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HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY...!!!!!!EmbarrassedPartyDancing

Its ages since i wrote something, and this particular writeup has been in my mind for so long now...LOL
forgive for the editing mistakes and 
i dont now how many parts yet, and here is the first part:

hope u guys dont get boredLOLLOL

Discalimer:The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.WinkWink

It's almost 5yrs I know this man laying beside me on my bed. Yes, ram, my husband, my first love, my crush. Today is our second wedding anniversry. Its said you sometimes feel instant connection with the person even when u meet them for the first time. Probably that was true in our case.

The first time we met was when they shifted to our apartments.
I was walking around... when a packers movers truck came into our colony... turned look at the family which was shifting in. Next came a car and he got down...looking through his aviator sunglasses... a smile on his lips.
Seeing his smile made me smile. It felt like that typical teenage crush... any teenager having crush on some bollywood hero. He then looked at me and gave one of his deadly smiles and that my heart goes woaahh for a sec but then recovering immediately I returned smile and moved to my home sweet home. 
But then I couldn't let go of the curiosity to know more about him...but then whom should I ask. Then an idea hit my mind. My mom she was the best. She knew every detail of our colony, famous for her Miss Bhubaneswar title though. 
As luck would have it... my mom called out for me.
Shipra- priyaa...priyaa...jara idhar aana beta. 
Priya-haan maa aayi. 
I was smiling the way through thinkng how should I ask her without giving her a hint. 
Priya- haan maa bulaya??? 
Shipra-haan...wo veg chop krne bulaya. I am feeling a bit tired. 
Priya- chill ma... mein hoon na..chalo aap hato mein krti hoon. 
I then started chopping aloo.. while my mom sat with me. 
I knew I had to start the convo somehow, but was praying if she would let out some details. But then she dint and I couldn't stand the curiosity. 
Priya- ma... ye side wale apt mein family aane wala tha na.
Shipra- oh haan...koi kapoor hain shyd. Aunty Keh rhy they evng tak sab shft hojaengy. 
I dint understand how to contn the convo. I knew if I would ask some more my mom will be like...kyun?? And her extra doubts. 
Disappointed I finished the chores and the day ended. But his family dint arrive. I lie down on my  bed but couldn't stop thinking of him. I dint know y...but just wanted to see him again. 
Being winter season my open window started to shutter. I got up and moved to close it when I saw him walking towards his house in his most casual wear his earphones plugged in and more handsome than before. And then he disappeared and I was back in my bed. 
Next day morning, 
My mom was in her most hyper avatar disturbing my sleep 
When someone disturbs my sleep I get agitated. I shouted out for her from my room 
Priya- oh goddd...mom...plsss...!!!!
She came running to my room.
Shipra-kya hua tu chilla kyun rahi. Ghar mein mehman aaye hain. 
I looked at the big wall clock. And it showed 7 in the morning. 
Priya - ma subh k 7 baje kaun mehman aaty. Aur aap pls nrmlly baat kro na itna hyper kyun ho rhy. 
Shipra-arey priya tu na. Wo bagal wale flat mein na. 
Hearing this my sleep was lost. My ears turned on sharp. To listen every detail. 
She contn.
Wo family mere childhood friend krishna aur uske hubby amarnath ka hain. Unka beta ram. Kal tune dekha hoga na. 
Priya to herself ohh so his name is ram. And wah priya teri lottery lag gyi. Mummy k frnd k beta...soch agar beta tera frnd hgya toh... !!!!
Shipra-arey kha khogyi subh subh. Chal jldi bahar aa... sab hain bahar. 
Priya-unka beta bhi aaya. Then bit my tongue. i shldnt have asked. But thanks to my moms hyper nature she already left. 
I could hear the voices from the living room. Understood that ram was here.
Smiling like an idiot...I freshened up and moved into hall. 
Shipra-are krishna...ye meri beti priya. 
Priya-hi aunty. 
Krishna-hi beta. Ye mera beta ram.
I turned towards him. Our first official introduction.my dad was busy in conversing with his dad.
Ram putting his hand forward - hi iam ram.
Giving him a shake I replied-priya.
Then he took the initiative to talk... the initial hesitation was gone. He felt like a genuine person, and a good friend. We connected that moment as friends though. We moved to the garden area.
My mom called me from inside. 
Turning to ram.
Priya-i'll jus be back. 
Ram-yeah sure.
Priya-haan ma
Shipra-ye lekr jaa
Priya-hmm do..
Arranging the dishes.. I called ram and his family for brunch.
After the so called get toghther...
Ram and his family left and my offc time... 
Priya-bye ma. Late hgya mujhe aaj. 
Shipra-kuch nhi hoga. aaun drop krne. 
Priya-nhi ma relax mein chalijaungi.
I hurried towards the gate, checking the time.
As I reached our community gate, I saw ram's car coming.
Ram coming out of his car. 
Priya to herself. 
-uff how can sm1 look this good. Priya sirf friend hain. Have some control girl. Wrna ye jo abhi abhi frnds bane wo bhi nhi rhne wala.
Ram-kaha ja rhi ho??? 
Priya-oh..ok.. offc. 
Ram-chalo tumhe drop krdunga.
Priya- nahi its ok. Mein chalijaungi.
Ram-cmm'on priya. Abhi kuch der phle bola frnds. Ab friends k samne kaisi formality.
Priya-hehehe...isa kuch nahi.mein daily jati hoon
Ram-haan par aaj drop karskta hoon na. I know ur getting late. And iam going in the same route. So pls... 
Priya- hhehehe... ok.chalo.
Our drive was silent.

as we reached, ram brought the car to halt. I got down and looked back at him waving bye. He smiled at me, a smile that would bring smiles on other persons face, genuine and content. Then he got down from the car.
ahh.!!!! why was he getting down...!!!!
I dint want any of my colleagues to see him and get a wrong impression, though everyone knew how iam in person.
and more than anyone I dint want neha to see us. For sure I would be telling about this encounter eventually but for now I dint want her to see. I couldn't lie to her and she will instantly understand what I felt for ram and will never let me live in peace. 

ram got down and came beside me and gestured with hand to move inside. I looked confused. and all he does is smile.
and moved forward.
then he walked ahead of me.
I went behind him... calling..!!! raam...!!! raam..!!!
the receptionist stood up wishing ram- good morning sir..!!!
and looked at me in shocked expression
he moved inside.
priya-unhe sir kyun bola..!!!do u know him???
then I looked inside to see the whole staff wishing him.
too much confusion for Monday morning..!!!! 
then ram called me - priya come inside.
priya- what???? and then smiled in confused state. and said ok.
neha then signalled me to come over...
priya- ahhh!!! neha yha kya ho rha???
neha-he is the new boss.the new chief architect.
priya-kya??? when did this happen?

flying tomatoes accepted TongueLOL
lemme know if  u enjoyed..!!!LOL
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heyy superb start...
new concept... 
hay hayy.. priya kitne try kar rhi thi shipra se details nikalne keliye...LOL
so desperate to know ram's details...
continue soon...
update regularly...LOL
thanks for pm..Tongue

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Hayeee after a long time u updated now dont leave in btw plsss update soon the part was superb priya ko love at 1st sight with ram great n ram is priyas bosss superb aab aayega maaza
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Posted: 2015-11-14T01:41:47Z
wow...superb. nice n diff concept. pl continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-11-14T02:17:54Z
Superb start
Waiting for next
Plz continue soon
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2015-11-14T03:39:06Z
Superrbb update..
Plz continue soon..
And plz pm me frm next time..
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Posted: 2015-11-14T04:20:20Z
Wow just superb
Ram is the boss hehe
Ab pls jaldi update dena warna
Roz sar khaungi me aapka
Continue soon
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You are back with another story RaYa Clap
A new guy Ram with his family are now neighbors to Priya and now her boss 
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