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Posted: 6 years ago



Amma paaruma dadddee oda beats a indha sahana chew pannardhu

Amma seema this Sahana is chewing dadddee's beats

Amma ivan Sahana kannathula fork vechu kutthina ulla pogumgiran

Amma see ma he says if you poke Sahana;s cheek with a fork it would go inside

Ayyo naan tholanjen da onga Appa enna konnuduva

Hey I'm done for if your Appa will murder me

Sahan thuppu di ...Nivvi ivalla pidi kanna naan adai yai niruthittu varen

Sahan spit it out...Nivi please hold her for a minute dear I will turn off the Adai

C&P  Kanna papa kannam balloon illada. Science experiment Appa vandhadhum gardenla pannungo

C&P  Kanna the baby's cheeks are not balloon da perform your Science experiments in the lawn after your Appa gets back

Bhaiya paanch minute me aathihoon...

Dad can you please hold the boys I'll finish my dinner?

Enge ivan ? Nivi Appaku text pannu chellam kaathala ezhundhadhulendhu odinde irruken aanalum velai mudiyala

Where is he? Nivi can you please check with Appa where he is I HAVE BEEN ON MY TOES SINCE DAWN BUT MY CHORES ARE NOT COMPLETED AS YET

Goluvai eppo vechu mudipen?indha rendu vaalai mattumaana velila kootindu poga koodadha?

When will I finish setting up my golu? Can't he atleast take the twins out?

Vandha Sahanava thooki vechindu II paru pasila azhara vandhu gavanichuttu po innu oru arai sirippu

The moment he returns he will pick Sahana and rant see she seems to be crying in hunger come attend her he says with his half smile

Rakshashan maarave illa 4 poradhaam...

Rakshashan hasn't changed a wee bit ...4 is not enough it seems


Posted: 6 years ago
Asma Heart
I am doing good.. Not much work as clients are off this week...
Today I will be in fresher's case study evaluation n tomorrow registered for some banking related training...
No smart Dudes... Unhappy
Missing you here...
Enjoy your timeSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
Where are you?
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning/ evening guys.
I see NeelAsma is back. Good to see you.
R&B Paris se Anne me baad Kya hua?
Posted: 6 years ago

"Some names" I like

Sunday brought blue skies first and a blanket of fog after rain showers in Delhi last night, the temperature was below 50F, COLDDD
for Dilliwaasis, (a couple weeks after the previous foochar update (anyone interested in doing the math? of the foochar, of the past of the foochar?LOL)

She sat in the balcony nursing Sahana with her morning cuppa, the baby was bundled up, she wanted to have her coffee in the cold balcony
It was misty and moist, just the way she loved winters. A FAT arm peeked out of the sling wrap she had the baby cacooned in, looking for the edge of the blouse?
which was hard to locate with a rolled up tee shirt She pulled her blanket gingerly, turning away from the rail and handed
the lil girl her tee edge, she got a leaky milky smile

"Kozhandaikki pasikarda?" (are u hungry?) she cooed

Fatso kicked her feet forgetting to suckle, sending her anklets into a symphony.

"Daddy enge pona?" she cooed"  (Where is Dad?)

She stopped feeding altogether and watched, she LOVED that word, she listened and waited for him to appear
He usually did when he was in town, he would be by her side on the bed, for her first feed which usually happened even before II would go down for coffee,
 he would peek from his book or newspaper and wave his hand she would hoist herself and leap

"Kudu da I have to go down, when the boys wake up" she would whine, open and exposed...

"Hey Sweet cheeks" he would coo, she would laugh hysterically

"Nivi was his angel"

"Hey Angel" would make Nivi laugh uncontrollably

Sahana would rub her moist milk stained cheeks on her Dad's

"she smells like breast milk, u are going to smell like that now" she would whisper

"thats going to be tough to live with I agree" he would nod capturing her lips, feeding on them hungrily

This morning sweet cheeks had slept through her coffee run and II had to wake her to feed

Nivi was up, and was downstairs with Ranjan, making breakfast

The boys were asleep... each at a 180 degree angle from the other

They looked adorable...they filled her heart with gooey things, gooey melty things

Her kids did that to her... Nivi too... elegant and quiet and soft spoken, a reader
The boys were like her, they loved action not reading...

She didnt know what baby sahana was like

She had no time left for Akka's or Sam's or Rohini/amma Appa's
She rarely went

Between school, home work, activities, her job and taking care of food... the day was gone

If he was in town, he demanded she go to bed with him, many nights she would get off after making love to go set the boys back packs or Nivi's project stuff
or feed Sahana... or make dahi if she forgot to set it, or mix idli batter with salt if she forgot

"Did u notice? making love is a mere thing to do!!!" she sniggered whispering tonguing his ear coming back up to bed and cuddling...

"Ah" he would mock and show her, how it is NOT  a chore

"I dont care my tubes are tied" she would gasp, later...

He would lay on her satiated

"Do u remember how desperate we were to touch each other?" she asked

He smiled chuckling


"Well u are here only to make babies" she mocked

He nipped her curve... "Pannade da... I am already sore" "Sahana is a devil... like u" she hissed

"U think we are not obsessed?" he asked

"We stayed in bed and made love for days" she said ecstatically

"I had planned it when I proposed" he said smugly

"My family thought I married a nymphomaniac?" Is that what it is?" she whispered, kissing his cheek, he nodded

"I like hypersexuality better" he supplied

She laughed..."U dont want a name that has maniac?" she asked

"U are a rakshasan" she said

"THAT I like" he said kissing her forehead, giving her an intense look

She fed the baby, changed her, and cleaned her milk stained face, tied her curly mess of a hair with a sparkly scuncie
Carried her down, handed her to Ranjan as he KNEADED DOUGH

"DAD" "MUJHE BULA LETE" she shouted

"Shhh... nashta mera tu kede waaste madad karegi puttar?" he asked

Nivi was trying pouring out pancakes the batter was thin, it slid all over

Mahavir waited...

"Uncle, round round kaise banega?" she asked

"Hame deejiyega... aap kaahe khari hai stove ke paas bityaji... hamey nahi kahiyega?" he drawled

"Mahavir beta, bus usko bata kyon gol nahi ban raha,
Ranjan admonished Mahavir

" pancake atta daal len hum ? Mahavir offered
Nivi nodded cutely, he mixed and stirred

II laughed...

And Mahavir helped her pour a perfect round... she made a smiley with baking choc kisses

"DADDD LET ME DO IT" "USE THE MIXER, it kneads dough"

"Mujhe saari gallan maloom hai, main gaon ka hoon, mujhe samjhaan di load nahi haigi" he chided teasing

"Ayyo" II hissed

Sahana tipped a bowl of peas.. and it casaced down the floor

"Amma Daddy said he would come" Nivi whispered

"I KNOW kanna... he has work" II sighed

"Kedi life haigi bata mainnu... bache woti aidar tey khud kalle... inni door"

"Thatha what character do u want on urs?"

"Gudiya... how about a Maruti?" he asked

She smiled

"What about me?" asked R&B, leaning on the door jamb

Sahana almost flew off the expensive Italian counter

Nivi dropped her spatula

Ranjan tipped a glass of water INTO his roti ka DOUGH, that was all done...

"RAKSHASAN!" II hissed, blushing

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Nisha I just caught up with the awesome updates!!

First kick brings back memories! All you kiddos who await your turn.. It's truly magical!! Smile

I'm with II on gourmet food so miss good old home made yoghurt rice and idlis.. Smile

enna naal naalaye u miss home? Idu romba attahasam

STUFF URSELF with more bleached flour ridden pizza pasta and choc chip cookies

Whine panna anumadi kedayadu for another two weeks atleast

4 din mein itna complaints
I cant give permission to whine so early in ur trip, soweee

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Asma my work attire is only Sarees in natural fibers...October to Feb is silks...i say i air my silks on my body every year as part of my maintenance i guess for the last 2 decades i have bought plain Kanjeevarams and embroidered mentioned my  nieces are young lasses of marriageable age ...Maami or Chitti wants to be well attiredWink

Sounds so divine Vidya, so nice to see u be so traditional, popular media seems to be hating sarees with a vengeanceAngry I LOU sarees I can wear one in less than a minute... I dont wear one every dayCry I wear suits to work sometimes, all week long or one day a week, I work in a all gora office, people will walk up and ask kostins... "Is it a religious day?"

Paavam... anything traditional means its religious for themLOL  I am like "Umm... no... all my work clothes need to be ironed... and these are my home clothes."... I dont even wear my fancy suits to work (MY fancy is not Manish Malhotra.LOL Its Shopper's Stop MAX)

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