TaaRey 2S : One Night Stand -Completed-

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Chapter 1

With great difficulty, he opened his eyes, he felt unendurable ache in his head, after affects of taking so many shots last night. Rubbing his eyes lazily, he got up, and sat on the bed. Opening his eyes, he looked around, his hazel went wide when his gaze fall over a figure sitting on the floor beside the bed he was sleeping on.

"Taani!" He gasped, he moved to got down from the but stopped realizing he wasn't wearing anything. His eyes widen in shock when he saw her draped in nothing but a sheet. He hoped what he was thinking wasn't true. 

Hearing his soft voice, She lifted her eyes lashes, and look at him with blank eyes.

"Rey!" She cried, hugging herself she buried her face in her palms, Forgetting he was naked, he moved toward her and engulf her in tight hug. Her state had confirmed his doubts, Last night they had crossed every limit in drunken state.

"I'm sorry, Taani, I'm sorry-" Rey whispered as he held her body close to him.

"Why are you asking for sorry, Rey, It's all my fault. I shouldn't have been so stubborn and drink alcohol and I made you drink too." Taani said to him, not wanting to feel guilty for anything.

Rey shook his head in denial. Yesterday wasn't easy day for her, Her boyfriend, Anuj broke up with her because she denied to have any kind of physical relationship with him before marriage. And in her emotional state she gulped the whole bottle down, and made him drink too which ended up in being both of them drunk, and doing things they shouldn't have.

"No, Taani. It wasn't your fault. Please get up." Rey picked her up in his arms and made her sit on the bed, all of sudden shyness took over her when her gaze fall over his naked body. Flashes of last night came rushing back to her. Rey seems to understood, he took the spread and wrapped it around himself, not wanting to make situation more awkward. 

"Anuj broke up with me because i denied to let him kiss me as it was against my morals but how can i sleep with best friend yet I am not feeling guilty. What it is? Why I am not feeling hurt anymore over anuj? Is it because I feel something for Rey, something stronger than what i felt for anuj?" Taani questioned herself, She watched him silently as he walked inside the washroom. Taani sat there, lost in her own thoughts. She could still feel his touch on her skin, it gave butterflies in her stomach. Being a traditional girl, she never crossed her limits, even with her boyfriend, they were more of friends than couple. But with Rey, it was different. They are just friends, yet she think of him more than that, she herself was unaware of it but after last night, since she had given herself to him, the emotional side was coming out for him. She was confused, wonder was it just her attraction toward her best friend or it was more than that. 


"Damn! How can i lose my control? How can i hurt my best friend? She must be in so much pain, and its all because of me-" Rey was cursing himself, he gazed at his body reflection in the mirror, love bites & her nail marks were visible on his upper body. It left a tingling sensation within him. He had always been attracted to her, she was like a magnet that pull him toward her but he always maintained distance, keeping in mind that they both are committed to their partners. But now she is single. The demon in his reminded him, Rey narrowed his eyes, she might be single but he was sure she wasn't ready for any relationship right now.

Rey picked up the cell phone from the counter and dialed his soon to be ex-girlfriend's number.

"Hey, baby, How are you?" A cranky, high pitched voice asked him from the other side of the call. Rey narrowed his eyes at her.

"Sorry, Sameera but I'm breaking up with you. No need to call me from now onwards-" Rey told her before he cut the call, and placed the cell phone back on the counted. Wearing his jeans he come out of the washroom, and found her sitting on the bed, she looked lost in her own thoughts. He prayed he hadn't hurt her last night. She is a pure soul, and hurting her will be the last thing he will ever do.

"Taani, are you alright?" Rey asked her, sitting beside her on the bed. Her trance was broken, She tighten the sheet around her body, and turned toward him. Taani hummed in response.

"Are you feeling pain? You can tell me, taani, I know whatever happened last night, it should have. It was against your morals. I'm really sorry, really-really sorry, taani-" 

"I don't regret it." 

"huh?" He was surprised, he hadn't expected that reaction, to be honest, he had expected her to slap him, punch him or what not. 

"I said I don't regret it. It's not like you forced me or anything else. Whatever happened happen with my will. We were drunk, It wasn't anyone's mistake." Taani told him, with honesty. 

"Tum mujhse naraj nahi ho na?" Rey asked her, one more time. Taani smiled at him softly.

"No! Infact I should ask you this, are you angry at me? I mean you are in relation with sameera. I'm sorry for putting you through this but trust me, it wasn't my intention. I didn't knew it would ended up like this-" Taani said suddenly feeling guilty over her last night act. Her eyes glistened with tears while he panicked, knowing how sensitive she is.

"Sh. Taani, don't cry, please. I'm not angry with you. I'm not with sameera. Don't feel guilty for anything. You haven't done anything wrong" Rey consoled her, he cupped her face and made her look at him.

"When you guys broke up?"

"We did, it doesn't matter when. Taani, don't feel guilty for anything." Rey told her, wiping her tears away. Rey smiled at her which she return by giving him a weak smile. They sat there in complete silence, not knowing what to say now.

"What now?" Taani asked him suddenly. Rey look at her with unreadable expression, he himself had no idea about what to do now. Rey look at her, he doesn't know if she too feels something for him. Leave about her, he himself doesn't know what he feels about her. Though attraction was always there but he can't take a relation forward with his one sided attraction which can be named as lust after last night. Yes, he accept that he was physically attracted to her body. While as a best friend he care for her as a person, demon in him always fantasize about her, about her curvaceous body. But she is too innocent for him. He reminded himself. And he doesn't want to play with her innocence.

"Don't know? Think of it as a one night stand, forget about it and remain best friends-" Rey suggested, pushing the uneasy feeling in back of his head, and for some unknown reasons her heart clenched painfully at his words. But nevertheless, she agreed to him. She doesn't want to lose her best friend. 

Rey watched her intensely as she got up, picking up her clothes from the ground she moved toward the washroom. 

Like a piece of puzzle is missing when the other one is not around. They felt incomplete.

Was it really just a one night stand?


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SHOT 1 {Scroll Up}

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superb concept
continue soon
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I am so excited for this story, continue soon <3

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Awesome start..
Really interesting!
Aww... TaaRey wanna be friends again!
Update asap n update your other stories as well..
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this is interesting 
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Wow another new concept
Nd a great one at that
Loved the update
I hope both tge idiots fall in love soon
Update soon
Thnkx for the pm
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this is interesting  
continue soon
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Nice shot waiting for next shot
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