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Posted: 6 years ago
Granary & Rohini

Since I am obsessed with the foochar too

Here is a last foochar part for a while now'
We will go back to Paris wrap up their trip and go back to nayi Dilli

The boys sat on his sides and ate whatever he ate, and some paranthas and some pancake their sister made

Sahana sat ON the table and aimed for one plate or another, II set her on the kitchen floor every few minutes,
she threw a enormous fit hugging her Daddy's legs

He hoisted her back on the table

She ate whatever scraps her siblings handed to her.
Mahavir made hash browns (fried grated potato patties) the boys dipped a roasted sliver in hot sauce and handed it to their sister and watched her squirm and
suck and cringe at the heat in the sauce

He admonished them when they went too far, Sahana was a typical Indian though, she loved the heat...

"Mmm" was all that came out of her mouth at the sharp  taste.

Ranjan finally had to carry her off the table as his son's family completed eating

The house was a mess already and it wasnt even Noon

"Are u going to be here for a week" she asked softly

He nodded... as one of the twins climbed on him and sat on his lap hugging him tight

"Daddee there is a poetry recital at my school. Nivi reminded him

"Ofcourse Angel" he smiled

He dropped the kids of, picked them up if he didnt have meetings, took them to their activity, their karate instructor, piano teacher, one of the twins took violin lessons, the other one took drums
Most teachers came home, no waiting in traffic, getting on teacher waitlist biz if u live in Malcha Marg

Appa wanted the kids to learn hymns and chants and he had requested a priest at Malai Mandir to teach the kids

II was pushing back as they were already doing too much

Amma had invited her to Rohini today, for "lunch"
But Malcha Marg breakfast was at Rohini lunch, so that plan wont work

Amma ADORED the kids and so did Appa, but secretly

Sahana whined in the lounge,he chuckled

"She has few teeth but wants to eat everything, the boys fed her mint from the yard last night" II said in shock

"Ammma HE did that I was trying to feed her spring onions" one twin yelled

"She ALWAYS wants to be with them, she doesnt want to be with Nivi" II said sadly

"Must fear she might turn into an angel" he bend down and kissed his angel's head softly

"U must shave Appaa" she rubbed her scalp

"Get in line" he whispered looking at his life

"Rakshasaney" "10 years and counting" II warned

"Amma calls u raksha-nasee?" one of the twins asked

R&B nodded innocently pushing his cup towards his wife for more coffee

"Get it urself, I am going to go take a shower, I am going to Rohini" she said

He looked up startled

"Vaa daa" she begged

"Leave the kids with me"

"BTW Amma Appa dont wnat to see me they want to see the kids" II argued

Mahavir brought him more coffee

"Appa can we go look at the art exhibition at school?" Nivi asked

It was open for family over the weekend

"she made a fountain and golden turkeys" one twins said

R&B chuckled

"Its not turkeys its a swan, and Appa can look at it first" Nivi was hurt

"IT LOOKS LIKE A TURKEY" the twin yelled

"U are a turkey!!" Nivi shot back

"U are a worm" the twin responded

"A BOOK WORM" Nivi said smugly

"U eat worms" the twin said the other one made faces "GA ROSE... UGHHH Nivi ka eats worms" "She loves slugs too"

II walked over and dragged both off R&B

"SAY SOMETHING" she hissed at R&B

"I dont eat worms Appa" Nivi said

He picked her up and sat her down on his lap

II dragged the boys

"I am going to Rohini, lets go" she warned

"ammm thatha only has the old PS3 I dont wnat to play that... and he doesnt even let us go down on the lift Ammma"

They whined all the way up

R&B showed a few minutes later when she had stripped them down, Nivi had already showered, he watched the boys have a water gun fight, took sides shot water balloons made the bathroom a big watery mess and when they all stepped out it was nearly 2 PM
Ranjan took a nap, she dozed  after a shower on her sun room bed as Sahana nursed

the boys watched a movie in the 2nd floor living room, with a post shower snack

He walked over to where she was and lay by her

"Did u get a direct flight?" she asked

He nodded

"Its been so cold this year, u are the only guy that will show up in shorts" she whispered

He leaned forward and kissed her slowly

Sahana stopped and stared... and immediately turned and climed on her Daddeee

"I make jealous insecure kids" she hissed

"Yeah wonder where they get THAT from" he whispered chuckling on her lips, as his daughter slithered over him

It was a nice sunny afternoon, the fog cleared up to reveal blue skies

"Sam wants us to go for dinner too, did u tell her u are here?" she asked

He shook his head smiling, stopping her from closing up her shirt, cupping a curve

He groaned, nestling his head on her curves

He peeked at her through sleepy eyes, as Ii soothed and patted his head... he nibbled

A fat arm smacked his cheek like she was saying "GET OFF her"

II laughed hysterically

"I thought u loved Daddee"

"Yeah sure... only until u touch her granary" II gasped, laughing

He hugged the two women
"Well... u need to tell her it was a sex toy before it became her food source" he said mock bitterly

"I can believe u are competing with her" II said startled

"Well... u need to have a 1:1 with this one to tell her whos who" he teased on her tip

"That makes two of us" she whispered arching
They both were jealous of the attention their kids received from the other person.

 "There is a startup summit of sorts for a week"

"Delhi leya?" (in Delhi?)

He nodded and yawned

"We shud split up the kids" he whispered

"No u shud take them all" she mocked, leaning over him with her shirt undone her lacy traingle scraps shrunk and crushed

"And u?" he asked kissing her

"I can go back to Rohini" she whispered

He kissed her hard, tasting her.

"And go return some dude's 5 bucks" she groaned

His hand caressed her bare back, Sahana dozed and breathed steadily

"Go to Rohini with me" she said

He nodded reluctantly

They managed to get there by 7
The boys shot through the lobby, pressing all the elevator buttons
R&B carried Sahana, he carried the youngest, he was a baby carrier, he loved doing that

II coralled the boys, at the mall she usually leashed them, after losing one at Saket Mall one afternoon a year ago
She took an elevator with the boys, he took one with the girls, they pressed EVERY button from 1 through 10
Amma Appa's was 7th, but still they made II go all the way up and then come down

R&B and the girls waited... he didnt want to knock without her

II carried BAGS of things, snacks, veggies, stuff she happened to "find" for their new home in her shopping trips

Appa opened the door, older now.. and weaker too, they heard the TV volume go down and it took a good 3 mins for him to get to the door

The boys started banging impatiently

"THATHAAA" they yelled

Appa was shocked to see dude

II hadnt told him

"U are here?" he asked

R&B nodded
Sahana dozing on his shoulder, turned to look and turned away

"Appa otti" II hissed (glued to daddy)

Appa reached for Sahana she squirmed and shrieked

The boys were long gone...  changing channels supersonically, increasing the volume

"Yes yes... welcome" Appa nodded

"Thanks Mr Iyer" R&B nodded

"She never told me" Appa grumbled  "I would have gone to Malai Mandir and strategically returned when you were about to leave, and arm twisted my daughter into staying the night with kids" Appa plotted secretly

"She didnt tell me either" R&B declared  "I would have delayed my return and got in Monday evening"
II wandered towards the bedrooms looking for Amma

Amma walked out of their bedroom, with her laptop in her hand and her face broke into a huge smile
The twins careened into her "Paati can we play Ninjago on ur laptop?" they begged

And what WOULD have been Periappa's room still had his bed and his table fan in a corner,
the study desk was also in this room now as it was a three bedroom apartment... she lingered on the doorway looking in

Her first stop at DII, periappa's room, was her first stop at Rohini as well

Except it was empty now... for years

Posted: 6 years ago
Yeah Nisha. Thank you. The green flag is out and the ' maglev ' is levitated and has hit the track'.
Posted: 6 years ago
"He groaned, nestling his head on her curves

He peeked at her through sleepy eyes, as Ii soothed and patted his head... he nibbled

A fat arm smacked his cheek like she was saying "GET OFF her"

II laughed hysterically

"I thought u loved Daddee"

"Yeah sure... only until u touch her granary" II gasped, laughing"

Tastes as sweet as the first drop of water to a parched throat .
Thanks. Loved it.
Inevitable but even loosing periappa in the future wrings your heart .
Appa and the dude ... The feeling's mutual
Posted: 6 years ago
Periappa is gone?? Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha, how was the week?. And your open house.

Posted: 6 years ago
WoW Tongue Tongue

Super cute update...
2 days wait was like 2 years...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

Periappa is gone??Cry

Yeah it's 10 yrs in to the future and he has long been gone.
Hope he got to spend some time with Nivi.
Posted: 6 years ago
I think i need time to let this sink in
Cant imagine Periappa gone
Cant think of the entire happy and noisy and hungama wala update before i read the last line.

I cant even feel bad for the kids or dude or II staying away for months like this

I cant even go back to laughing like i was minutes before at sahana's act

I cant even  of how a typing error aa wife to oife added so much value to that line 

I would like to give myself some time to tearup and bring myself to terms with the fact that Periappa will be gone CryCryCry

Edited by NSB7 - 6 years ago

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