OS : His Personal Assistant

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He watched her with hooded eyes as she moved across the cabin with piles of files in her hands. He felt pull toward her more stronger. He is mesmerized by her, attracted to her like a moth to fire. His gaze shifted to her lips, Her rosy lips, The way they moved when she speaks, he felt like kissing her, senselessly. Clad in a white buttoned up shirt & a grey skirt, she was an enchanting beauty. His smile widen when he saw her smiling as she placed the files on his desk, satisfied with her work. Seeing her, something stir in him, making him want to hold her in his arms. protect her from the outer world. He just finds that amusing, how she had him wrapped around her fingers. 

"Good Morning, Sir. Here are the files you asked me to check yesterday." Her sweet as honey voice brought him back into reality. Ever since she had joined his office, She seemed to have taken over his mind.

"Good Morning, Taani" He let her name rolled off his tongues, and smirked when he noticed her shiver slightly as he spoke her name. He knew somewhere, she is also attracted to him. Taani watched him silently as he got up from the chair he was sitting on, and walked toward her, taking slow steps, like a predator walked toward his prey. She squirm under his intense stare. He stand before her, leaving a mere distance between there bodies. He studied her face with great concentration. She could feel his eyes on her, it made her feel hot. He had this effect on her, he hadnt even touched her yet, still she was wet for him. Deciding to end the torture he was getting by staying away from her, he was determined to confess today. 

"Am i affecting you, baby?" She pressed her lips together to stop the moan that was about to escape when he whispered in her ear, in his husky tone. Her heart melted, instantly. His voice always had his effect on her. Its soothing melody to her ear.

"Answer me, baby." Rey said to her in soft whisper tone, brushing his knuckles against her cheekbone. She shivered, and clenched her fists tightly to control her urge to beg him to take her, make her feel heaven with his touch. He smirked slightly, Her long brown hair was falling on her face and she was biting her full lower lip. Her hazel brown eyes cut through him, all his self control lose when he grabbed back of her neck and smacked his lips hard against her. He started kissing her but only to pushed away by her. Her nose flared up in anger as she stare at him.

"Sir, I'm not a toy you can play with. If you so badly want someone then go to your girlfriend-" She yelled at him, disgust lacing her tone while her eyes glistered with fresh tears. Their attraction if forbidden, he is already committed to someone and have no right to play with her feelings. She has no right to dream about him when he is not hers, she knew that yet she couldn't control her heart to fall for this amazingly beautiful man, who had stole her heart away.

When she tried walking away, he grabbed her elbow in rough grip and pulled her back, wrapping his arms around her waist, he made her face him. A fear crept inside her when she looked into his rage filled eyes.

"How dare you accused me? When did i ever played with you?" He shouted on her face causing her to flinched away at the harshness in his voice.

"You already have a girlfriend-" She stuttered while speaking.

"I don't have a girlfriend, damn it!" Rey roared making her cry, she was scared of his anger.

"Don't lie. Last week only she came to meet you." Gaining some courage, she told him. His brows knitted in confusion. He broke off with his girlfriend the day he realized he has started falling for his sinfully hot assistant.

"Last week? When?"

"Kria, she came last week and warned me to stay away from you then she went in your cabin. She said you guys are together but because of me you guys are drifting apart-" Taani told him with fierceness in her eyes. She couldn't tolerate the look of accusation in his eyes.

"That bitch! She lied to you. I broke up with her 4 months back." Rey told her, suddenly feeling angry over his ex-girlfriend.

Her eyes were wide opened as his words registered in her mind. She wondered why his ex lied to her?

"Why would she lie to me if you guys broke up long ago?" 

"Because she is after me to get her back but i denied, so she came to you because she knows about my feelings for you-" Rey told her, love for her was visible in his voice. She stare at him with wide eyes, not blinking once. 

"What feelings?" She asked him in timid voice. He narrowed his eyes at her. Still she doesnt understand that he loves her? 

"Oh god! Are you really this innocent? I am talking about my feelings for you. I love you, damn it!" Rey shouted in annoyance at her, for not understanding his feelings for her. Taani felt her throat went dry after hearing his confession. Did she hear him right? He loves her! She wanted to scream it but no voice come out of her mouth. 

"You Love me?" She stuttered while speaking. 

"Yes, baby, I love you." Rey confessed softly. 

"Whoa! Are you seriously serious? I mean, are you sure you pakka love me?" Taani asked him again causing him to narrow his eyes at her. He decided to prove his love to her. He went down on his knees before her, and gently held her hand in his. She stare at him in awe, mesmerized by him. 

"Okay! I am really not good with words but i tried my best to put my feeling into words. You know, the day you entered my life as my personal assistant, i felt an attraction toward you but later it changed into something stronger. You become the reason for me to come office, more than work I look forward to have a glimpse of you, spend some time with you in the name of preparing presentation. For my every small thing i used to call, so that i can look at you. Your presence brought peace to my heart. I really love you, taani, i really do." Rey pured his heart out. While she stare at him, couldn't believe if this was happening for real.

"Rey, I love you too but-"

"But what, taani? What is stopping you?" Rey stood up, he held her shoulders and asked him.

"Will you leave me if found someone else? You won't leave me like you left Kria for me?" Taani asked him, she always had this fear. In her childhood, her father left her mother for another girl, and she doesn't want same fate as her mother. Her mother survived but she won't ever. She will die if he left her.

"Baby, with Kria, I was never serious.I know i might sound cruel, but i don't have any feelings for her nor ever had. She was what you called a girlfriend forced by my parents. They wanted me to marry her but when i realized, I love you, i broke up with her, i couldn't cheat her by giving her false hopes. And I'll never leave you, for me, you are my miss. perfect. The one who completes me. I'm not once those guys who leave one girl for another. You can trust me with you heart. I'll keep it safe with me, I promise." Rey said to her, he knows about her past thus didn't took her question in wrong way and decided to clear her doubt. 

"Sacchi! Thank you so much for understanding me." Taani whispered softly.

"Leave this formality, baby. There is no place for formality between us." Rey whispered back. Taani smiled as he brought her close to him.

"Now do i have the permission to kiss my baby?" 

"Didn't you said, there is no place for formality between us." Taani mumbled shyly, Rey smirked while his heart skipped a beat, Rey leaned forward, decreasing the distance between their lips. She shivered feverishly as his lips brushed against her, she clutched his shirt tightly in her fists. Rey kissed her with aggression, claiming her his. Taani responded back to his kiss, with same passion and aggression. She had craved for this, yearn for this. Their tongues met, fought for dominance.

"Oh God! I love you." Rey breathed as he broke the kiss, both were breathless. Taani hugged him tightly, overwhelmed with the sudden rush of emotions. 

"I love you too, Rey" Taani mumbled into his chest. Rey smiled, and tightening his grip around her, he pulled her into him. He will never let her go. He promised himself as he closed his eyes, and enjoyed the moment with his love in his arms.


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it was very lovely OS
Love it Alot

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Posted: 2015-10-10T12:27:06Z
Hey...nice OS..loved it..
Loved the confessionEmbarrassed..
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Posted: 2015-10-10T12:28:13Z

Oh my my
another mind-boggling OS
I so love sweet but fiercy Taani
this Kria, urgghhh
but Thank god Rey clear all the MUs
love it
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Posted: 2015-10-10T12:34:10Z

that was too good :D

for a second I thought that u r starting a new season of Fic HPA :p
keep writing :)

tale care...

n plz update sacred love n Unwanted also :(Edited by Muskan_TR - 2015-10-11T00:53:11Z
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Posted: 2015-10-10T12:36:55Z
Nice os rey confession was awsome taani was so cute
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Posted: 2015-10-10T12:49:03Z
awesome OS
loved it
kahase kaate ho aise
naye naye ideas
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Posted: 2015-10-10T12:49:20Z
awesome OS
loved it
kahase kaate ho aise
naye naye ideas

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