#2| TaaRey Dark SS : Forced Marriage (2)

Posted: 2015-10-15T08:43:41Z
Season 2 is not related to season 1 but still If anyone wants to read the Season One, here is the link. {Dark} SS : Forced Marriage


Thread One
(Chapter 1 - Chapter 11)
..Click Here..

Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14


Thread 2! Party

Thank you so much guys! Hug

You guys are awesome. Thank you for all the love & support. 
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"Taani, Please, Save your sister. Dev had took her away, please save her-" Her father pleaded to her, taani clutched the cell phone tightly, sweat beads formed on her forehead when she heard her father's voice from the other side of the call.

"Papa, I'm not allowed to go out of the house. How can i?" Taani asked in panic tone, she couldn't break rey's trust nor can leave her sister in danger.

"I don't care, taani, your sister is in danger because of you now its your duty to save her. I want my daughter safe!" She flinched away at her father's harsh tone. Her heart bleed realizing her father was once again pushing her in danger just to save his other daughter. But what she should do now? Break Rey's trust and go out of the house and save Kria?
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Interesting teaser...
Taani's father is so stupid!
Update asap
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Posted: 2015-10-15T08:55:37Z
congreats for second thread shocking teaser...
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Posted: 2015-10-15T08:55:50Z
Amazing teaser, 
It really interesting,
Taani can't break Rey's trust 
But her sister life is in danger. 
Waiting for the update. 
Congo for the New thread. 
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Posted: 2015-10-15T09:03:37Z
congrats for 2nd thread
awesome teaser
how can taani's father ask her to go to dev to save kria
he is so cruel
hope taani doesn't break rey trust for her so called family
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Posted: 2015-10-15T09:04:07Z
Congo for new thread
Interesting treaser
T's dad is so selfish 
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-10-15T09:05:50Z
Congrats for new thread ... Interesting teaser...
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