SS 59 Tan, Atom Bomb & Twins - Page 110

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Posted: 6 years ago
Well of wht I remember dude agreed to punjabi rituals at wedding after lot of pampering be it Haldi, or baraat or wearing money garland... I wonder how will react when told bout oil bath!! Wink
Hope II will make him agree and according to me this time she will hav to pay BIG Embarrassed Wink
As he don't do any favour for free Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Losing advantage and gaining hope

Bala's jealousy
Akka's unhappiness
Appa's discrimination
Ranjan's despair
Sam's pain
Amma's concern
Tan's humor
II's sadness
Dude's unconern

Nisha everyone's state of mind in one update...

Feeling very bad for Ranjan Cry

Dad has lost his hope of getting love/care from his son but he is unknowingly sailing towards an advantage of getting love/care from an Angel...

AGREDDD!! I had the exact thing in my mind after reading this update!

Beautiful update Nishaaa, more of emotional...!
Posted: 6 years ago


Bala is jealous that the pampering reserved for him in his Maamiyar's house is shared

Akka is unhappy not being able to spend more time in her porandhaagam and with her kai kozhandhai

Appa is discriminatory in his dealings and Bala's arrival helps him implement his divide and rule

Appa's rant silenced by Mr Singh Sri Vishvanatha Iyer you have a lone ally

Amma's paasam for her Raman very apparent from Baldie's arrival

Amma is concerned at Raman's indifference the mother in her wants to heal him from within

Sam misses the bonding and pampering and maternal love Amma reaches and embraces her caringly

Ranjan's despair gets a respite for now he has people to interact with and chat in his extended family

Tan is  genuinely caring and loving and warm his sense of humor is ever at is best

Vasuda and Brinda get more love and care II is adorable in the love that she shares

Lakshmi and Venkat maybe new to all this Bhallas and Batras with their warmth

Will make for them Delhi a loved city to live in

Lasya in her sleepy state chooses to be rocked to sleep by her rival

The rambling thoughts in her lil head acknowledges II looks but places her blubber above all else

Dude is adorable in the genuine way he establishes his role in DII claiming it as his with all in it

II is excited on her Thalai Deepavali and the pampering it unleashes for her new family

Boxes of sweets and dry fruits, crackers and  gifts and clothes galore

She does all she can to bridge the divide and include everyone in her circle of warmth love and care

Periappa and the Angel silently partake in the festivities around.
Posted: 6 years ago
Naked & Full MontyTongue

"I have SO many new clothes I will probably be modeling all day" she whispered

He grabbed her hand and looked at her mehandi...stroking with his thumb

"I picked up the raw banana peels with this finger, its orange" she reminded him

He hadnt changed for the night, just his belt was off...
She moved gently, not pressing down too much

"Are u serious?" he whispered laying her down and climbing over

She cupped his face in her palms.. "I am always serious" she changed her expression to match his
She gave him many finger kangis, he shut his eyes characteristically feeling the tip of her nails score his scalp and the back of his neck
Cursing softly, as it aroused him instantly

He half smiled "U think I have that deadpan look?" he asked, opening his eyes and looking down at her

"Mostly" she whispered smiling

He bend down and kissed her

"Aaj to gussa nahi ho na?" she asked innocently

"Depends" he smiled on her cheek
She punched him, they lay savoring each other, he had let her sleep last night, seeing how tired she was

"Is Diwali always so busy?" he asked

"More, I get away because I am pregnant" she whispered, nestling in his arms

"Did u bring whatever you made at Malcha Marg?" he asked

"I did.. Appa loves my handiwork"

He was sorry he asked

"Appa wants me to stay the week" she threw that one out

"Does he?" he asked expressionlessly

She waited... and exhaled... "I am asking YOU" she said finally

"No" he said firmly

He gathered her close... and crushed her to his chest, ...she was the only normal in
his otherwise chaotic life,
Impish, witty, but pound-on-the-table passionate, she was completely different
from him, jumping in, taking on things if she decided she had to help make better.
Like now...

she undid his shirt and opened her mouth on his chest, he lay back letting her pleasure him
His soft moans egging her to get bolder

Amma knocked on her door...

She opened the door and let Amma in, "Here is coffee" for u two" get ready and come outside

"Happy Deepavali" Amma peeked as he hurriedly buttoned his shirt up, his wife

"Thanks Mrs Iyer" he said smiling, jumping off the bed, and smoothing his hair, heading to the bathroom

"did u sleep?" Amma enquired softly

II smiled and nodded...

"Is this room cold for you?" Amma asked feeling the walls

"No Mrs Iyer it was great" he nodded "Thanks"

Amma poured his coffee out, he brushed and showed up to accept the davara tumbler from her hand

II returned from the bathroom a few minutes later

"We have some traditions... for the oil bath" Amma spoke hesitantly

He nodded sincerely

"Amma dont tell him" II grumbled in a deep sleep drugged voice

"Chheee paavam di, he is already too shy" Amma supported her SIL

"Its not like we are going to embarass him TOO MUCH ille?" II asked with a serious face

R&B's jaw dropped as heat rose on his face, he sipped from the tumbler quietly saving his retort for when he finds his wife alone

Appa peeked and akwardly entered... "Happy Deepavali... hope the year is good for you. Blessings" he said sternly

"thank you Sir!" "Wish you the same" he said shaking Appa's hand warmly

"Ezhundacha kondey?" "nee toonga vendiyadu daane?" "Innum konja nazhi?" (Why are u up love? U shud lay in bed longer no?) he cooed to his baby

"How can she? they both should shower first..." Amma instructed

Lakshmi peeked "Manni kootindu varela?" (Will u bring them?)

Vasu peeked, she wore pink shorts and a full tee, she was fat like Lasya but had bigg eyes.. with kajal

"Ishita Chithi," she called tentatively"Keezha varela pataas vidalam" (lets light fireworks)

II walked away from hubby

"Seriously?" R&B thought

He paused by the door and held his wife's wrist...

"does it involve chanting" he asked frightenedShocked

"Only while naked" she whisperedROFL


they all surrounded him like he was a sacrificial lamb

He smoothed his unruly curls and tucked his hands in his pockets

Athai gestured him to sit down

"Inda kaalathula ellarum nikkar potukarale, avanyum mathindu vara sollen?" (People wear shorts no? Ask him to change)

"Athai is asking u to change into shorts" II spoke with a serious face

"No, I am good" R&B pulled the open vee of his shirt closer protecting his "virtue"LOLROFL, pictures were taken

Amma nudged and scolded her as she stifled a shrill laugh

"PAADU DI" (sing)

"Not me... NO MA... NO. NO NO" II protested

Amma smacked her

Husband stared...
Athai pointed to the flat wood 6 inch seat on the decorated floor

Various sweets and namkeen, lined trays, incense, and heated oil and
fragrant body powders and cleansers sat in silver bowls,

II cleared her throat, and began to sing, Amma nudged her to sit down by her husband in the east facing stool

The fumes from the incense created a divine holy blur in the tiny living room

Ranjan sat in a far corner in his kurta pajama and took pictures quietly

"Sita kalyana vaibhohame"

"Oh lets celebrate Sita's wedding"

English translation
(Lyrics Courtesy:




The great celebration of the marriage of Sita,

The great celebration of the marriage of Rama




He who is praised by Hanuman, the son of wind,

He who has a very holy story,

He whose eyes are the Sun and the moon,

He who has a very pretty body.




1.He who takes care of the needs of devotees,

He whose arrow case is full of arrows,

He who gives salvation to devotees,

He who looked after earth just like a play.


2.He who appears great to the common man and devas,

He who is desired by people who are full,

He who is black and prettiest in the world,

He who lived in Saketha (Ayodhya)  Pattana.


3,.He who is the basis of  all the world.

He who is the great hero of war,

He who is far away from proud people,

He  who is a golden one with courage


4.He who lives in sacred books and Vedas,

He who has an incomparable body,

He who is the soul of great Ragas,

He who takes care of devotees,


5.He who is sung in prayers by Lord Shiva himself,

He who removes the problems of domestic life

He who understands the human beings,

And is sung by sage Thyagaraja.

Amma cried openly, and Appa gently lifted the edge of his veshti and wiped away a fleeing tear

Athai took half a spoon of warm toasty oil and drizzled on his hair and rubbed with love
It was Amma's turn next, she applied, haldi and teeka on his forehead and asked him to extend his hand and applied on his hand
She held his face for a moment and wished him "Dheerghayushman bhava" she wished him a long life, and wished her daughter joys in the process

It was a poignant moment, everyone knew the circumstances under which he lost his Ma, nobody talked about it
They were not sophisticated or refined like the affluent high society Bhallas or Batras
but were caring and affectionate like every middle class family thatw ould go to any extent to protect the ones they loved

"Mama avanukku hand towel kudungo" Venkat shouted (give him one)

Appa found one and gave him, he dabbed his temple to stop the drizzle of oil

amma whispered  "He can take his shirt off, we are family" she said in Tamil

"YOU tell him" II whispered

"NEE sollu di" Amma ordered

"Manni naa solren" (I will) Venkat declared  "apko shirt utaarne ko bole hain" he spoke in broken Hindi

"No Venkat I am good"

"Well we can sit here until u are ready to" II said smugly
Crossing her arms on her chest and giggling

the crowd roared Lakshmi smiled and asked him "Its OK we are family"

"I am sorry, I cant" R&B mumbled, terrified

"See pa... u were saying MODERN BOY, FORIEGN PAIYAN... he wont even take his SHIRT off" II accused

"Ishitaaa" Amma scolded her feebly

"Manni aval kitta kudungo, aval tadavi vidatum"

(Give it to his wife SHE will give him an oil massage") Janaki Athai had a plan

"Enna velayadrela, CHANCEY ILLEY" (Absolutely NOT) II huffed and puffed

"He is your husband, how can u say no?" Lakshmi asked

"Do u apply for Venkat Athimber?" II argued

"YES YES" Venkat declared, "every saturday"

Lakshmi smacked him  "Summa irukela?" (will u shut up?)

Lakshmi's Dad squirmed darting fireballs at his son in law Venkat

"R&B? thats the name correct? She must apply oil on you as a good Iyer wife" he said to the dude

"I had no idea" R&B nodded

"ADA PAAVI, sirikaade, " (Dont laugh) II warned

Ranjan laughed hystercally... R&B went to the bathroom

amma handed her a tray with a bowl of oil, and stood her up

"Amma HE IS NOT A BABY" "arghhh" II fumed

"Podi ulle" Amma pushed her, after him, into her room

Venkat had placed some ceremonial hot water soaked with lavender and sandal in a bucket already, along with the various herbal bath powders

II yanked the door knob, Amma had bolted it

"Why cant u take off ur shirt? What a phoney u are da? U feed such bullshit to my rishtedaar... I have to
show Athai ur Paris pool pictures in briefs, like youve never been naked before!!! RAKSHASAN!!!"
II yelled and fumed walking into the bathroom

"U are right" he chuckled, as he stood... full monty

  Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Wonderful update Nisha Smile

No comments..
I just want to mesmerise the update...
Posted: 6 years ago

Here is the kriti sung by Carnatic music's greatest Maharajapuram Santhanam
Posted: 6 years ago
Woow Nisha it was so mesmerising!!!
These customs r like a bond in Indian marriages amma blessing him was so motherly
They all pulling his leg well whts new and he not responding... Hmmm there is nothing new in that also!!!
The criti, the song everything was so beautiful it literally looked as I m watching it.
Thanks for this update Nisha
And now it would be interesting how II will give him oil bath Wink Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Vedika is gone so I m reading it again Smile

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