Kalpa vigraha, Vishnu idol dated to 26450 BC

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A heavy chest containing a 47 gram metal alloy idol was  given to CIA officials for safekeeping at Lo Monthang  (called "Mustang" in CIA files) by a Tibetan monk accompanied by Khampa bodyguards in 1959.   The monk apparently verbally told CIA officials the importance of the chest and its contents which the CIA wrote down.  

Above: The upper right hand holds the shankh and the bottom right hand show a static Sudarsha Chakra.

The chest was kept in a CIA store-room in Washington DC labeled "ST Circus Mustang-0183" in the army base of Camp Hale , near Vail , Colarado..  When they opened the chest an ancient manuscript was found with the idol inside .

 The chest was so magnificent that it provoked lot of excitement and curiosity.  This heavy metal-lined wooden chest had a socket-and-pivot hinged lid and an ancient loop-and-rod lock assembly.  It was a cubical box of more than 8 inch square.  The teak box wood was 6 inches thick.

The teak-wood timber was further with an inner lining of one inch thick bronze-like alloy plate on all sides which despite severe external corrosion had preserved the teak-wood of the box to a fair extent.  The metal plate was riveted into the teakwood with nails of similar metal alloy, a work of great expertise.  

Above: Behind the statue ( 5.3 cm tall and about 4.7 cms wide)   , shows 3 loops of Vishnu's Ananth Nag snake.

Above:  See the life size Ananth Nag snake on Vishnu's reclining gold idol, found in the minor vault of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple 2 years ago with 24 billion US dollars worth of gold . The major vaults are not opened due to supreme court order, citing lack of security.

The appearance of the chest suggested that it might have lain buried for a considerable period of time.

This box and contents was sent for carbon dating . The idol , the lining, the rivets, the wooden slat manuscript, the box wood, the inner organic deposits in crevices  -all were carbon dated ( C14 ) by the University of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley . 

Above: The bottom of the idol showed Shiva and Parvati.

The results astounded the CIA officials as it stood at 26450 BC. and this got the CIA director John McCone involved personally.  

After all his bible said the Big Bang happened in 4004 BC.  None of the known ancient excavated civilizations of world history - Egyptian, Mesopotamian  existed before 8000 years ago.

The old pre-Rigvedic Sanskrit manuscript was translated by the CIA with great difficulty, with some Indians involved.

The manuscript mentioned the name of the idol - "kalpa maha-ayusham rasayana vigraha" abbreviated in CIA files to "Kalpa Vigraha."

It was told by the monk that this idol if placed in water inside a copper vessel for nine days , would charge the water . If this water is drunk humans will have very long life.  The "charged" water was thus sent to various US laboratories under heavy security and all reports and documents received from the labs were sent directly to the CIA director, John McCone.

There was a huge hunt for ancient Sanskrit Homeopathy and Ayurveda literature from India. We in India know that Rothschild's personal doctor, the German Jew Dr Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, was converted to "the father of Homeopathy" ( sic ).   

Homeopathy in India is more than 6000 years old. The fact that water holds memory is written in our vedic texts .   What the hell is "tirtham" and holy water in a Maharishi's copper lota?

A nine-member team coded as "the watering team " consisting mostly of women was formed whose sole task was to feed this water to unsuspecting citizens in the US.

The "watering" had to be done without the subjects' knowledge by befriending them or by looking for innocuous opportunities to get them to consume a glass of water for three consecutive days in a row.  This went on for a few months.  Some of the human test subjects chosen were in far-flung states and in remote towns and cities of the United States.  
Apparently the CIA had some system in place to monitor their subjects for whatever results they expected as an outcome of the experiment for the "Watering Team" was not required to hang around once the subject had consumed the water over three days.  "Ease-out of the acquaintance without raising any questions", they were told.

A recent long-distant telephone call from another state in the US on the morning of December 2008 changed all that. The source, now long retired, with great-grandchildren playing around him, was unexpectedly informed one night by another retired agent of the CIA ( who was watching American Idol on TV ) that the Kalpa Vigraha was "missing".  The agent who made the call was once a member of the "inner circle", a man who knew what the experiments conducted in the early 1960s was all about.

"The Hindu idol, my dear Mac (name changed), don't you remember, the one they called the Kalpa Vigraha?" the voice said.  "Don't you remember the experiments that put you in charge of the Watering Team assignment?  I'm only calling you this morning because I knew for certain that you would be alive and well to hear this news."

Ken, (name changed ) the inner-circle CIA agent reminded Mac of the many subjects the CIA had targeted for consumption of the "charged" Kalpa Vigraha water back in 1960-61, many of whom had been fed the water personally by Mac. Mac could recall many of the names and even crossed-checked in his own diary to confirm and refresh his memory of all the people he had surreptitiously befriended to feed the "charged" water.

A week later Ken and Mac met to discuss the matter. They went over the list in Mac's old diary, and for the first time in decades, recalled the events of more than 45 years ago. . The CIA had been keeping a meticulous watch ("kalpa-tag", they called it) over almost all test-subjects around the globe, and monitoring their lives in secrecy. 

All persons subjected to the Kalpa Vigraha experiment were expected to live very long lives, past the age of 110 at least.  The entire lot in the diary had lived beyond 110, some even to 120,  except four names, that of Ruth Golonka, Willie Lee Morgan, Steven Martin and Bert Jenkins were found to be of people who had died "accidentally".  Ruth Golonka, died of a car accident, Willie Lee Morgan was murdered. Both Steven Martin and Bert Jenkins had died in Vietnam.

An audit conducted in 1996 revealed that the heavy metal-lined chest was very much in the store, but that the idol and the manuscript had been "misplaced".

In a search conducted over many weeks, spanning many states, and enquiries made from many retired personnel, the agency was able to trace the manuscript from the house of a microbiologist the CIA had many years ago hired for analysis of the "charged" kalpa vigraha water. 

The manuscript was found but the whereabouts of the Kalpa Vigraha is still a mystery. Following the discovery of the manuscript, a spate of mysterious deaths of microbiologists followed.  After nearly half a century, photographs of the Kalpa Vigraha, depicting the idol from four different directions were circulated around the world by the CIA with an enormous cash reward for its recovery. 

This is how the world knows about this.  Do you think this will ever happen to Christianity or Judaism?

Sudarshana Chakra is usually portrayed on the right rear hand of the four hands of Vishnu, who also holds a Shankha (a conch shell) in his left fore hand, a Gada (mace) in his left rear hand, and a Padma (lotus bud) in his right fore hand.

Sudarshana Chakra was given to Lord Vishnu by Lord Shiva who was pleased with Vishnu's devotion. Vishnu who was having a torrid time as preserver god , in controlling the evil asuras , went to Mount Kailasa and began to pray to Shiva.  

Today you require a Chinese visa to visit Mount Kailash.  

Vishnu chanted many mantras, but there was no sign of Shiva.  Shiva has a thousand names and Vishnu next started to chant these names.  Each day he chanted the thousand names and offered a thousand lotus flowers to Shiva.  Shiva decided to litmus test Vishnu.  

One day, he stole a single lotus flower from the thousand that were to be offered.  When Vishnu realized that there was one lotus flower less, he gouged out his own eye and offered it in place of the missing lotus flower.  
Shiva was now pleased and appeared before Vishnu and presented him with the Sudarshana Chakra.  

The idol with CIA shows the sudarshana chakra static , held low and it depicts Lord Vishnu after receiving the weapon.

The use of the Sudarshana Chakra is occasionally mentioned in the Hindu texts of Rigveda, Yajurveda and Puranas, as an ultimate weapon to eliminate the enemy of law, order and preservation. 

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