HUMSAAYA # 5 Updated Pt-72 / Pg 129(Page 11)

Posted: 2015-11-25T11:08:27Z
very painful
maan is feeling guilty what ever he done with geet after knowing truth
hope geet will become fine soon
Posted: 2015-11-25T11:14:28Z
the story is turning very interesting and exciting

maan feeling very guilty for shouting on geet

hope maan is able to manaofy geet wen she gains her consciousness
Posted: 2015-11-25T11:15:23Z
Veer finds Naina's mobile and sees Geet's message and the photos she had send
he also tells this to Naina and further goes to get Maan and they leave for hospital
Maan is now tensed and scared at the same time and realizes that he did not even
give Geet a chance to talk instead he was very harsh on her .
Meera does seem like a trouble maker if Geet mum phoned she should have just said
that she'll get her to call back but it seems like she wants tension around all the time
Maan is extremely worried about Geet
Posted: 2015-11-25T11:16:28Z
Nice part. Now that the truth is out, Maan and all are feeling guilty. Waiting to see how Geet reacts now. She will be fine with everyone except Maan, I think. He didn't trust her and that would hurt Geet the most.
Thanks for pm.
Posted: 2015-11-25T11:32:26Z
awesome ud
veer found naina mobil and saw many msgs
from geet she inform naina before taking her
veer told maan everything wen he saw blood on
geet bed and he was too tensed and feeling guilty
fr not listening geet 
geet mom get to know through meera after
knowing geet condition she can't sit their she's coming
and maan thinking wat would he answer to them 
but not to worry geet didn't let him down
wat veer wants to talk 
daadi angry on maan  
Posted: 2015-11-25T11:33:35Z
veer saw the phone of naina
n the msgs sent by geet n angels pic in wu
how they enjoyed
geet was not at fault
maan tensed seeing the blood in geets room
n veer told him everything
chot tho lagi hai geet ki
woh barjayegi
but the hurt given to her heart by maan
his mistrust
will he be able to cure it
lets see how geet reacts..

nice part
n i think its some plan to hurt maan family
n geet saved angel
Posted: 2015-11-25T11:36:39Z
superb update...
loved it a lot...
geet is innocent in all this...maan, veer feeling guilty...
geet's mom coming...want geet to go with her for some time..
meera is getting irritating..
Posted: 2015-11-25T12:40:49Z
nice update
so in all these geet was not at fault
she already messaged naina
now maan and others feeling guilty
of course they should esp maan
he does not trust her a bit and did not even give the time to explain herself so it was his mistake also
now wanted to know how maan and others would face geet
will she forgive them
or distance herself from maan and other family members
its good she is not much injured
and also want to see how maan will face the handa family members
loved the way how dadi supported geet and now wants to see how geet behaved with all
will maan be able to win her trust back or not
and how will meera react to all the situations ?????
just waiting for next update now
very very very eagerly
plz update soon
and if possible do pm me

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