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Posted: 6 years ago
Singing, Saligramam and Choc ki moochh

Amma signed her up for Pongal at the temple against her will  "They say u must sing kanna, its good for the baby.
Appa met someone at the temple two weeks ago Their daughter works for some music studio in Chennai, and Appa wants you to think about it again"

"No ma... I am not so good ma" II begged

"ISHITA!!" amma interupted her "Saravana Studios in Saligramam thats what Appa said yes yes (Amma sighed thoughtfully),
Tanjore Chithappa's DIL the one they are considering for the third son, she works for Mahati Studios on Lakshmi
Narasimhan St on T Nagar, Appa doesnt want to ask Chithappa for any favors... he will do one thing and expect 100 in return, Appa andI?... thembe illai po(no energy)" Amma sighed

"Do they know he is with me?" II asked softly

"NO!!! We cant say" Amma whispered "They are all pompous self appointed guardians of culture and morailty, how will they approve"

"My in laws are very nice people Amma" II was deeply hurt

"I know that kanna" (II noticed Amma didnt says WE know that)

"They never say a thing bad to me, very caring, they dont let me get off the couch... Periappa is given a bath daily,
Sitaraman Mama comes in on special days to cook palaharam (fasting food)for him... how can anybody say negative things about them" II asked

"Ishita oor vaya mooda mudiyadu kanna" (We cannot shut people up) Appa told them u are marrying R&B, neraya pechu vandudu" (lots of gossip swirled) Amma whispered

"Did they say I was pregnant already?" II asked bitterly

"Lets not talk about it?" Amma requested

"They dont have to raise my child if I was... they are not even caring for their own sibling" II said firmly

"Are u coming this weekend?" Amma asked

"I dont know ma... he took the boys golfing, when he returns I have to literally push him into the bathroom for a shower, push him down the stairs to come eat, he wont DO A THING.
Enge paathalum things, books music, power cords, hes not home then the house will be intact if he returns... JUST BOOKS MUSIC OR CALLS" II vented

Amma smiled happily  "Men turn lazy when they see their wife"

"He will win every contest... I will have to call him a 100 times, then only he will come down.. Dad solra, send the four help and two guards up, and have him brought down" II laughed sheepishly

"He knows you will take care of everything" Amma smiled

"Do u want to go do this? Do u want to go see so and so? Do u want to go get that from the store?" HE WONT BUDGE" II sighed

"He loves children, see how he jumped up and takes care of them"

Nivi twitched "I know that already"

"Ishita, Janaki Athai is sick, lot of lower abdomen pain and back pain, they are running some tests on her next week,
she thinks she might have to have hysterectomy, hope its nothing serious... her son is another Tanjore Chithapa, mother is with daughter and he doesnt even care"

"Paavam Lakshmi ka, how can she undertake surgery expenses? " II worried

"Thats why I say... some have it more worse than Akka... save ur compassion, dont cause marital troubles kanna" Amma used the opp to give her life lessons

"Amma can Periappa come home for Diwali and then go back with me? Can u have Janaki Athai come over?"

"No kanna, Appa and Janaki Athai's husband are not best of friends" Amma reminded

"I KNOW that ma... but paavam Athai"

"She has Lakshmi and her husband Venkat" Amma reminded

"And two girls school going age. When she came for kanjak she didnt look good to me, I thought of asking but forgot" II worried

"Did Manya call?" Amma asked

"No ma... she doesnt call me" II said sadly

"Hmm... innum enna kovamo" (Wonder why she is still angry) Amma sighed

"innum avanoda irukene.. anda kovam" (I am still with R&B no? Thats by itself)


He brought the boys home at 4, she had made pao bhaji and chocolate burritos with cinnamon, choc mousse and fresh raspberries

Mahavir watched in awe as she folded the dreamy concoction

She served him first


"Bhabhiji bahut meetha hai" he whined

"Yeh dessert hai bhayya" she explained

"Kya kahiyega isko?" he cooed in his famous Bihari accent

"choc burito with cinnamon choc mousse and fresh raspberries" she said breathlessly

"chocolate ki moochh?" he asked firmly

She dropped the spoon, sputtering and choking... as she laughed

"Kheer kha lenge hum" he explained

She nodded rinsing her face in the kitchen sink

R&B handed the boys root beer and grabbed a Sam Adams sipped noisily and pouted...

"Whats going on?" R&B slid his arm around her

"I made something special ivana taste pannu da na, he says he wants only kheer (i asked him to taste)

She wore  blue jeans and a orange red Cashmere sweater, hair braided in a shampooed silk rope...
He gently thumbed a speck of chocolate and licked it, and bend down and licked it off her cheek

"GA ROSEEE Uncle R, U are like Shubhang... he licks Amma" he shook his head disgusted

"My sister is slobbery" Nandu didnt want to be left behind


"Yesterday she chewed on the button on Uncle R's pocket and his shirt was all wet" Nandu said

Shravu being like Chithi ALWAYS wanted to be the winner

"When MY brother drools he floods the sofa" he said smugly

While they fought over slobber quantities, R&B kissed his wife by the kitchen sink

"whatdja make?" he asked on her lips

"Pao bhaaji and choc burrito" she whispered

He kissed her softly

"U smell like grass and traffic" she twitched her nose

"Did u throw up?" he asked

"Just once" she nodded

He felt her bulge...

He kissed her fully

The tongues tasting... she felt his lower teeth with hers,  traced the inside of the lower lip
He groaned and hugged her

"Can I ask u something?" she askedEmbarrassed

"It better be money" he whispered agonized... the only husband in the world to ever say thatConfused

Anything else was trouble...Embarrassed

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Posted: 6 years ago

"Can I ask u something?" she askedEmbarrassed

"It better be money" he whispered agonized... the only husband in the world to ever say thatConfused

Anything else was trouble...Embarrassed 
Bold and Underlined - ROFL


Nivi be ready to witness another duel between Amma and Appa.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Intresting update nisha 
Posted: 6 years ago
I wish to see the day when even R&B will be scared of II spending his money.
I know he is Super rich but would love to hear this comment of him. It will happen only I guess after all four kids come in this world. This would be ultimate progress in their relation. II claiming something and R&B reacting like normal husband. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Chocolate ki moochi ROFL ROFL ROFL
Wonderful how amma explained II not to think her life is the worst or akka's
And slowly injected into II's mind not to poke her pointed nose into everybody's business

Best part was her protective and defensive wall for her in-laws and hubby and MM

II should try professional singing Wink

The monologue filled with complaints sounded more like a praise for dude like a sahastranamam of his qualities she misses when he isn't around 

Loved how the two stole their moment while the kids kept their battle of drools going...dude proved a point there...who drools the most? Not lasya not know who

So Angle knows her appa is the best with kids already??

Hit dialogue was Manny is still upset because I'm still with him...frank and 100% what II exactly feels 

What do you want II????
Posted: 6 years ago
It better be money...! 
The new sentence in the history of "Man"kind as a response to his wife asking for something  ROFL

II doesn't need money to get dude worried and crazy...there are a 1000. Other things she does ROFL ROFL 
Posted: 6 years ago
The last line " it better be money "...clinched it for me...unique story
..unique couple ...unique hubs for unique wife.

Beautiful update Nisha Clap

Posted: 6 years ago
Arrey bhai...I missed writing unique author Big smile

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