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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

It's a record this thread has lasted for more than 10 days precisely 12 days Clap

Well it seems all r busy festive season na LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Ok guys me off now ... Tomm kanya pujan ( last Navratri ) so had to wake up early and lot to do
Including cooking and Pooja also !
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Ok guys me off now ... Tomm kanya pujan ( last Navratri ) so had to wake up early and lot to do
Including cooking and Pooja also !

I had seen that pooja last year in YHM Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning /evening 
Feeling bad for II ...from spending some happy moments with her family, romancing and squabbling with dude she had to return with worry and fear for her periappa.

Posted: 6 years ago
Social Studies and Surf
Ii was supposed to go back to work on Friday Oct 2nd, but she was back in Delhi Noonish on Monday. Sep 28th, and maybe go back  to work now on Tuesday? Wed? She didnt know yetCry
Appa didnt make it home until late at night on 28th, II had forgotten about Janaki Athai, her husband had volunteered to stay the night at the hospital
Lakshmi and Venkat dropped Amma home in the evening around 5 PM
 as Akka took Appa's old car to DPS. Something pleasant would happen right around then at D II

II felt tired and worn out after throwing up and sleeping too much on the plane, this visit to D II was not filled with pampering like it usually was

So when Periappa became sick on Sunday, and was taken to the hospital, Akka had supervised Selvi's housework on Monday, bathed, dressed the baby, fixed lunch
for Amma and Appa and herself, checked on her in laws over phone
Akka had gone to Shravu's school in Appa's old car, directly from baldie's check up, after dropping him home with II, at 3 PM on Monday
The report card was incorrect, especially Social Studies and she had to sort it out

She was afraid Bala was going to lose his temper

The in laws were getting "too excited" in her opinion for Navaratri, Amma was planning to do golu (the stair step arrangement of dolls and religious figurines)
The festival was beginning on 11th, Monday, and Bala's parents wanted her to return by then

Akka was literally planning to move back, tidying II's Godrej, cleaning Amma's book shelves in the afternoon

Rearranging Amma's hand written notes for her NCERT text book and being as useful as she can helping Amma out when baldie slept in the afternoon

She even graded the Eco first term exam papers Amma brought home as Amma held baldie

Akka was expected to go back to work in November and then take the week of Deepavali off, around Nov 11th

She didnt have any "help" to watch baldie, that was bothering her tremendously

But, she had to go back, Bala was like a lost puppy without her

She couldnt "formally enter" the house until it was an auspicious day, Shravu texted her pictures of his closet and their bedroom and the dining table etc

Thatha Paati (Bala's parents) had turned the Munirka apartment super cluttered and messy. There was medicine bottles arranged like a tower on the dining table
The flat stool that paati sat on to chop veggies and grate coconut leaned on the living room wall, thatha's damp towel dried on the back of the sofa

And his dhoti was tied between the window grill and a dining table chair's back rest

This was not the apartment Akka had "left behind"

This was not Malcha Marg, some things were "just not possible", she didnt have expensive furniture or art work or surround sound or recess lighting
But now it looked like... umm... no offence... but it looked like... never mind

akka sighed

II lay by the baby and slept soundly

She had had a cup of dhalia kanji akka had made for her,
Ranjan had filter coffee and left politely

Lunch was ready, lemon rice, beans curry and shimla mirch sambar, but II took a shower and just wanted to sleep

R&B had called her multiple times

"I am tired da" she whimpered

"Are u OK?" he worried

"I am... just so tired, cant bear to see Periappa's room empty" she cried, throwing her dirty clothes in Amma's washing machine

"What are u doing?" her nosy husband asked

"Just starting a load of laundry" she said casually, picking up the Surf dabba and dropping a clothes brush as it clattered to the floor

"Why?" he asked unhappy

"amma hasnt been home in a day, Akka has the baby, she went to DPS, already his grades are low, they didnt add in a unit test mark for Social" II explained

"His Social total is 63 thats a D- with the test it will go up to 81 B-" "6th standard da... u know there are some kids already getting IIT JEE coaching" II mumbled

He sighed... he was completely dsconnected from the middle class struggles, his wife's woes sounded like he was reading a blog...

"She took the baby?" he asked

"NOO... school mein infection hua to? she left him with me" she ran the water after attaching the hose from the balcony faucet, the drain hose spun and danced like a serpent as some setting in the washer caused it to dump all water out

She pressed a few keys, resetting it, not paying attention to what he said, and refilled the tub

"Did u eat?" he asked

She nodded, "I drank kanji, u know grits? (she chuckled) took a nap, changed
the guy and am doing laundry. Not sure when Amma will return, she is not answering my call"

"Why did u eat grits?" he asked baffled

"I was too nauseous to eat khana, chai makes me sick too"

"How was the flight?"

"It was great... the cabin crew girl went to LSR like me" she said smugly

He smiled...

"Did she sing?" he teased

"I dont know... the purser was hot... I wanted him to sing" she whispered

He grunted...

"Or atleast talk" she whispered provoking him...

She started the washer all over again went in shut the door
The baby cried, Akka had pumped a bottle she fed him

He has a green coating, I am so disappointed... he is going to grow hair" II whined

He laughed huskily

"How did Vandu go to school?" he asked

"She took Appa's old car" II said

By the time Amma would get off the auto,  Dhyan and his assistant would also knock on the door

Dhyan would introduce his assistant to Amma, II had seen him around home

Ranjan had sent a Merc, on R&B's request...

Amma would send Lakshmi, Venkat, back home to Janakpuri in the Merc... much to Lakshmi's awe and amazement

sam would text Vandu on her way home from DPS to say she was sending dinner

But Manya didnt call once...

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Posted: 6 years ago
You know this update reads like the pleasantness of the mundane. Like you do things that are routine just to stop your mind from racing and worrying. DII always brings the old world charm for me. Like it is the home that is accessible to all.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by EnVee

You know this update reads like the pleasantness of the mundane. Like you do things that are routine just to stop your mind from racing and worrying. DII always brings the old world charm for me. Like it is the home that is accessible to all.

Parents' home has a certain energy to  it right? Things are exactly the same year after year, my Amma's surf dabba has the same spoon from 20? 30? years ago I think,(it came free with Ariel or Surf I thinkLOL) its coated with dry soap, there is certain way u have to turn the balcony faucet for it to open, u have to lean ur left knee on Amma Appa's Godrej, otherwise it wont close fullyEmbarrassed

Believe it or not, for YEARS after moving to this country whenever I would "close" the wodden closet I would raise and anchor the left door with my kneeCry
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