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Posted: 6 years ago

Venue : Appy Medicine and Technology Corporate

Event : AMTC Board Meeting - 2015

Host : Next up we have CC Medical Research Institute with their presentation for the night. Welcome Guys.

*Claps from the audience for a welcome*

*Sets up the projector and stands in their respective positions*

Sush : Good Evening. I am Sushma and with me today are Angel and Marium. We are Biomedical majors from the Class of 2016 of CC Medical Research Institute. We would like to thank you for accepting our petition to provide us with an opportunity to put forth our most recent product along with the greatest innovations being presented by other universities tonight amongst all of you professionals. We are convinced that the business will create a lasting partnership between your company and our Institute. 

Angel : Now, I would like to introduce our product with a little background information, perhaps just a brief history to the product. As the presentation reflects, we took upon the research of a pain killer for day to day headaches. This idea goes back to a day in Biochemistry lecture when the discussion was about migraines. Whether headaches persist often or if it is something rare, we all have experienced it. There may be several reasons as to why it occurs in the first place, but at the end of the day it is a headache. The effects of headaches can be as severe as fainting or just a simple nagging throughout the day. It deteriorates the normal speed at which the normal brain would function at. That is exactly why we came up with this product. 

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Marium : As you all know there are several analgesic drugs available currently in the market but most of them have varying degree of side effects even the simple most acetaminophen. Here we are presenting a new drug manufactured in our laboratory which practically has no side effects on people of all ages and cures all types of headaches.

Sush : The main composition of our drug is acetacoxi bdihydromo rphine salicylate. This is purely nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory. It works centrally on brain as well as on peripheral nerve endings and reduces inflammation along with the pain. It also contains celecoxib, phenergan and lactulose so that patients do not suffer from the normal side effects of gastrointestinal hemorrhage, irritable bowel, liver disorder, nausea and risk of cardiovascular disorder as well. 

Angel : Our drug provides relief from pain for 12 hours maximum. While there are no side effects to this medicine, at the end of the day, it is a drug. It contains chemicals which are not always natural for the human body. Thus, the effectiveness that it holds for 12 hours is greatly beneficial as you are not required to take as many tablets as you would with current pain killers. Also, as this pain killer is synthesized from several drugs it shows beneficial synergistic effects by combating pain at multiple sites of action. It has few efficacy benefits when compared to similar doses of their individual components.

Marium : We would like to tell you that our product will meet all ends of the latest advancements in the medical field that everyone around the globe expect from medical professionals. Also, our medicine has passed the drug control board certification with the highest A+ grade. The documents will be submitted to the board directors if the contract is approved by AMTC.

Sush : To conclude this presentation we have a couple of advertisements aspects for the promotion of our product. 

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Posted: 6 years ago

.: o u r   a d v e r t i s i n g   a s p e c t s :.

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Angel : We sincerely hope that our product pleases AMTC's expectations for this year's new launch. We would like to thank you professionals for your valuable time and we are greatly privileged to represent CC Medical Research Institute in AMC - 2015.

*Claps from all the Audience*

Host : Thank You CC Medical Research Institute. The results will be announced in the last hour of the Board Meeting.


C l i p p i n g s  :  O u t s o u r c e d  ( F S O G  |  D i s p r i n )

V o i c e  O v e r  C r e d i t  :  S u s h K I 6

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Posted: 6 years ago
this is really fascinating!!

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