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Posted: 6 years ago
She has to come to her maayka for the first Diwali after marriage but she has managed to get herself teased by all the akkas.
I am trying to imagine the butter ball in knee length bootsDay Dreaming and the redness of II s face. Nobody is going to tease dude but I really want to as managing all the kids right now in DII. ...shubhang Brinda lasya shravu
Posted: 6 years ago
IF ate my reviewCry
So much of BUTTER & dude gushing I didCry

I love such updates. All the elements that I love. Dude and II fighting, yet succumbing to their longings.Blushing Its not just her who can feel the heat radiating from him.. That kind of heat is transferable through miles via a laptop screen, tooLOL

LASYA looking like a cowgirl in boots, or a regular stylish chica?? I can actually imagine her as both. Only difference is she'll waddle LOL 
She's growing more possessive every single day. Every day with Mami is turning out to be a face-off. Also, I think she would've learnt the word "NO" from II, who uses it rather frequently, but to no avail, with the DudeWink

Sam and Vandu in one frame is always a laugh riot!! Poor distraught II putting away clothes with henna on her hands. The Rakshashan really messes up her equilibrium. Blushing
Posted: 6 years ago
Internet acting up againD'oh
have a good time here ladies. Wonder where the laddie Vikas is?? and Jai?? Hope all is well..

Good day/night people..
Posted: 6 years ago
Poor ii I really hope sam and akka tease her mercilessly 
The dude is just too hot to handle

Love lasya and the way she wants her man to only be hers 
Posted: 6 years ago
Time for RB to get up for the ceremonial bath.
Posted: 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
"Shoe" and Spoon seductress

The house looked festive and it overflowed the Sikh neighbor across visited with Dad, they spoke in Punjabi, and Amma invited him and his wife for dinner too
Unlike Shanti Niketan or MM, dinner wasnt chhappan bhog, Athai soaked for vadai as Tan while entering the house demanded vadai from Amma

"Aunty aap kuch bhi kar lo, lekin agar vade nahi khilayengi to main yahan se nahi jaane waala"

Amma was delighted

Nandu and Shravu took some sparklers and went down with Brinda Vasu and their Dad Venkat

Bala had to go to the tailor to his Appa's shirt, all Munirka tailors were always late so this time he had tried INA tailor

He was stuck in Diwali traffic...

R&B had changed, II noticed... into navy cargo pants, and a simple white cotton shirt with navy stripes, untidily folded at the elbows... lean and sexy

He wore a white vest... she had packed that combination and he had worn it

His clothes wardrobe must altogether cost $2000... Banana Republic, A&F and J Crew...

He wore a khaki belt at the waist... effortlessly casual and sexy... the way he carried Lasya and wandered to the balcony made II's heart race

She watched him from the dining table

He turned exactly when he wasnt supposed to and caught her staring, Amma had asked her to chop raw bananas for curry her mehandi was dry, she had applied the clove lemon juice a couple times and toasted her hand
tonight, she sent the bowl of water, in which she was soaking the bananas flying
She self consciously bend down picking up the peeled but uncut bananas, he walked inside, and bend down and picked up the mess, holding Lasya, went to the kitchen and asked Athai for a towel

And mopped it all up, there was something immensely sexy about him kneeling down as she sat on the dining table chair, he let Sofia hold Lasya, and mopped it all up, and looked up

She curled her toes and met his gaze
He gently reached and felt her toe rings the silver tubes, she trapped his fingers with her other foot
She picked up a few curled up shavings of green peel and stuffed it in his pocket Lasya screamed "No

Tan walked out "Maaf kar yaar bandey ko, sasural mein pair pad raha hai"


"Dude what happened to that French pride?" Tan acted too shocked

R&B stood up lazily, with a wicked grin...

Lasya was desperate... "No no no no" she muttered shaking her head, sending her pigtails flying

"You taught her No?" II tried to change the topic, she asked Tan

"Main? I think apni Mami se seekha hoga usne, Mama ko bedroom mein bahut na na kehti hai aisa karke SUNA hai"

Lakshmi giggled shyly

"See ur sister is laughing, she agrees"

Tan wasnt like R&B, he was flashy, he wore  a gold Rolex and carried the most expensive phones and always wore formals

Her dude was not only wicked but casually so

Vandu and Sam walked out, Sam was holding Shubhang, cooing to him

Amma brought out empty plates and bowls for sambar

The henna artist had left promising to return around 11 PM to do Amma and Athai's hands

"Did u see my saree Vandu asked"
Fireworks were being lit up one after the other downstairs, by the two boys, two girls and uncle R

Sam had bought her a saree too,

"Enakku inda varusham lottery, I am getting 5 sarees I think" she gushed

The young women sat on the couch, II brought the sarees from the shrine

they gushed and drooled over it

She looked for her husband, he had gone down... A HUGE carton of fireworks was brought by Tan it sat in the balcony

"Why did u bring so much?" II complained

"Arey ghar par bache hain" Tan nodded

Vasu came up to go to the bathroom, he intercepted her and began quizzing

She was too shy

Lakshmi coaxed her to talk

"Like Ishita chithi, this is another chithi" she tapped Sam

"Victoria? kya naam bola?" Tan teased, kneeling down

"VASUDHA" she yelled and drew in the air

He smiled

"V- a -shoe?" he asked

"amma" Vasu cried
Sounds of rockets and bombs could be heard through the shut balcony door

Ii walked over and kneeled down by Tan

"You have to learn Tamil, sollu kanna" (tell him)

Vasu gently walked into II's arms

"Will u come to my house?" Tan asked her

She shook her head, "Only with Amma"

"Po di" Lakshmi smiled "Yes sollu"

"Umm... mmm" Vasu was sure

R&B returned with a hysterically laughing Lasya, she ducked and peeked and ducked and peeked at the two boys

Jumping in his arms

"Do u want to eat idlis?" II asked him

He fished in his pockets and brought out the wet peels and tucked it in her cleft
"Not right now II" he said  softly

Appa walked out of the computer room and saw that...

She wrapped her shawl tight and moved away from him, the kids returned

Mixie roared in the kitchen...

Shravu had told Nandu about the tradition, now HE wanted to stay over also

"Amma UNCLE R LIT THE GIANT GIANT ONE..., Amma we need to get that, Amma please please ma"

"It has 11 more babe" Sam reminded Shravu

"So its ALL mine?"  "YES YES YES... he ran towards the balcony

"SHRAVANA Paati gets scared no" Akka scolded "Thatha too"

"Thatha cant hear Amma" Shravu said glibly

"Why did u buy so much"

"Ayyo bolte ho na tum log, yes Ayyo... I didnt buy anything, the Chennai Call Center VP
sent Tan 6 or boxes of it... Nandu akele kya karega, so we brought one here" Sam reassured

"Its so expensive, Bala went to Khari Baoli and bought for Rs.1476, bus two bags" Akka shook her head and shuddered

Sam smiled gently, she had never counted anything in life... she didnt have to

The Sikh neighbor's wife jumped in helped Amma and Athai arrange everything

Sizzling hot vadas, crispy on the outside and spingy on the inside, with two chutneys, dhania and the quintessential coconut, along with sambar

Appa was lost in the melee but did not lose sight of his enemy

Repeatedly going to II and coaxing her to  do stuff, or show her pictures on his phone, or making her answer his Diwali wishes

II had fished out the raw banana peels and thrown it n her bathroom trash
Amma served her idlis in a bowl, her hunger pangs were unstoppable

Mrs Singh wished her for the baby

Venkat listened to Tan, Tan  shared stories of working with Germans and Chinese

R&B wandered with the baby... tall and unassuming, weaving through lil and big humans

Akka had latched II's jhumka back...

She walked over to him  "everyone is eating" she said, he leaned on the balcony door showing Lasya the occasional Tamil family fireworks on the street
 eating from her bowl of idlis floating in golden sambar

Lasya turned to look

"You dont give up do you. The guy told u hes not hungry... GO AWAY"

II crushed a piece of idli with her spoon and held it.. Lasya stared at it

And looked at R&B

"Go ahead peanut"

"Did u forget the rules? dude? it cud be coated with arsenic, YOU eat first" Lasya said

He bend down and sucked her spoon...  "I cud give u the spoon if u want to suck on it?" II offered humorlessly

"U mean right now?" he asked reading the "spoon" as somethin else


"Why not... its handy... (II chuckled mockingly) u cud stick it in ur pocket and take it to work with u and
suck on it all day" she offered in a  whisper

"I prefer something, soft, and warm...too big to fit into my pocket, with moles on it and with a tip that bends under my tongue" he said IN A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE

II bend down... turning red...her insides floating in its own pool of sambar

"there she goes again... spoon seductress" Lasya cursed

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