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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Originally posted by jairathore

Originally posted by NSB7

SR ans shilpa 
Its been a while 
I missed saying hi and knowing how you guys were 

A great job as usual SV
Dristi now that SV is around you dont have to miss rhyming words anymore Big smile
The its food water clothing sosy updates and her poems i suppose Smile

Hey jai Smile

Hi di, how are you
I read your poem, its very good 
You should write more
hahahahaha Thanks 
Will try 
Im good and hope you are doing well too Smile

Will get back in a bit 

Yep I am also fine

OK final bye from myeSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jairathore

Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

Like that was tailor made for our leads and our author

And how to waste time: studyLOL

Yeh hui Na baat
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by shidin0117

Nams beautifully written poetry thanks for making time to write it. Bought a warm feeling mom ocean and II seaClap each and every line is well thought  out and written beautifully 
Kajal hiSmile
i missed seeing this one...thankyou sooo much
And there is nothing about making time...its equally my pleasure Embarrassed

Tadaaa guys 
Posted: 6 years ago
So glad to see you. Missed your poems. Reading your words, and any poetry for that matter, brings me such calmness. SRIVIDYA n NAMS shared their's too. Such a lovely day it has been. Take care. Do peep in often

Looks like I missed Asma and Jai today.



Putti and Nouf

Busy, busy???

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

So glad to see you. Missed your poems. Reading your words, and any poetry for that matter, brings me such calmness. SRIVIDYA n NAMS shared their's too. Such a lovely day it has been. Take care. Do peep in often

Looks like I missed Asma and Jai today.



Putti and Nouf

Busy, busy???

Posted: 6 years ago
Waiting for an update is like...

Posted: 6 years ago

Ranjan slowly walked over carrying the fatso, Nivi was already in R&B's arms, for SOME reason she was wearing a orange Kanjeevaram lehanga with parrot green border

"WHY ARE U DRESSED UP rajathi?" Ii was in awe (princess)

"I told u Appa would be here" Nivi said breathlessly as he held her like a baby, horizontally... staring into his angel's eyes

Ranjan handed Sahana... "Here they are all YOURS; they are ALL yours" expression, a contentment on his face, his brows relaxing now

Sahana started to shriek when he couldnt hold her, he let Nivi slide down, holding her close to his body not letting her go, as he received the fatso

"U do display jealousy traits dont u" he whispered rubbing his stubbly cheeks on the luscious ones

She reveled like her mother, as she held his face and began cooing gibberish

II was at the espresso machine

"Nivi... are u done playing house raja can Mahavir takeover?"

Nivi was torn, she loved to cook and she loved her Daddeee
"Hmmm" she sighed thoughtfully... "Amma can I be with Appa?" she asked gripping R&B's long slender fingers

II smiled gloriously  "I KNEW it" she whispered and nodded

"Bhayya aap please khatam kar dogey banana jab woh atta khatam ho jaaye?" she requested
Mahavir was joyous

"Aur Sir ke liye, eggs aur umm... enna venum?" she turned to her husband

"I will eat what the kids eat" he said innocently

"DONT COMPLAIN" she giggled

"No I wont" he nodded

"Nee vaa di" she called out to Sahana

"Mmm..hmmm" she immediately turned away gripping her Daddee tightly... and kicking her legs as if he was a Vespa scooter, forcing him to flee

He chuckled, and kissed her now unraveled hair...

"Where are the twins?" he asked

She was helping Mahavir find some herbs for R&B's omlette...

"Soye honge, raat ko is ghar mein sota kaun hai" he chuckled satisfied

"What time did they go to bed?"

"Kya maloom jee... rab jaane" he shook his head...

R&B smiled

"Kabhi yaha, kabhi waha, war games, hide and seeks, Ninja warrior... os vichaari nu son dete hain na kisi aur nu" he laughed

"Mahavir nu kidnap victim banakar rescue mission chal reya si" he explained

"Daddee... they shot darts all over the house" Nivi said softly

He went up with the girls

The boys were in BED playing nintendo (or whatever device was hip in 2025)

They literally jettisoned out of bed... and launched themselves on him

He lay in bed as the 4 pummeled and squished and crushed him
He got a word out whenever he could

Sahana used her shrill voice to clear the area every few minutes when she wanted her man to herself

Nivi just watched after a point the boys were being wild
The boys each tried to lift him up and turn him to his side

They all wanted to know what he brought, he had strict instructions from II NOT to bring anything back

She raised them like middle class kids, atleast wanted to.
They were already too fortunate, lived in a home with over 20 rooms and 4 servants and 4 guards and 6 cars
Their kitchen was bigger than many apartments in Delhi
They had a front back and TWO side yards
There was security devices and cameras protecting their every step

They hung with diplomats' kids and had never taken a bus or an auto or walked long distances except overseas sightseeing

They vacationed at a new country every summer, like R&B

They flew first class and stayed in suites

"Daddee Nandu na Shravu na are going to a expedition, CAN WE GO?" one twin asked

"They are big boys" Nivi said

"I AM BIG TOOO" One of them stood on the squishy bed, falling over, tipping Sahana, she almost fell off the bed

"Enough guys" he warned

"We want to gooo. Amma says we cant" the boys tattled

Ranjan peeked from the door

"Thatha did u see my Maruti pancake?" she asked

He showed her his plate it had a "car like thing"

Nivi was sad...

"Aaapki galti nahi betaji... chocolate melts" he smiled

He took pictures of everything the lil angel did
Her every move her every expression

"Thathaaa Daddee says we cant go" One twin sniffled wiped his nose on his jammie tee and ran to Ranjan

He sat down slowly on the edge of the giant space module bunk bed
The lights went on all over the console... and a voice said "Lift off"

It was a custom made bed, that mimicked outer space vehicle

"Daddee is right" he smiled

R&B sat up quickly lest his feet would kick Ranjan

The boys  wanted a bite of Ranjan's pancake

"Brush nahi kiya Amma to bahut daatengi"

"Thathaaa" they moaned

Nivi got a mouthful, she sat in a corner on the bed and tried to read the Civil War book he was reading on his phone

Sahana abandoned her Daddee for food

She was a ghatotkach... Ranjan fed Nivi and Sahana...

The boys didnt get any

"Daddeee can we go" they began to whine

"Dey get up and go brush" she warned from the door

"Nee innum ingeye irukeya? Po da poi kuli hes making eggs" (u are still here with the kids, go take a shower, u can eat)

"Ranjan leaned wearily on a console, it lit up audibly... "Ekdum chust... bache ek dam shaitaan"

Ranjan had no idea how his DIL could  have everything under control

"Dadddee will be here for ever and ever and ever"
"I think so" he lied like someone he knew

His wife came in and dragged the boys away

"Ruhega?" Ranjan asked his son softly, shocked his son didnt have to return

"I'll try" he said somberly

Nivi looked up from his phone and gazed deeply... she knew which one was the truth

Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing update nisha loved it I love the way the kids and the dude spend time with each other love it 

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