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Thread One
(Chapter 1 - Chapter 24)

Ch 25 : Her Reason To Live {Scroll Down}
Ch 26 : Junior Singhania
Ch 27 : Unexpected Visitor
Ch 28 : Was He Wrong? 
Ch 29 : Truth Revelation
Ch 30 : The Broken Promise
Ch 31 : Fear Of Losing You
Ch 32 : Distance Between Us
Ch 33 : Pain Of Remorse
Ch 34 : Her Pain, His Guilt
Ch 35 : The New Beginning
Ch 36 : His Care, Her Ignorance
Ch 37 : Falling For Her 'Again'
Ch 38 : When Passion Collides
Ch 39 : The Overprotective Son
Ch 40 : Some Beautiful Moments
Ch 41 : The Untamed Desires
Ch 42 : No Strings Attached
Ch 43 : His Love, Her Care
Ch 44 : Birthday Planning
Ch 45 : Emotionally Attached?
Ch 46 : Bleeding Hearts

Thread Three
(Chapter 47 - Chapter 62)

Rey lazily opened his eyes as sun rays hit his face, he yawned and opened his eyes, he frowned when he found himself alone in the room, taani & reyaan weren't there. He got down from the bed and walked out of the room, in search of them.

He walked inside the kitchen, his lips curved into a small smile seeing his son, standing on the chair, and helping his mother in making his favorite Italian breakfast.

"Good morning!" He made them aware of his presence.

"Papa, see, we are making your & mine favorite breakfast." Reyaan beamed happily. Rey walked toward him, and stand beside him, keeping his hand on around his neck.

"What about your mumma's favorite?" Rey asked him while eying taani who avoided his gaze, and continued doing her work.

"Oops! But mumma likes pancakes, and i don't know how to make them." Reyaan voiced out, rey's heart melt seeing the pouty face of his son.

"Aw. Don't be sad, I'll teach you how to make mumma's favorite breakfast. But don't tell mumma, it will be surprise for her." Rey whispered in his ear, making sure taani doesn't hear him. A smiled formed up on reyaan's face, and he hugged his father in happiness.

"Reyaan, don't you have school today?" Rey asked him.

"It's public holiday, papa." Reyaan answered him happily as he got a off from school today.

"Oh! So do you want to go out with me? Papa is going to meet his friends, you wanna come?" Rey asked him. Reyaan thought over it.

"Mumma is also coming with us?"

"No, baby, I have some work, you go with papa." Taani answered him this time. 

"But i don't like going out without you." Reyaan pouted staring at her with so much love that taani felt blessed to have a son, who loves her unconditionally with his innocent heart. He takes away from every pain and give her reason to live again, for her little one.

"But my baby is a big boy now, you needs to go out on your own, mumma can't be with you always-" Taani said to him.

"I want you to be with me always. I'm a small baby, your baby and babies don't go out without their mumma's" Reyaan explained her cutely, taani laughed at her son's cuteness and peck his cheeks. Rey was watching them, adoring the bond they share. Their love was so pure, so true.

"Okay, my baby, I'll always be with you but today you have to go with papa, papa will be with you whole time." Taani told him softly. Reyaan nodded, obeying his mother.

"Papa, I'll come with you." Reyaan told him who smile at him in return.

"But i want new video game in return." Reyaan completed his sentence, smiling at him naughtily. Rey chuckled seeing the naughtiness in his eyes, they were same as hers, reminded him of her old days, they used to twinkle like this whenever she used to demand something from him, but soon he realized that, the old taani was lost somewhere. He has not seen that taani since he had return back and met her again.

"I'll bring it for you." Rey answered him, Reyaan squealed in excitement and hugged his parents.

"Reyaan, since when you started demanding things in return? It's not a good thing." Taani told him in stern tone.

"Mumma-papa ke saath toh chalta hai." Reyaan answered in low tone, he look at rey from corner of his eyes.

"He is right, taani, we are his parents and he has every right to demand. Ab hum uski demands puri nahi karenge toh kaun karega?" Rey defended his son. Reyaan smiled at his father, thanking him silently for saving him from his mother's scolding.

"And it's not like he demand unnecessarily. It's first time my baby has asked for something, I'll surely bring it for my jaan." Rey assured him, kissing his cheek. Taani shook her head but couldn't argue more, he was right, her son never demand anything unnecessarily. Infact, for his age he is quite understanding & mature.

"Alright, papa will get game for you, now lets go and have your breakfast then I'll change your clothes." Taani said to him, Rey picked his up and sat on the chair while taani served them then herself, Rey was feeding him, for the first time and felt heavenly. These small-small things were bringing them more close to each other.

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2nd Thread! Party

It's not even a month i started this story and we have reached 2nd thread, thank you so much guys, for all the love & support. It really means alot to me.

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superb update
Love Reyaan as always he was really cute
finally Rey ko khayal tou aya that the bubbly girl Taani used to be is lost somewhere
love the way u write it
eager to read next part update it asap
and congratulation for new thread
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superb update
love it
perfect family
love them
thanx for pm
update soonEdited by dakshumhatre - 2015-11-10T20:18:46Z
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Lovely update Clap
Plss update soon Embarrassed
Wish u happpyyy Diwali Tongue
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Congo dear
Happy diwali
And coming to
The update as usual
Sweet adorable update
Family time
Updt soon
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Posted: 2015-11-10T10:27:01Z
Omg a new thread
This story is one of my favourites of yours
Loved the update
Glad to see that taani has someone who cares for her
Hope rey also realize his mistake
Nd accept his mistakes
I really want them to b together
She has faced so many troubles
She deserves happiness
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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very nice chapter...waiting for the next chapter
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