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It started with Taani, A 17 year old bubbly girl, who comes mumbai to live with Rey, after her guardian, Rey's grand mother's death. Rey, A devil by nature, who never cared for anyone, after his parent's death, he locked every emotions inside him and become a ruthless businessman. He is powerful and can do anything to get what he wants. Smitten by her, Rey falls for he at first sight. He want her but he also know she is too young to handle his passion thus he decided to wait, wait for her to understand him & His love.

As time passed, They become each others only need. Taani, who never witnessed the outside world started experiencing the new emotions and feelings with Rey. He become her world, her day starts with him and ends with him only. Taani met his best friends, swayum & Sharon and likes them because of their friendly nature toward her. Their relation was growing when villain made an entry. Shivam, Rey's rival who wants to take revenge from him, he sent goons to attack rey but it take nasty turn when taani got hurt in that attack instead of Rey, which caused the devil in his to come out. He can tolerate anything but her pain. He vowed to destroyed shivam. 

While they both got attached to each other, emotionally they come close to each other, physically too. Inexperienced Taani finds his touch enchanting. She doesn't have any idea what a man & woman physical relationship is but she loves the feel of his touch. With her innocence, she made him fall for her more & more, without even realizing what she is doing to him. He become possessive and protective over her. Their lives were back on track when suddenly someone attacked her with acid, it broke her, scared her to no extent. Later Rey come to know, It was ashi, an obsessive lover of his. Who wants him. But he won't let that happen. While he was thinking how to deal with her, another shock came in when shivam planned to kidnapped taani, but Kria, shivam's sister told him about the plan he had made. Rey ruthlessly killed him, for trying to hurt his taani. 

Ashi come back in their lives and try to brain wash taani, try to made her feel low of herself by, telling her how ugly her burn mark look, on her neck. Heart broken taani confronted Rey, He got angry later calmed himself and proved her, he love her no matter what. 

As story progressed, they went on goa trip with group of his friends. All were sweet & welcoming toward her, which made her comfortable with them. While Rey asked his men to kidnapped ashi, so she won't create any more trouble. They both spent a week their, enjoying their lives to the fullest. In between Kria, who apparently loves Rey since their college days tries to create misunderstanding between him & taani. They fought but solved the matter, Taani started disliking kria since then, she come to know about her real face but Rey trust Kria, since she helped him in shivam's matter.

When they return back from goa trip, they spent some quality time together until he got the news of ashi, who had escaped and now, out too seek revenge from him. Rey was angry, felt betrayed as one of his men had helped her, to escape. Without any second thought he ordered his men to kill that guard, who had helped ashi. In anger he burst out on taani, but realized it before its too late. Next day, He met ashi's father, later he found out ashi was hiding inside a house, near his mansion, scared for taani's safety he ran to get ashi, before she tries  something where as, away from all this, taani was enjoying herself in mansion, remembering the moments she had spent with rey. Rey reached the place with his guard but all this took a dirty turn when ashi shot him, in her obsessive love. Before he fell unconscious, he asked his men to kill ashi.

Rey was taken to the hospital while taani had a bad dream that scared her. When taani come to know about his accident, she was emotionally broken but held herself up for him, and took care of him on her own. Rey got better and in the mean time, her birthday arrived, with so many surprises. Rey give her life's biggest surprise, and married her in front of the whole world and made her his wife. And two souls become one on the night of their wedding. 


Ye! Thread 8! When i started writing DD, Never in my wildest dream i though it would reach 8th thread. I'm so so happy today and it's all because of you guys. Thank you guys, for supporting me and my stories. You guys are the best. Thank you so much. Love you all. Hug
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congratulation beautiful
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yipii me hamesha se chahti thi k apki story me atleast 1 bar to me 1st commentor rahu
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wow thread 8 congtulation plzz update soon
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Congrates for thread 8
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8th thread yipeeeParty
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congo for the new thread dear
very well deserved...
keep writing girl
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