#1| TaaRey Drabble : His To Claim

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Ch 1 : Life Without Him

The sun arose, shining brightly every where marking the beginning of a new day with new hopes. A girl was sleeping on bed with calm expression on her face. With sun rays peeking inside the room through window pane she opened her eyes. She looked at the clock kept on side table then at her right side. Facing the person, She Love the most, Her son, Her Reyaan, Her life. Taani hug him closer to her heart. The child sleeping beside her got disturbed by this and moaned in sleep. Taani made him comfortably sleep in her arms.

"I Love you, baby. Don't ever leave mumma, I can't live without you." Taani mumbled, Tears made their way in her hazel brown eyes. She kissed his forehead, It has became her routine, After getting up, She would hold her son close to her heart and remember those beautiful memories of her life but with those beautiful memories there are painful ones too.

"Why you did this to me Rey? For what you punished me? You didn't even gave me reason why you hate me so much?" She thought to herself, she came back into her sense hearing her alarm ring, she quickly shut it off not wanting to disturb her baby's sleep. Taani got up from bed and went in washroom to get ready.

She came out wearing a simple Yellow Saree, She smiled seeing her son sleeping with open mouth, His sleeping pose made her remember him, He is exact copy of his father.

"Baby, wake up, Its morning" Taani said, She sat beside him and caress his hair, Little reyaan moaned in his sleep.

"5 minutes more, mumma." He whined try to pull blanket over his face but taani pulled it back.

"No more 5 minutes, Get up now" taani said in soft tone but reyaan was still in his dreamland

"Shona! Baby, wake up, You will get late for your school." Taani said trying hard to hide her smile as she know what is coming in her way.

"Mumma! Don't call me shona, this name is so girlie." Reyaan shouted as he sat on bed, Taani laughed seeing his irritated face.

"Aw, but I Love this name, now come" Taani said pulling his cheeks, She took him in her arms and take her in washroom.

"Ma, I Love you" Reyaan said kissing her cheek, he wrapped his arms around her neck, hugging her tightly.

"Ma too Loves her rockstar reyaan" Taani said, She made him sit on washroom counter and helped him in brushing his teethes then in bath.

"Mumma, today aarav's chachu is coming back so I am going to his house after school, Aarav wants me to meet his chachu" Reyaan told her as she made him wear his clothes. 

"Okay baby but waha kisi ko preshaan mat karna." Taani said, Aarav is only friend of reyaan, They are really close and often Reyaan go to his house to play with him.

After getting him ready she went in kitchen to prepare breakfast. While Reyaan switched on TV, was surfing channels when he suddenly stopped on the news channel.

"Business tycoon Reyaansh Singhania is coming back india today, The young business tycoon will handle his business from india..." News reporter was going on and on but Taani was too numb to hear, He is coming back, After 5 years. The little hope rose in her heart, not for herself but for her baby. But will he accept him?

"Mumma, breakfast ready hai? I am hungry" Reyaan's voice broken her chain of thoughts, She quickly wipe away the tears from cheeks, She wont cry, At least not for him. Life without him might be difficult but she was happy with her child.

"Yeah baby coming" She replied, They both ate their breakfast then Reyaan left for his school in his school bus where as taani did some household chores and after that she left for her work.


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Hello Guys!

I'm here with another drabble series, Drabbles are fun to write and i can update them regularly LOL

This concept was making me go crazy so i finally penned it down. It will be an intense drama, little dark, not like my previous drabbles, sweet & cheesy.

Hope you like it.

For PMs, Please add -Cupcake.Pm- into your buddy list. But only send me buddy request if you are really going to read my work & comment. I have n interest in sending pms to silent readers.
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Posted: 2015-10-14T12:41:31Z
ab to kar hi dete hai unres...
so... Taani has a baby...

what happened with REY Dead

and why she is scared whether she accepts the baby or not damn... Cry

continue soon ROFL
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Posted: 2015-10-14T12:48:50Z
awsm concept first part amazing next update soon..
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Posted: 2015-10-14T12:50:26Z
Interesting start...
please continue...

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Posted: 2015-10-14T12:53:55Z
Unres. ~edited~
This mother son duo is so so so adorably cute. 
I LOVEEE kids alot!! :D
I have a feeling ki aarav's Chachu is rey only.. don't know exactly though.. 
Kyun choda rey ne taani ko! *pout*
He always misses family fun beginning ka.. sigh.. 
Waiting to read new twists and turns .. :) and when rey finally claims what is his.. :) 
Thanks for PMS :*
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Posted: 2015-10-14T13:00:30Z
great start
loved taani and reyaan's bond
so rey is coming back india after 5 years
can't wait for taarey meet
continue soon
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Posted: 2015-10-14T13:06:05Z
it is giving me sad sad feelCryEdited by princess_tara - 2015-10-14T13:13:19Z
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