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Posted: 6 years ago
Super update Nisha..ClapClap
Mazaa aa gaya.. D II full of people..

Went back to joint family memories..We are 11 kids paternal side(excluding our aunts kids n last uncle was not married).. For three days every evening crackers were distributed to kids.. Then dinner, kids n men sitting in two opposite rows n women serving the festival food..
Kya din te Smile

The love triangles started...

Tan is just super... Sam is adorable as always..

When butter is smacking baldie?
Ranjan is missing?

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Posted: 6 years ago
Sudhi your line about dude walking into their lives at the same moment is amazing! So ture ab how can we ask lasya not be jealous.
Cute little thing in pigtails is not only having to bear the virsh vedana of her man but also having to watch him get into the traps of the seductress in front of her eyes.

Their desperation to feel each other and how much he missed her last night just shows...unable to keep his hands off her 

And she is going crazy in the hotness of simplicity.

Appa gets to see the war parties of the enemy parties  undertake adultery and intersect their lands and send in illegal immigrants

Now even after his air bombing things seem out of control when the enemy is capturing his land and winning over the hearts of the praja.

One more day and then the war's results shall be out.

I loved including some neighbours to help out amma
I have grownup up seeing my neighbours live like an extended sort of family since I had lived in the same neighborhood from years.

I also love the way dude deals not being the akwardly silent one in the room
He involves himself with the kids before anyone can approach him and holds lasya around and finds a reason to find the natural environmental air he loves.
And the best part is he actually loves it with the kids way more.

And now I can imagine how red II's cheeks have gone 
Like she was standing under a cold shower on a cold day and suddenly warm water starts pouring out of it soaking her 
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Posted: 6 years ago
And all say dude doesn't speak.. He is silent
Oh my gosh if this wht it means as silent then cursed all men to be silent Wink
Really I can imagine Wht II must hav felt after listening to that!!
Andd Lasya she is mama's girl so possessive yet so cute. Like II her inner voice is also horrifieng and it can creat war if all r able to hear it..
Tan is always stress buster he is just supeerr.
Nisha this update was like having wht to say many moments.. Lots happening
Posted: 6 years ago
Lasya is just too cute 
Posted: 6 years ago
So there is a possibility that Lasya learnt that "NO" from Mami.LOL
Tan is hilarious! Sasural mein pair pakad raha hai R&B, maaf Karo bechare ko. Vasudha or Victoria? I so relate to this. I tend to pamper and annoy kids at the same time. 

LASYA is not giving up her hold on Mama! Arsenic? Spoon seductress? Dear God!! What all you come up with NishaROFL

Seems like the Dude has too many fans around right now. In spite of it being Diwali and a lot happening around, Appa never loses sight of him! Such louvveeeSilly

Dude coming over and bending to help II. Lending a hand to pregnant wifey Day Dreaming II is a goner. Can't resist the Dude. Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
The previous post was a little too snub hence deleted it Embarrassed
Edited by Ashu25 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Agar party mein raunak kam ho tho tan ko zaroor bula lenaEmbarrassed
Muskarahatoon ki series light saja dega 

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