Wink 
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Posted: 2015-11-20T11:23:07Z
Beautiful story. Write some more.
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Posted: 2015-11-20T11:51:37Z
Originally posted by ic_2000

Beautiful story. Write some more.

Thanks buddy...I will! I have written a few in the past I don't know if you have read them.
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Posted: 2015-11-20T11:52:36Z
Originally posted by Rayaland

Beautiful gazal

Indeed it is...there is so much depth in the lyrics

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Posted: 2015-11-20T14:26:22Z
A happiness around face while reading yet another terrific write up by you.
Kya khoob likha hai gazal and wat a perfect match for RaYa.
Ram ka yoo FB mode mai Jana and purani baat yaad karna and Priya ka present mai uski baho mai girna. It made for them to relive the love.
Do write more and please if write second part of this Os.
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Posted: 2015-11-20T19:12:51Z
Oh wow! You are back with another OS.
I absolutely love your stories and this is another brilliant one. The ghazal's lyrics perfectly complement the feelings of the characters in the OS.

Please do write more often.
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Posted: 2015-11-20T20:57:04Z
Superrb os!!
Keep writing more!
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