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Posted: 6 years ago
Singing for studio?
Helping Janaki Athai?
Again Nanny for baldie?

What she wants?

One thing for sure in II's side most of the Iyer men are waste fellows when it comes to taking care of parents, elders and sick siblings..
Amabala Anna
II's Chittappas 
Janaki Athai's son
Kamakshi Athai's family (Most of the time she is in Munrika)

But they worry n proud of traditions, caste n culture etc..

Posted: 6 years ago
Father and son, went to a temple, suddenly son shouted after seeing the pillars of Lions at the entrance of the temple
"Run Dad, or those Lions will eat us "
Dad consoled him saying "they are just statues and wont harm us"
Son replied " if those lion statues wont harm us then how could statues of God give us blessings"
Dad became speechless on that childs answer. 

Better we search for God in Humans instead of statues. .We might not find God but can find humanity...

Posted: 6 years ago


Athais, Maamas, Periappas and Chittapas

Akkas and Annas, Mannis and Athimbers

Tathas and Paatis, Neighbours and Nannys

A house may be filled with them or bereft

Ties with them maybe strong or flimsy

It can never be as strong as the ties between an unborn and its Amma

An Appa here forges a great bond with his unborn

His touch announces to her his presence with Amma

Twitching the baby announces her response to her Amma and Appa

He that misses the bonds he forged with the help of an umbilical cord

Is forging one with his unborn without the help of a cord in himself

A bond that will redefine all the bonds he has forged taut and slack, flimsy and sturdy

He seeks her that bears this miracle in his life

She the miracle that anchors him in the present by her presence in his life

A miracle that chatters , quarrels, cajoles and sings that strives against all odds

The tantrum throwing form he adores the most and  silences by locking her with his arms and  lips

His warrior princess takes on the world in his defense

A facet unseen by the sister  and butter ball that are obsessed with  him

His loyalties and attention now vested in her he adores

His and hers are still battles to behold

Old memories making way for fresh ones being made

H&H and theirs is all they will have time and need for

A mystery is unraveling a jig saw being created a symphony in progress

That will enthrall all and cast a spell Edited by moonwearer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Putti Ashu can say that of the Naalayak too...everybody's priorities vary. II is an extemist when it comes to taking care too...she seldom senses the feelings or perspectives of others.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Putti Ashu can say that of the Naalayak too...everybody's priorities vary. II is an extemist when it comes to taking care too...she seldom senses the feelings or perspectives of others.

If Ranjan was clean according to RnB the care would have been different...He is not required to take caring lessons from II or anyone... He knows how to care n the limit of intervention in someone's personal life..
We have seen his care in case of Vandu or Amma.. If Appa respects SIL then gets respect Smile

Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
"My in laws are very nice people Amma" II was deeply hurt

ranjan and Sam are those in laws any girl would wish for.

Men turn lazy when they see their wife"   "He will win every contest

aint that a line of a wife who loves her hubby and his habits yet shows she is irritated by those and at times she yearns him to be lazy so that she could pamper him.

Nivi twitched "I know that already" Day Dreaming it would be a dream come true to see his own baby in his warm embrace for the first time and the innumerable times he is going to that and every time shall feel like it's the first.

And stealing those moments of love while in kitchen is just a couple so much in love, at times I wonder that reality would be so beautiful or it would be full of thorns and you would have to be that lucky to find that kind of love.. And then reality would be fiction too.
Posted: 6 years ago
Pritee this is what I was talking about that how Would it help mankind and I have seen all educated people do most of such stupid things.

Posted: 6 years ago
Poker & Plea

"Well its not money" she said

"f**k!!" he cursed inaudibly, fondling under her sweater

"Stop it, kozhandaigal irukka" (kids are here) she whispered, sidling up to him, pasting herself on him like wrap

He managed to get one palm up a curve on top... she pressed his palm between his chest and hers  "Stop it!" she went on her toes and nipped his lobe

He cupped and held, bending down on her shoulder

"What do u want?" he asked gruffly, letting his fingers feel the lace, she was fuller and firmer, and warmer... he aroused himself with a couple strokes

"If u stop I will speak" she smiled humorlessly

Ranjan walked in... "AYYYO" II whimpered

Holding his watch clad wrist on her belly hiding behind him
R&B didnt turn, he let II who was facing Ranjan now, speak

"Beta... aagaye sab?" Ranjan smiled

"Chithi is gross she kissed chithapa"

"Aaj jeeta kaun?" Ranjan changed the topic, after clearing his throat multiple times, unable to hide a smile

II yanked her husband's hand out and stepped back hitting the back counter

"Dad pao bhaji khaayenge?" she called out "Po ingendu nee, go sit down and eat" she hissed

He lingered like a 5 year old that returned from school and wanted to wrao himself around his "Mommy's leg"

"what did u eat at lunch?" she asked

"French fries and a chicken tikka burger" he smiled

"How is that enough?" she demanded

"Khana kya bana hai gudiya?" Ranjan asked

As his son blocked his DIL

"Dad sirf bhaji banayi, he said I shud make home made pao in the bread maker but I didnt make the dough this morning, I didnt wake until Noon... so sorry, woh hai aur chocolate burrito, " she explained

"Wah jee wah, chaliye jee pehle choc khilayin puttar"

YESSS Thatha can I also have that first"

"Hore ki?" Ranjan nodded

"Go wash up... u have grass stains" she cooed
He crept up

"I have to toast paav kanna" she whispered

He smiled at the endearment

She stopped and froze when she realized

"Or sit on the counter" she ordered

He sat on the counter, she began toasting on the ginormous rectangle tava, that had 4 flame burning underneath

Mahavir had neatly buttered and set many dozens in a large crystal bowl... she began toasting deflty

"Bhabhiji aap nahi khayiyega?" Mahavir chimed

"Maine bhi wohi pooocha" R&b nodded

Mahavir smiled... "Yeh sabko hi khilayen hain par khud nahi khaati"

"bhayya main do moochhen kha chuki" she explained waving the steel spatula

Mahavir smiled sheepishly

"Moosh? kya kahiyega?" he asked

MOO-SSS, MOOO-SSS" she taught

He nodded

She turned to R&B... DONT LAUGH" she ordered

Fed the kids FIL and hubby
The kids ate like they had never seen food before

Tan stopped by to pick them up
She fed him

"Chal pahunch jao" he ordered

"Poker?" II squealed upset

"Haan, sab aa rahe hain... u two or all the women can play or can bitch and gossip, or drool over some hot naked men" Tan offered

"I dont like pokerrr" she whined

R&B just watched amused

"Arey!! Yeh Batra tradition hai... ek to Iyer ladki laaya, na sharab na jua, ab iska patha band mat karwa meri bharitya naari" Tan scolded

"I dont care what he plays... I dont want to play poker" she shouted

"dad" Tan begged

"Kuch aur khelo puttar" Ranjan muttered

"Khelo matlab? Dad aap bhi chal rahe hain"

"Agar gudiya nahi khelegi to main vi nahi" he said

"Dad no one wants to play... what is that? Minima? BACHE khelte hain woh" Tan ridiculed her

"Thats FINE... mock me all u want... agar minima nahi to main nahi mera miya bhi nahi" she ordered waving a finger

Tan laughed hysterically

"Yeh world poker champion hai... minima khilake maar dalegi sach mein" he was irritated

"I dont care for poker... EK TO KHATAM NAHI HOTA... I mean 3 AM? 5 AM? 7 AM, DAS phone karo tab bhi banda ghar nahi aata" II complained

"Chal 10 baje subah pakka aa jaayega" Tan promised


"Bol na yaar" Tan begged nudging R&B


"U go play poker and u"

"Sleep in the dog house or couch?" Tan offered

"Dono  nahi... he can have his bed I am going to D II" II said gleefully

"Yaar... please... mazaak nahi" Tan begged

"Aapki biwi so jaati hain... I dont know the other women"

"says the woman that talks to cabin crew on planes and adds them to her FB" Tan mocked her


R&B did a "Shhh" and plugged his ears...
She picked up a cushion and smacked him

The boys were long gone... playing outside with water...

"Ayyo... the back glass was replaced today, the glue is not dry" II panicked as the boys ran crazily on the North side,
the wall in the kitchen by the dining table was all glass, 30 feet of glass windows and doors, offering views of the
 beautiful backyard the Savvy's hand painted wooden herb boxes,
elaborate water features, and miles and miles of rose bushes and expensive flowering plants... one boy slid on the tile... sliding on his butt... firing his water gun

Tan walked out and calmed them down

II followed

II called out Mahavir "Bhayya woh caution tape lagakar gaye na, kidhar hai?" she wondered

"Hum soche 4 ghante ho gaye?" Mahavir whined

"Nahi nahi please laga denge? ya mujhe batayen?" she asked

Ranjan smiled... exhaling contentedly.. he was reminded of Savvy and Harish's kids and his playing in the backyard

Savvy worrying... for all of them

"What do u want?" R&B asked

Tan was outside caught in the cross fire of two water guns

"Will you go to DII one extra night?"

He looked startled

"Its an Iyer tradition, the groom stays over, and the Iyer Deepavali is on Tuesday, Nov 10th, Amma ne Sunday night bulaya hai,  
for two nights" II looked at him, eager, sincere, and wishful...

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