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Posted: 2015-10-09T02:32:54Z
Hey all...
Have written something after a very very long tym..
Hope u all lyk it . .
Its a short story..
May nxt Will b d last part.. lets c..
Here its goes...


Priya - moreover..i... i th..think we need a break from each other.. 

And with that she left..

Ram just stood der speechless not able to believe wt just happend..
He was still in shock with the confession of his priya loving him just as much as he loves her..
He wanted to say so much to her bt not a word came out of his mouth..
And now when she left he felt so empty realising wt al he said to her.. goddamn hw the hell did he said al those rubbish to priya ..
He sat on the bed his head burried in his hands and hot tears rolled dwn his cheeks..
For the first tym in his life Ram Kapoor felt so emotionally broken that he was numb with every single thing..
Right now only priyas crying face and her emotional breakdown was the only thing cmng in front of his eyes..
He felt like a fool..just as priya said..who was playing stupid confession games ..
That idiot vikram .. oh he want to kill him ryt nw..
But that can wait .. ryt nw it was just priya.. his priya.. who loved him.. this bought a slight smile to his lips..

No .. he has to do something ryt nw.. he cannot just sit here and wallow in grief..
He hv to confess everything to priya..
Bt hw ??
She is not ready to hear a single thing.. bt den he desereved dt..

With a new determination he stood up rubbing his face clean he looked at d watch.. it was just 7 in d mrng..
He had 12hrs to spend before d fashion show and nw he was to determined, come wt, he is gng to make everything perfect..
A perfect beautiful life which he has been dreaming off since d day he realised his feelings for priya in U.S, which was d very reason of his cmng back so early here and nw when he knows wt priya feels and wt he has made her go through he has lot of things to make it upto her..

He was pacing back and Forth thinking hard wt to do..
His initial thought of calling her was of no use when he saw her mobile phn shredded into pieces lying on the floor...
Which made him more restless to hljust barged into sharma house and take her in his arms right der and den..
Bt no he cannot take dt risk.. 
He needed her all to himself.. no one to disturb them and for that he need to fet priya out of dt house to some place where he can make it upto her...

Yes yes yes !
He jumped lyk a love sick teenager when a brilliant idea flashed his mind..
Oh priya i just cant wait nw and  m sure this will make u happy and i can get my priya back...

He dialled a number and talked in lenghts and only after getting satisfied he disconnected d cal..

Step 1 done!

Nw Step 2..  
He dialled Neha...
In single ring she picked up d cal and started asking questions in a panicked state..

Ram - just shutup neha !
He uttered in a stone cold voice which made her stop in an instant as she felt the intensity in his voice.

Neha - Ram..

Ram - I want to meet u and dt idiot husband of urs.. ryt nw!
And i hope u won't delay ur arrival here at my place.. m waiting !
And with that he disconnected..

He was genuinely upset with neha and vikram bt den Ram and Priya ver adults they shoukd hv used der brains too..
Anyways wt is done is done..
And now he has to pay for wtever hpnd..
So y not make them go thru some of his undergoings too...

He had an hr and half nw to 9AM..
He decided to get fresh and b ready as when they arrive is ready to roll his plan in action...

At 8 he was all set and just den neha and vikram barged in his room all dishelved and panicked with guilt written all over der face...
At dt tym only Ram forgave dem for wt hpn.. he smiled inwardly a bit bt den again got d poker face...
Neha closed d door...just in case...

Vikram - ram kya hua tune aise kyun bulaya.. sab theek hai na... pr..priya kahan per hai dik..dikhai nahi de rahi...

Ram - thnx to u .. she left...!

Vik neha - wt !!!!
To say dt dey ver shocked was n understatement moreover rams expressions were nt helping der state..

Neha - fatty .. ye sab k..kaise.. i mean.. i.. i am sorry.. w..we .. are sorry.. 
Hume bilkul nahi pata tha k ye sab aise...
We j..just wanted to h.. help..

Neha choked while speaking as a tear rolled down her eye seeing ram so broken hurt and devoid of any feelings...

Neha was a smart women and she knew ram inside out.. she dint need any explnations of wt would hv hpnd between Ram and Priya as she knows hw priya too ..

Vik - neha plz .. 
He hugged his wife consoling her..
He felt too bad dt bcz of dem ram is in such a state..
The night which should b d happiest in der lyf has turned out to b a disaster for Ram And Priya..

Ram felt really bad seeing his best friends lyk dis .. inspite of wt has hpnd he cannot blame dem completely..
He knew him and priya were equally responsible.. 
And dt he knows wt he has to do he dint wanted to wait a single min..

Ram went near to dem hugged neha tightly consoling her saying dt its al ok and ders no need to b sorry..
And she was his darling and he cannot see her lyk dis..

Ram - common neha ab bas b karo yaar.. vikram kuch bol na teri biwi ko..

Vikram - ram ..

Ram - oh go no vikram ab tu b mat chalu jo jaana..
Jo hua so hua ab tum log bas karo ..
He shouted which made dem look at ram in a surprised way..

Ram- aise dekhne ki koi zarurat nai he.. aur itna he guilty feel ho raha he to me jo keh raha hun vo karke dikhao..
So bolo r u in?

Vik - ram kya baat he.. kya kehna chahta he..

Ram - jo kuch bhi hua nahi hona chahiya tha..
Party me jo hua so hua .. ghar aake bhi boht kuch hua he aur uski vajah se priya chali gai he aur vo meri shakal tak dekhna nahi chahti he..

Neha - r..r..ram.. pr..priya...

Ram - nahi neha.. jo kuch hua uska zimmedar me khud ho aur ab me sab thik karna chahta hun varna boht der ho jayegi..

Ram dint wanted to share wt hpnd btw him and priya as he tho8 dt it was way to personal nd nw he understood wt cik meant when he said dt der r Thngs which shld remain only btw husband wife...

Neha - ram tu bas bol kya karna he..
Vik - ha ram u just say hum tere saath he aur is bar pakka koi gadbad nai hogi...

With dt al 3 just smiled..

Ram - ok.. i hv a plan and i want ur help..

He xplained dem everything and neha was jumping in excitement..

Neha -wow fatty maine kabhi nahi socha tha k tum itne romantic ho sakte ho... hayye i cant just wait tk see priya after...

Ram - bas neha nt a word more..he felt embarrassed bt den he was happy..

Vik - kya ram tu sharma raha he.. neha dekho to .. hum khamo kha iske liye pareshaan ho rahe the..
Ye to ekdum expert nikla yaar..

Ram - shutup vikram..

Vikram and neha laughed pulling rams leg some more and den all 3 ver back to work as dey dnt hv more tym...

Neha - fatty abhi tym nahi he boht kaam isliye tumhe chod rahi hun...

Ram - ha ha ab tu kaam kar apna aur mujhe apna karne de.. me and vikram r  leaving nw aur at 9 sharp we vil see u at
...WESTIN ...

Neha - ram per agar priya ne. ..

Ram - mujhe kuch nahi sunna.. tu kuch bhi kar kaise b kar i want it to b done... and on tym ...

With dt he left ...

To b continue..
If u lyk do comment. ..
Thank you...
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Posted: 2015-10-09T03:34:18Z
Seems Ram has planned something romantic along with Neha Vik to surprise Priya.
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Posted: 2015-10-09T03:46:41Z
Superb update
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-10-09T03:49:37Z
can't wait..yaar jaldi se next part update Karo.

this one is too gud.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-10-09T04:57:32Z
Superrb update..
Plz continue soon..
And if possible plz pm me frm next tym..
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Posted: 2015-10-09T08:43:17Z
Beautiful update...
Pls continue...
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Posted: 2015-10-09T11:15:31Z
wow ve beautiful update 
Waiting for next..
Pls continue soon
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Posted: 2015-10-09T12:30:34Z
tooo gud.. pls continue soon
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