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Posted: 6 years ago

Using a s m a r t p h o n e can really be a headache sometimes. With the increasing level of ease comes the need to replace your current smartphone every eight months, buying a new one with better features,add to that the petty troubles you face daily when the phone's abilities are n o t  c o m p l e t e enough.

If you're tired of these, this last purchase can end all your troubles.
Presenting W i t Te c h ' s new launch  

M o b E l e v e 

Yes, you read it right, here on IF we are proud to announce the M o b E l e v e  , which will let every user 

' F e e l   t h e  d i f f e r e n c e   i n   y o u r  h a n d '  

With a perfect viewing experience and unique and differentiated features, users can discover information and capture their ideas faster, express thoughts freely and manage tasks more e f f i c i e n t l y.

This  5"6 inch cellphone is the end to all hassles. From easy charging to software upgrades, it has it all. For anyone who wants to be 

e x p r e s s i v e and u n i q u e, 

the MobEleve will be the ideal device allowing users to live a life 

e x t r a o r d i n a r i l y 

Starting at Rs. 13499 only.

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Posted: 6 years ago



M o b e E l v e promises to elevate one's stardard of requirements from a cellphone, raising the bar much higher. Designed to appeal to the likes of all, there are few who would not be instantly attracted to the u s e r - f r i e n d l y approach of MobEleve. It defines a new era of cellphones, increasing manifold the ease of access and interactiveness of the m o b i l e

1. Solar/Thermal Charged Dual Battery 

The M o b e E l v e battery enables you to cut the  e l e c t r i c i t y  cost of charging and instead use the readily available sources of energy for the same, namely S o l a r and T h e r m a l Energy. 

Battery running out?All you have to do is flip out the small but effective solar panel on the backSunlight not available?That won't cause a problem either, as MobEleve has a heat sensitive T h e r m o r e c e p t o r as well, which can use the heat from any source higher than 30 degree Celsius t o  c h a r g e the battery.

2. OLED Screen 

MobEleve uses a O r g a n i c  LED screen, which increases its flexibility and reduces the risk of easy breakage.

Voice and Eye Control -M o b E l e v e uses an advanced recognition technology which canr e c o g n i z e voice commands as well as e y e movements. All you have to do to open a file or application is to name it, or just stare at the icon for 2 seconds.

3. In-Built Projector 

 This feature of M o b E l e v e combines p o c k e t-a b l e size of the device with the ability to have a bigger display. Be it to project a  m o v i e or a video game, all that it needed is a  f l a t surface, and voice control makes it all the more easy to use.

4. Interactive and Humanized UI

 M o b E l e v e can induce a companionship for its user which is nearly as good as that with a human. It can i n t e r a c t with its user by means of a voice, show it's mood' in form of a v a t a r to resemble battery status or volume, and by means of a peel-stand stand up to greet the user g o o d m o r n i n g. The alarm can be turned off by means of voice or simply by pushing it back down.

5. Augmented Reality 

A u g m e n t e d  r e a l i t y or AR refers to what we perceive through our senses enhanced through the use of computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics and GPS data. Simply put, AR makes available more information for us users by c o m b i n i n g computer data to what we see in real life. Using the camera, it is possible to point it somewhere live' to get an  i n f o r m a t i o n  overlay of, for example, where to find the nearest cafes or dining places.

6. Software Up-gradation 

This unique feature makes M o b E l e v e evergreen even in the rapid progress of gadget features. Even if it's software gets outdated, the device does not need to be r e p l a c e d. One only needs to gets the new updates on software installed, which is a lot l e s s  c o s t l y than buying a new mobile and also saves the need to familiarize with a new device.

Apart from these new and unique features, M o b E l e v e has:
- 5"6 inch screen
- Latest A n d r o i d  F r u i t c a k e  Operating System

- 20 mega-pixel back camera and 7 mega-pixel front camera
- Premium D o l b y  Sound Quality
- In-Built A n t i v i r u s  Software and  L e a r n i n g  & News Applications


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 M o b E l e v e is an exploration into what could be and how with new technologies we can begin to think of our device more than a tool , but a f r i e n d.

M o b E l e v e  runs on processor of S u n d r a g o n, highspeed with all it's application and has key feature of running on two batteries, where one can surely serve as back up for other, and be assured for it your phone to go on running for almost 1 2  d a y s during sunny days, and 8  d a y s on it's regular battery. 
Like most of it's kind Fruitcake operating system supports app, with it's latest features of capturing gestures, connecting to e y e - t r a c k I n g, and v o ic e m o d u l a t i o n s, it can work on it'...s own accord. Flaunt around with smart calenders which a u t o m a t I c a l l y sets important dates, highquality camera apps, quick Bluetooth transfers of files. It supports applications, of every format.
It has systems working on s o l a r  p a n e l s, and s u p e r  b a t t e r i e s, which converts heat and sunlight into power saver, hence as long as mobile stays in warm and under sun, you need not worry about charging it.
It's s l i m design and f l e x i b l e   5"6  s c r e e n made of O L E D, which can easily fit in your pocket and change it's form slightly making it extremely portable and you can carry it along with you very easily.

It's a t t r a c t i v e when it comes to it's appearance with metallic body coloured in blue, green, red and golden. It's body can keep c h a n g i n g it's colours according to your preference.





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Posted: 6 years ago

Why is MobEleve the Best Choice?

M o b E l e v e is a new a d v e n t in cellphones which has covered the largest distance yet in providing every possible facility in a pocket-size gadget. From easy access to information to reduced fragility, it has it all.
It's solar-thermal charging battery, alongwith o v e r c o m i n g the restriction of wired chargers, alsor e d u c e sthe electricity consumption, and hence widespread use of it can s a v e much of the natural resources which are now on decline. It's charging procedure is also h a s s l e  f r e e, and usage is nearly uninterrupted despite low battery.

Ease of access is much increased as compared to earlier models, and the device responds to both v o i c e and e y e  m o v e m e n t s, to be used as and when required. The humanized user interface also helps increase the level of comfort and attachment. It is a cellphone with a personality and e m o t i o n s, which will surely make one fall for it sooner than later. It's software u p g r a d a t i o n facility makes sure you're not compelled to abandon it because the software got outdated, you can easily have both your old device and new software.

 These combined with l o w possibility of b r e a k a g e make it less likely that one would be inclined to replace it soon. It can also be a good s o u r c e  o f  i n f o r m a t i o n, especially when in unknown locales. From bus timings to nearby restaurants, it provides r e l i a b l e and q u i c k information whenever in need. Along with that, it has in-built learning and news apps, and provides a gist of notifications, news updates, etc, arranged in descending order of importance.

All in all,
MobEleve is the perfect pocket companion one needs, and one which you wouldn't want to get rid of easily.



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Posted: 6 years ago


And we hope that you will love our this new launch .
 We will highly appreciate the r e v i e w ss u g g e s t i o n s regarding the product  through email on [email protected]com because  

"Your satisfaction is our Reward"

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Get full details of all W i t T e c h gadgets only on

 we would like to thank
The following sites have h e l p e d us to design this unique product specially for you .


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Posted: 6 years ago
this is really interesting!!

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