TaaRey SS : Winning Him Back {Completed}

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Chapter 1 : Betrayal In Your Love

"Everything was a lie, Her love, her sweet talks, every thing was a damn lie, Reyaansh. She never loved you, It was just a bet for her. The dirty bet she made with Sharon, to get you love her."

Her sister, Anjali's words were ringing in his mind, and to prove herself right, she played a audio tape, in which he could hear her talks with her best-friend, when they were making bet over him. He took another sip from the bottle while staring at her photo in cell phone, his eyes were blood shot red.

"Why, Taani, Why? I loved you with all my heart and it was just bet to you, our relation was just a bet?" He questioned her, the pain was turning into anger. The demon in his was filling his head with all kind of bad thoughts, making him hate her for playing with his feelings.

He opened the door of his car and stepped outside, with a alcohol bottle in his hand, he walked inside the house, all the while stumbling on his steps.

When he reached his bedroom, he pushed the door opened and entered, alerting his wife who was waiting for him. Seeing him, taani rushed to him. She was shocked when she realized he was drunk, the alcohol smell made her cringed away in disgust. But seeing him stumbling while walking, she moved to help him but before she could touch him, he pushed her away, feeling disgusted to be touched by her.

"Don't you dare touch me with your dirty hands-" He roared in anger, her soul shudder in fear while she stare at him with wide eyes. Rey glared at her in anger, he threw the bottle away, it crashed on the floor and broken in to pieces. She jumped on her place, scared.

"What happened, Rey? Did something happened in the office?" She asked her husband, she took step close to him, Rey stare at her with anger blazing in his eyes. He grabbed her shoulders in tight, painful grip and pulled her toward him with a jerk.

"Did you made a bet with sharon in college days, to make me fall in love with you? Was our relation just a bet? Answer me truthfully!" Rey asked her directly, without beating around the bush. Her heart was thumping loudly against her ribcage as his words registered in. Her soul shook in fear, sweat beads formed up her forehead while she looked down, ashamed.

"Answer me, Damn it!" He roared causing her flinch away. Yes, She had made a bet with sharon in college days to get the college hottie, but with Time, she fell head over heels in love with him, never told him about the bet, and after 2 years they got married too but she always had this fear, what will happen when he will come to know about her little secret? 

She might have done a mistake in the past but she loves him, she doesn't want to lose him, she loves him more than her life. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she continued looking down, she didn't had the strength to look up into his eyes and see the hatred for herself.

"Taani! Give me the damn answer!" 

"Yes, I did made a bet but trust me, Rey, I really love you, I know i did a mistake, in starting it was just a bet but later, I fell you you. I really love you, please, believe me." Taani cried, she cupped his face in her palms but he jerked her off.

"Believe you? You? After knowing our whole relationship was nothing but a lie, a bet, how can you expect me to believe you, a liar like you-" Rey shouted at her. He was hurt, deeply. Feeling like a fool to believe her, for 3 damn years he thought she really love him but today he got to know, it was just a bet.

"Rey, I love-"

"Not a word more, taani, I don't want to hear your lies anymore. Just get the hell out of my life, I don't even want to see your face." Rey told her in firm tone, while taani cried, he stood there, with no emotions. Her tears didn't had any affect over him as he showed to her. 

"Rey, please, please listen to me once. I'm really sorry, I know i deserve pain for hurting you but don't push me away from you, I'll die without you-" Taani begged infront of him to give her a second chance, but he pushed her away. He was not in his sense, anger & hurt took over his mind & heart.

"Then die. I don't care." Rey replied in anger. Her hazel went wide in shock, not able to believe that her Rey can say something like this to her.

"Just go away, just go. I don't wanna see your face ever, It will always remind me how you betrayed me, made fun of my feelings. I just want this from you, Leave me. If you ever felt anything for me, then go away from my life." Rey continued, breaking her heart further. She wiped her tears, she knew she deserve this pain, for hurting an angel like Rey. She had broke him today, she had broke his trust. She deserve worse than this. And with one glance at him, she decided to accept his decision, if he want her to go away, then she will. 

She turned and walked out of the room, like a lifeless body. Leaving her heart & soul behind with him, she left their home. Hoping he will forgive her one day.



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Hello Guys!

I wanted to write on this concept from very long. This SS contains 6-7 chapters, and I have already written 4 part but will only update on good response.

Please do leave your feedback :)

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Posted: 2015-11-06T02:10:59Z
wow lovely concept taani bet la gaye thi  sharon se or rey ko shaadi jka baad pata chalta hain nice i hope dono ka bich sab short out hojaye plzz next part update soon...
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Posted: 2015-11-06T02:13:12Z
interesting concept and start
bet on love
taani deserve this and both are broken
and after two years of marriage he really thinks that its just a bet for her
loved the concept
do update soon
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Posted: 2015-11-06T02:15:26Z
Woww another new story
Guess u r gonna a make a record with all the stories u write
God knows where u get so many ideas from
Hats off to u
Comin to the story
I liked the beginning
Rey is really angry and hurt
Hope he can forgive taani for her mistakes
He should atleast try to listen to her
Should forget the past nd live in the present
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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Posted: 2015-11-06T02:18:11Z
Nice concept frist chapter mein he taarey separate waiting for taani win her rey and thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2015-11-06T02:20:26Z
Awesome start
Both badly hurt
Hope everything goes well
Update soon
Thnx for pm
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Posted: 2015-11-06T02:22:02Z
Interesting and different concept. Continue soon 
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