Raya OS : i only want you

Posted: 2015-10-06T08:47:19Z
I only want you... nothing else
She untied the knot of her apron.
Released her hair which were tied in bun.
Adjusted her pallu that was struck on her waist
on the left side.
wiping the sweat from her face she came out of
the kitchen. she entered the room.. there was
silence. nobody was there in the room, infact
nobody was there in KM except her. She went to
mirror and looked at herself, her hair was
disheveled ,she noticed that she needs face
wash.. She changed her saree which was navy
blue in colour. Washed her face. Then came to
the mirror, she does not need to use any makeup
items to look beautiful.. a bindi and a light shade
lipstick on her rosy lips can compliment her
beauty. She filled her mang wid red vermilion. A
pinch of vermilion on her forehead increases the
radiance of her winsome beauty, adjusting her
mangalsutra she looked in the mirror for final
look. She was looking the deity of beauty.
She checks the mobile to know the time .. it
shows 8:00 pm . She sat on the bed taking the
photo frame that had their photo. she smiled
looking at her man's pic. . kya mr, kapoor aj bhi
, from last consecutive weeks you r coming late.
I miss you mr.kapoor kam se kam aj to jaldi a
sakte thy na.. aj to and she smiled thinking
about the speciality of the day. Her cheeks
turned red like tomato . she got lost in her
thought that she didn't guess his presence. She
came out of her thought when he tapped on her
She looked at him he asked kaha khoyi thi...
hmm? He smiled, knowing the reason..
Kuch nhi .. app fresh ho jaiye.. I will get you
In kitchen..
The coffee was ready and she was pouring it in
to the cup when he entered the kitchen with cat
paws and hugged her from back, snaking his
hand on her waist. His touch made her shivered,
the few drops of tea dropped down on the
marble rack from the filter ... He smiled seeing
her state and kissed her ear lobe.
Chodiye na mr.kapoor .. she said
He kissed her neck nd released her ..
She kept the cup on the tray..
Achaa garden mein chale.. see weather is so
pleasant na.. let have the coffee there.. he said
She nodded yes..
At garden
Hmmm.. waooo she exclaimed .. mr.kapoor you
are right . mausam is awesome..
Taking a sip of his coffee he looked at her.. her
rosy lips were curved in sweet smile and the wind
was playing wid her silky strand.. his heart
rejoiced seeing the beautiful sight.. he want to
treasure the moment..
When he did not respond she looked at him.. nd
found him gazing at her..
She winked ..
Nothing priya .. you are looking beautiful... she
blushed on the compliment..
They walked in the garden enjoying the
They kept their cup on the table.. and sat on
the swing..
The swing was moving in a light motion..
He took her right hand in his.. and circled her
back wid other hand.. she rested her head on his
shoulder.. they were very close to eachother..
Ram: baki sab kahan hai..
Priya: pihu, Rishabh and saumya ke sath ke gyi..
madam ko kuch toys chahiye thy to bas jid karne
lagi.. and dadi aur ma satsang mein gyi hai ..
( lolzz I want them to be out of the scene..
nothing else..)
Ram: hmm... but its good na at least we got
some time alone for eachother..
Priya: han pr sab thodi der mein aa Jayengy...
she paused and said sorry
He asked .. sorry for what...?
Vo I didn't plan anything for today. .. aur waise
bhi mein sabko kya bolti... pihu bhi mere agy
piche ghumti rehti hai.. kaise karti.. kya batai..
she sheid nd looked down..
He made her to look at him.. nd said you could
have told them na.. ki aj hamari anniversary..
6years ago this is the same day when we
became one soul .. it was 12march... They were
looking into each other eyes.
Their heart joyed wid wonderful feeling .. its
been six year stills the memories of their 1st
moment has never faded for a second from their
heart.. it still fresh like a new bud..
Breaking the eye lock he said I have something
for you..
I know mr kapoor what is it.. again expensive
jewellery or sareee..
He smiled and said again you are right as
always.. he took out the small box.. and opened
the box.. n there was a beautiful diamond ring.
He slides it in her finger...
Its beautiful... mr.kapoor very nice ring I loved
it.. but maine kitne baar kaha hai I don't want
these expensive items.. mr. Kapoor sometimes I
feel bad , guilty..
He gave perplexed look..
She continued.. mrkapoor today whatever I have
, these expensive jwelleries ,sarees, companies
that you have been gifting me all these year is
yours... I have not much money that I could gift
you these expensive gift.. I cant give any thing
mr. kapoor .. her eyes filled wid tears.. nd she
looked down to hide them. And I don't want these
things.. I only want you.. beside me ,always..!!!
He stopped the swing by touching the feet on
the ground
He cupped her face and lifted her face to him...
Tugging the strands behind her ear.. he said
Why are you saying like this, that you have
nothing to gift me.. he smiled,,,
You know one thing priya, you have gifted me
priceless joy, your true love, and most precious
you gave me my doll PIHU.. these things cant be
measure in term of money like the cost of rings
and bungalow..i could never buy these happiness
by expending money and property that I have.. I
cant find any other person who love ME, not my
property, who love me without any selfish
reason.. who accept me wid all my bad habit...
these expensive gifts are valueless if I compare
your devotion, your love for me..
She was looking in his eyes wen he was pouring
his heart for her..
The unconditional love for each other got
brimmed in their eyes
He continued I buys these things for you , bcoz I
know my wife very well.. meri biwi ko na kabhi bhi
kuch apne liye nhi chahiye hota...
You never think about yourself.. that's why I
buys these for you..
And one more thing mera jo khuch bhi hai sab
tumhara hai .. kissing her hand he said ...so
don't dare to say again like this...
Tear welled up in her eyes seeing his love for
Priya: thank you ram I LOVE YOU...
He wiped her tears from... Her cheeks... and
gave a surprise and confused look..
Why are you so surprised mr.kapoor??? she
No I was just thinking ki you said I LUV U
..you.. ? jise ek baar mera naam lene ko bolo to
itna sharmati... hai..
She laughed .. mai sharmati hun mr.kapoor mai??
Mr kapoor app shayad bhul rhe hai ki I was the
first who confess my love for you.. and this day
6 six years ago.. how could you forget .. I took
the first step otherwise app to chal diye thy
GOODNIGHT bolkar.. she smiled.. and he turned
red.. her golu husband blushed... he rolled his
tongue in his mouth embarrassingly
Achha ab andar chale m hungry..
She laughed over the way he diverted the
They entered the hall...
Priya :mr.kapoor every thing is ready bas puriya
banana hai.. it will take little time soo you can
watch tv..
No I will help you.. he said..
She smiled help mr,kapoor let it be.. app help
karna to dur mughe kam bhi nhi karne dengy...
And she walked to the kitchen.. he also followed
She switched on the gas knob.. put the pan ,
poured some oil.. and started rolling the
dough..while he was searching something to eat.
He finds a bowl filled with gazar ka halwa..
He praised as he ate first morsel .. hmmm
yummy priya .. delicious dessert..
She turned .. mr kapoor ap bachhe hai kya.. abhi
kyu .. dinner ke baad khate na.
App kabhi meri baat kyu... before she could
continued he filled her mouth with spoonful of
halwa.. she eats and wen her mouth got little
empty.. she again tried to scold him.. but this
time he used his way to shut her up...
They were enjoying the sweetness of dessert
together.. he snaked his hand on her waist.. she
could feel the touch . the electrifying sensation
was passing in her body through the flimsy
material of saree... . he started caressing her
back while exploring her mouth.. he kissed her
for some minutes..
He breaks the kiss.. she was panting badly.., his
breath was also high,, but his gaze was fixed on
her.. still she was in the heavenly pleasure...
His gazed broke when the voice of horn traveled
in his ear..
She was still looking down.. she did not want to
look in his eyes.. she knew she wouldnot control
herself... I think sab aa gaye... she said..
Hmmm .. m going.. he said.
Ek minute.. she stooped him..
Taking the end of her pallu she wiped the
smeared mark of her lipstick from his lips.. and
with red cheeks she looked down..
He leaned and whispered in he ears... you too
wipe the mark it also got smudged on you lips..
and saying this he left the place..
When he came out of the kitchen..
He saw his small princess in drowsy state in her
chachu's arms..
But the moment she saw her papa.. she open her
eyes ..
Aa gyi meri Rockstar.. he said he took her in his
arm from him..
Saumya & Rishbh left for their room..
Pihu: papa m very tired .. where is mumma..??
He took her in the kitchen..
She was still in his arm.. he stood by priya.. pihu
leaned and kissed priya's cheek..
She looked at her.. aa gya mera baccha.. is my
baby hungry...?,,
Noo mumma pihu ka tummy full hai,,, but mamma
apne halwa banaya hai na..??
Haan baby par apka to tummy full hai..
Han mumma mai abhi khaungi warna papa sara
finish krdengy subha tak.. she pouted her lips..
Ram priya laughed on her innocent talk..
He gently patted her back said.. bhut shaitaan
ho gyi hain meri Rockstar..,
Rockstar papa nhi khayengy.. app chalo ab soo
jao.. u have school tomorrow.
And they went to room.. while priya got busy
After few min... pihu was sleeping in her room..
And raya were having their dinner in their royal
They were feeding eachother...
Thank you priya ... he said..
For what mr.kapoor..??
For this.. ye allo puri, gazar ka halwa... and all..
tumne to mughe mughse bhi acha gift de diya..
She laughed.. and teased him.. don't be so
happy mr.kapoor kal apko karela ka juice
What is this yaar.. this not fair... he got angry..
She again laughed seeing his face... mr,kapoor
don't get angry I was jst pulling your leg..
Ohh u were teasing me.. hmmm soo u r going to
pay for this..
Before he colud get hold of her.. she ran into the
Kaha bhago gi priya.. u have to come... he said..
After a while she came out wearing his favourite
He looked at her..
She was combing her hair..
He hugged her from back shifting her hair on
right shoulder he kissed her neck.. nuzzling her
shoulder he said in husky voice you are beautiful
I want you...
She turned and circling her hand around his neck
and wid a naughty grin she said..
So who stopped you.. Mr.kapoor..
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Posted: 2015-10-06T09:30:32Z
too gud.
romantic. lovely.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-10-06T09:51:28Z
Superb romantic update...
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Posted: 2015-10-06T10:01:43Z
Superb n very cute part
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Posted: 2015-10-06T10:37:04Z
Hv read dis b4..
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Posted: 2015-10-06T11:30:43Z
Superb romantic update...
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Posted: 2015-10-06T11:54:09Z
Lovely OS
nicely described...
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Posted: 2015-10-07T09:30:47Z
Awesome as always
Raya celebrated their anniversary in their style
Ram with love brought gift for his wife but Priya seems to be gulity as she didn't buy but happy to found the love of her man
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