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Hello Guys! Yesterday I went to watch Prem ratan dhan payo and while watching the movie, this prince-princess concept stuck in my mind and this 2s was the result of it. Hope you all will like it. 



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- Completed -
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Reyaansh Singhania, The prince of jaigarh, only heir of royal singhania family, and the hot headed business man, who stop at nothing but victory. He was what people call, arrogant, rude, and full of himself. But today, he was little tensed & annoyed, inside his room, he was standing, and his friends, Swayum-Sharon, Vicky-nil staring at him.

"Reyaansh, why you called us here?"  His best friend, swayum asked him while others look at him, curious to know about the urgent matter their friend had called them to discuss about.

"The royal princess is coming to meet me, next month is my engagement-" He informed them.

"What?" They all shouted in chorus, shocked after the revelation.

"Yes, I was 7 when my grand dad & her grand dad fixed our marriage, and being the royal prince i have to marry her, to fulfill the promise-"

"But whats the problem in that?" Vicky asked him.

"I don't even know that girl, then how can i marry her! The last time i saw her was, when i was 15 & she was 11!" Rey shouted in annoyance.

"Oh-kay! So you want us to help you in getting rid of her?" Sharon questioned him after reaching the conclusion, and seeing his reaction, it confirmed her words.

"Yes, But you guys had to make sure that my image doesn't get ruined, not in front of my family at least." Rey told them, he was very conscious about his image, and coming from a royal family, its important for him to maintain the good prince's image all the time. As much as he hates it, he had to do it, for his family atleast.

"Don't worry dude, by the way, whats the name of royal princess?" Vicky asked him. He gave a sly smile as he thought about her, he whispered her name.

"Taani Shekhawat." 


A white audi came to an halt in front of singhania villa, where prince Reyaansh lives, away from his family. People were lined up outside the mansion, to welcome the royal princess. The driver opened the back seat door, and princess stepped out of the car, dressed in whitechuridaar. She left people mesmerized by her beauty, she was simply beautiful, and her down to earth, sweet nature made people respect her & adore her. 

Flowers showered over her as she walked inside the villa, her lips curved into a small shy smile when her gaze fall over her would be husband, standing there with a red roses bouquet in his hands.

"Welcome, taani." He greeted her with small smile, seeing her after so many years, he was in daze, mesmerized by her. She has grown more beautiful. And all his plans of getting rid of her flew away as he laid his eyes on her. She was beautiful, charming, adorable and that shy, small smile took his breath away.

"Thank you, Reyaansh." She smiled at him, he gave her his hand which she held after a moment of hesitation, he led her inside the villa. Taani was shy, little conscious around him, she doesn't know him yet in a month, they are getting engaged, she came here to know him little before they will start their lives together.

"You have grown into a beautiful woman, But i miss the cute chubby baby girl who used to give me her chocolates-" Rey spoke while staring down at her intensely, taani turned beetroot red under his penetrating gaze. He held her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers.

"But you never ate the chocolates given by me-" Taani complained, he felt an urge to pull her cheeks, but he control himself.

"Thats because I'm diabetic." Rey answered her. Taani smiled sadly, she wasn't aware about that before but not she does. She smiled to herself, and followed him upstairs as he showed her, her room which was next to his. They sat in her room, and got busy in random talks, about their families & place where they had spent their childhood together.


It was evening, they were strolling in lawn when a girl came there, and wrapped herself around him, pushing taani away, Taani stare at the girl in astonishment while Rey was shocked too.

"Hi, baby!" The girl screeched, breaking the hug, she stood very close to him.

"Stay away, girl. And leave before i call security!" Rey ordered her, wanting to get rid of the clingy girl while taani was a silent spectator.

"What the hell? Your friends called me here to act like your GF, and you are showing attitude to me?" That girl shouted in annoyance, feeling insulted. Vicky & nil come out of their hiding place. While Rey was shocked, and angry, Angry over himself for planning something so stupid.

"Dude, when you yourself made this plan, why are you ruining it. You wanted to get rid of this princess then what happened now?" Vicky shouted at him, forgetting that taani was there too, who was heart broken hearing that Rey was planning to send her back, indirectly though, he rejected her, broke her heart. She came there with so many expectations, so many dreams but all were broken by him.

"If you weren't interested in alliance then you could have told me, I would have talked to Dada-sa about this and called off the marriage. What was the need of this drama?" Taani questioned him, a lone tear escaped her eyes, staring deep into his eyes but he lowered his head in shame. Not able to control herself, she ran away from there, inside the house.

"F**k! You guys could have told me first before planning something-" Rey shouted at them in anger. 

"Now Leave before i kill you both, and please, take this bitch along with you." Rey told them in irritated tone. They tried argue but seeing the anger in his eyes they decided to talk to him later. After they left, rey closed his eyes in regret.

"Its all my fault, what was the need for that stupid plan before even meeting her. Now when I'm falling for her, she will hate me, and will leave me too" Rey thought to himself while cursing himself, It might be too soon but he knew it's love, he was in love with his princess. He knew he was wrong in rejection her before even meeting her, but he won't let her go easily. He will do everything in his hands to make her forgive him and accept him.


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Posted: 2015-11-15T10:46:36Z
very interesting concept
OMG Rey is so egoistic prince n short temper also 
poor Taani ko hurt krdia na
apni stupidity
now what will he do
excited to read it
update it asap
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Posted: 2015-11-15T10:49:17Z
I watched Prem ratan dhan payo too.. 
Lol and I wished that something related to that concept should be written .. Hehehe 
You fulfilled my wish :* 
The chapter was so awwhh.. 
Loved it .. 
Thanks for the updates :D 
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Posted: 2015-11-15T10:49:51Z
Very nice ..

I loved it
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Posted: 2015-11-15T10:50:43Z
awesome concept
nice start 
taarey moments were cute and lovely
feeling bad for taani
update soon 
thanks for pmSmile
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Posted: 2015-11-15T10:53:13Z
taarey love is good n loving per vicky n nil ruined everything
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Posted: 2015-11-15T10:54:28Z
Aww... Rey hurt Taani! :(
Eager to see how he woos her..
Update asap
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