Congratulation Kunal reaching 200.000 like on FB

Posted: 2015-11-15T00:37:04Z
Congratulation to Kunal Karan Kapoor Dancing
Partyreaching 200.000 likes on Facebook. Party

Kunal Karan Kapoor I wish you tons of happiness and success. Hope all your dreams comes true and that what ever you aim get.

Today everyone will be sharing why they love you. Me...I love the depth and the talent in you. You are a true artist and the magical thing about you is that you surprise me, inspires me and blow me away. Watching you perform is like reading a book. You take me away from reality and in to your world and I love that. The confident, the details, the depth, the shades and layers you give your outstanding. Clap

For me... as an artist you are like an ocean...fill with surprises, mysteries and depth. Kunal Karan Kapoor what I admire about you is the way you catch the beauty of your characters you portray and your pictures. Love the silence in them and the storm. Love the way some of your photographs pull. They are comforting, has a story to tell and an atmosphere but at the same time they can rip something in you. Hope that you will keep exploring that artist in you...will be looking forward to every post and every update of yours. Big smile

Dear Kunal Karan Kapoor, You are not only inspiring as a person but you inspires others to do better and I know many here will nod on that. 

I hope and pray that you soon will get a challenging, powerful, depth-full character with so much baggage and story...I would so much love that. Just the thought make me so exited. My support and best wishes are always with you. Waiting for you to appear in a new avatar.
Thank you so much for everything. You may not even know the effect you have on people around you and on your fans...but we love you...for what you give us back...through the inspiring person you are and through your art.

Vm on his amazing journey as an artist.

Please share your thoughts.

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Posted: 2015-11-15T01:27:37Z
Congratulations Kunal Karan Kapoor Heart Partyfor your 200k on face book page I'm so happy for you my janu mano.
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Posted: 2015-11-15T01:33:03Z
Congratulations dearest Kunal Karan Kapoor ...200K+... IsParty just a beginning... Many more to go...keep rocking... We are sooo happyumyyyDancing
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Posted: 2015-11-15T02:26:19Z
A big congrats to Kunal Karan Kapoor on reaching that milestone which all of us were egarly waiting for since long. This shows how yourwork speaks for itself, people like me are  still watching your earlier shows & seeing some thing  new in your acting each time we watch it . There fore the fans are still following you in spite if you being away from the screens. That makes you & your personality all the more unique. Wish you all the sucess & happiness in what ever you do. Congrats once again , I am sure there r many more milstones to come.Thumbs Up Edited by neelaw - 2015-11-15T02:22:43Z
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Posted: 2015-11-15T03:12:17Z
A big hearty congratulations to Kunal Karan Kapoor on reaching 200K fans on FBSmile
You proved that hard work, honesty and dedication are the best policies for success. I wish you more & more success and well being in life. May you achieve more milestones. You truly deserve all the love and appreciation of your fans.You are our shinning star. Keep shinning ClapClap
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Posted: 2015-11-15T03:58:45Z
Congratulation kunal karan kapoor and allkunalian. Kunal is best and always deserves best . Hope to c him soon . Best of luck king
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Posted: 2015-11-15T04:03:40Z
A big Congratulations Kunal Karan Kapoor on reaching 200000 likes...Heart This is starting you deserve more than this.. Really happy.. very happy..
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Posted: 2015-11-15T04:50:40Z

My heartfelt congratulations to you Mr.Kunal Karan Kapoor for conquering such a big crowd around you.  As Anila said you are magical and a gem of an actor.


You were a great finding for me, as before never idolized any actors. Never believed in that. But somehow your magic changed my perception of "actors are just actors and nothing beyond".


You shows thought me how to forget your sorrows by recollecting beautiful memories. My beautiful memories came from your wonderful performance. If anyone asks how are these memories suppressing my sad feelings... I may not be able to reply convincingly. But I am convinced that my heavy heart becomes lighter after the flashback of your show passes my mind.


At a point of time when my sorrows were overwhelming, your shows were my solace and I sorrows and anger just become redundant in a few minutes. As I am sensitive person, I am not sure where my health condition would have brought me if I did not by chance come across your mesmerizing performance, Kunal Karan Kapoor.


Till to date it has become a habit for me to fly back to your performance not only during my times of melancholy but also when I feel that I need to wander off. Needless the to say the feeling was wonderful.


Lastly, but definitely not the least, thank you sir for indirectly bringing shows that created a comfort zone for me. Thank you and congratulations once again
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