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Posted: 6 years ago

What happens when B i g B o s s meets 2012.


"The H u n g e r Games"


Come witness the craziest reality show from the future with a


Z e a l o u s t w i s t.


|| CrazyInfinities || .Chasmish || supriya.ipkknd || -Teekhimishti- ||

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The fluorescent pink hair sparkled almost blinding the servant who had come to serve Miss Effie Trinket a glass of the Capitol Wine which tasted nearly like mud amalgamated with soda.


"The mourners have gathered, Miss Trinket. It is time to see them weep",the servant stated as matter-of-fact.


Effie left out a heavy sigh as she walked towards the stage. She scanned her eyes through the grim crowd.

'Why do they always look like they will cry every time I enter this stage! I am THE most beautiful lady in this square at the moment! Yet nobody ischecking me out! They are staring at me as if I am a monkey dressed as their bride!'


She gave a huge smile to the cameras rolling on her and took the mike in her hand.

"Welcome Welcome! Welcome each one of you to your grand funeral", she announced, the eternal smile still plastered across her face.


"As per ceremony, I have to recite the yawn inducing story of how the Capitol crushed the Districts for the 19319361283th time and you all have to stare at me blankly like you anyways do"she continued very slowly.


"A long time ago, a country magically appeared from the ashes of North America and we called it Panem. Yes, Even I hate the name. It sounds like the name of an ancient ghost!"

"Back to our pointless story, the districts ringing Panem commenced a war against the Capitol, I have no idea why. So after a lot of kung fu action and drama the Capitol decided that the source of all our bad luck was the number of districts being 13 and so we obliterated the 13th district completely."


"A treaty was made in which every year a girl and a boy will be chosen to die from each district but not before entertaining us in the Capitol with your huntingkilling and kissing talents"Effie looked proudly at the faces sketched with we-can't-take-any-more-blabbering-from-you-get-it-over-with-quickly expressions in front of her.


Her eyes fell on a girl at the far back-side who she looked ready to doze off any moment. Effie realised if she wanted a conscious audience, she needed to wrap it up soon.


"So since none of you are smart enough to leave this place, which neither gives you food nor any safety, we are gathered here to select two amongst you who will enter this prestigious funeral festival to be a television celebrity before ultimately getting killed"she completed.

"Without wasting anymore of my precious time, I wish you Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour! ", said Effie, walkingdelightfully towards the bowl.


She could almost feel the crowd's tangible tension as she dug her hand into the bowl filled with slips etched with the names of all the girls standing in front of her looking as pale as a deer about to be hit by a car. She pulled out one the next moment, resulting in a collective gasp from the crowd and walked towards the mike.

"I have the name of the girl tribute in my hands right now, in this slip. Yes. Slip. A piece of paper. Because the Capitol is too advanced to use an electronic system. Obviously being in the 40th century has no relevance here. We use technology only to build customized wild dogs to send after tributes in the arena", she said, unfolding the slip in her hand simultaneously.



Katniss Everdeen stood in the eighth row staring at the slip in Effie's hand as if it would burn from her glare.

'C'mon. Just burn already! Why am I not a super hero? This is just the perfect moment to realize that I am one. C'mon! Super powers! Come to me! Come to mama!... OKAY! This is NOT working. So maybe there is a slight chance that I am not a fireball machine. Maybe I am an ice ball machine or a I possess invisibility powers or maybe ...'


"The girl tribute from District 12 is..."


'Oh mi God! OH-MI-GOD! I think I'm going to have a panic attack. I can't breathe. Oh My God. Wait. Why is this guy next to me staring at my chest? Dude. What? Something written on them? GO AND STARE AT YOUR OWN! He is still staring?!  I bet it's your name on that slip Mr. Jerk. It better be. What if it's mine? Oh My God. I am very happy starving to death here. Don't say Katniss Everdeen. Don't say Katniss Everdeen. Don't say Katniss Everdeen'


"Prim Everdeen!"


'It's not me?! Oh My God! It's not me! Hurray! I-AM-THE-BOSS. YOU-ALL-ARE-LOSERS. Can I jump up and down? Will people notice? Wait.Did she say Prim? Prim Everdeen? Why does that name sound familiar? Oh My God. Isn't that my sister? What..Why..How..Will...What?'


Katniss's radiant visage turned into a wreckage.


'Why did my parents need to have 2 daughters? Wasn't one enough?'


Amidst the crowd Katniss saw Prim walk slowly towards the stage, each step weighted down. Katniss turned her face away from her to look at her mother already fallen to ground and letting out anguish cries. She rolled her eyes.


'Great. The melodramatic queen finds her voice today. Does the world have no empathy for me? Why is Prim looking back at me? Great! This is just fabulous! Happy Funeral Katniss Everdeen. Yes darling sister. No need to look at me again and again with those glossy, enchanting eyes of yours. I am your sister. Not your boyfriend!'


Katniss cheered herself in her head "Go Kat" as she stepped away from her line and walked towards the stage. The next moment, two guards came running towards her, placing a firm arm on her shoulder.

"Relax cronies. Just going over there to put a hammer across my skull. I am not going to kill your Miss Pink Hair". Katniss said.

"Is there a problem gentlemen?", she heard Effie Trinket's voice on the microphone.

"Yes. You, obviously", Katniss murmured to herself.


"I volunteer to die.. I mean..umm.. I volunteer as tribute. My name is Katniss Everdeen", Katniss announced disinterestedly.


The skies could have fallen down. The ruthless guards could have started dancing. The microphone in her hands could have grown ears.


But Effie Trinket would not have looked more gobsmacked by them than at this new revelation, her heart dancing with ebullience on finally getting some action in this coal squandered district she had been stuck with since a long time.


Katniss witnessed the euphoria on an otherwise insipid face that exhibited an eternal, vacuous smile, as she took long strides towards the stage and stood next to Effie.


She looked in front of the large crowd all gawking at her.


"What an amazing thing to do! You must be her sister?", Effie said to Katniss.


"Unfortunately", muttered Katniss under her breath.


As Effie moved forward to pick the slip carrying the name of the boy tribute, something odd happened. At first a few, then the next row and slowly every person in the crowd touched their three middle fingers to their lips and held it out into the sky, a symbol that marked admirationand reverence, a good-bye to someone you loved.

tribute to a tribute...


Overwhelmed by emotions, Katniss snatched the microphone from Effie's hands. The crowd smiled at her anticipating a teary speech ahead.


"I... I...", she started, unable to form words, "I want to say to all of you that.. that... TAKE YOUR GRAND SALUTE AND SHOVE IT IN YOUR POCKETS. Admit it! Inside you all are jumping with joy that it's not you. You are overjoyed at the fact that you don't have sisters with captivating eyes!  I am going to die here, thanks to a terrible joke by probability, a subject that I completely abhor by the way, and all you can do is kiss your three fingers? That must be so painful for you people! I am screwed and you are glad it's not you! Go to hell ALL OF YOU!", she completed, satisfied.


To her confoundment, one by one, the hands went down and the peaceful visage on their faces metamorphosed into bewilderment and slowly into utter rage. She saw them take small steps forward and the next moment, broke into a quick run, charging towards her.

"What did you just say!"

"What the hell!"

"Let us take care of her ourselves if you know what I mean"

"Catch her!!"


"What is going on here?", Katniss muttered, flabbergasted.

"I think your hunger games have already commenced, my dear. Have fun with the odds", Effie replied.

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Posted: 6 years ago
interesting, had a good read!

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