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Thread One
(Chapter 1 - Chapter 18)
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Ch 19 : With You, I'm Complete
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Ch 20 : Kiss Under The Moonlight
Ch 21 : Your Love Is Enough
Ch 22 : Moments To Cherish Forever
Ch 23 : Burning Passion
Ch 24 : I Love Only You
Ch 25 : You Are My Everything
Ch 26 : Back Home
Ch 27 : Best Feeling Ever
Ch 28 : The Feel Of Love
Ch 29 : Blessed To Have You
Ch 30 : Best Birthday Morning
Ch 31 : His Love For Her
Ch 32 : Being His Wife
Ch 33 : Her Pure Love
Ch 34 : The Proposal
Ch 35 : With You Hamesha
Epilogue 1 : Symbol Of Love
Epilogue 2 : New Journey Of Life


Ch 19 : With You, I'm Complete

"Rey, when you are going back home?" Taani asked him, who was sitting beside her on the bed, both were talking about random stuff. 

"After 3 days. Aren't you coming with me?" Rey questioned her back, he look at her with hopeful eyes. He badly wants to take her back home, her real home where she belong with him.

"I will come with you." Taani whispered softly with a smile. There relationship is getting stronger, and she was not ready for a separation again, not now when she has given herself to him. Her answer brought a wide smile on his face. Rey cupped her face in his palm, and kissed her forehead, gently. 

"Thank you!" Rey whispered in her ear, he placed his head on her shoulder, giving her side hug. Taani smiled at the sweet gesture of her husband.

"But before going back, I want to make this time special for us." Rey said to her, sliding his arm around her waist, he pulled her more into him. A shiver ran down her spine feeling his hand rested flat against her bare belly. His simple touch affect her, made her heart flutter at how gently yet passionately he touch her, like she is made of glass. He doesn't touch her body but her soul, the more she get to know him the more she fall for him. Before he was an mystery to her but, as time passed she started understanding him, he was the man lost in web of his past. She doesnt know what exactly happened with him in past but she knows it was something terrible that he lost himself completely. 

But she was happy that he was changing himself, leaving his past behind he has started living his life again. She always wanted that, not for herself or for their relation but for him. She was happy to see the old Rey back, the one she heard alot about, from her in laws, specially from her mother-in-law who used to talk alot about him, tell her the tales about his naughtiness, and carefree nature which was later replaced by seriousness & workaholic nature. 

"Taani, You want to go out somewhere tomorrow?" His voice broke her reverie. Taani shook her head, she doesnt have any plans in her minds. All this is so new to her that she was still adjusting herself in the completely new phase of her life. In initials days of her marriage, she had so many dreams but all were shattered on the night of her wedding. And she stopped dreaming, but he was forcing her to dream again but she is scared to do so. 

"Dont know! What do you want to do tomorrow?" Taani questioned him back. Rey look at her, he thought for a while before he answered. 

"Not tomorrow but i really want to take my wife out on a long drive tonight." Rey smirked down at her while she stare at him with wide eyes. 

"But, Rey! Its 12 at night." 

"Please, taani!" Rey was gazing down at her with intense look in his eyes. She shivered under his watch, her heart couldnt deny his wish and she gave him a slight nod, agreeing to him to go for a long drive. Rey smiled at her, holding her hand he slumped out of the bed. 

"Atleast, Let me change, Rey." Taani said to him, feeling conscious to go out in her night clothes. 

"No need, baby, no one will see us." Rey told her, he walked toward the closet and took out a shawl for her knowing its cold outside. Taani smiled shyly as he wrapped the shawl around her. She was loving the feel of love. She was feeling complete, her other half, her husband was there to complete her, with his love, with his car. Rey returned the smile, and they walked out of the house, after locking the house they sat in his car and drove away, to enjoy the night with each other. 

"Wow! Rey, Its first time i have stepped out of the house this late. Its so exciting!" Taani squealed excitedly as their car moved further on the secluded roads of lucknow. Rey smiled at her, her smile made his heart swell with happiness. Taani smiled widely as the cold wind cares her face, she look out of the window, enjoying the cold breeze. Taani look at him, he held her hand and brought it closer to his, a blush crept on her cheeks as he kissed her palm.

Taani look at him with small smile, she loves the way her relation with him is moving. She was thankful to him for not forcing her for anything, and giving her space which was making her believe that she can dream again. Dream about their happy future together. In other words, She was falling in love with her husband, again.

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Hello Guys!

We have reached thread 2 of making her mine & It's all because of you guys. Thank you so much guys, every like & comment means a lot to me. Keep supporting me. Love you all. Hug

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congrats for second thread
update was superb 
as usual it was simple and sweet
which the i love about this story the most
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congreats for second thread and amazing update taarey long driev superb next update soon..
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Congratulations for second thread and awsome update
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Congrats dear for second thread 
Beautiful update 
Love it taarey long drive 
Wonder full moment of long drive at night 
Update soon 
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Congrats for the second thread .update was superb .
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wow congoParty for new thread
amezing update
tr relation is moving slowly
loved it
continue soon
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