Fan Fic Part9 MOST ROMANTIC!!!!

Posted: 15 years ago

Ok here we go.. waiting 4 the LONG weekend i though why not write out fan fiction!!!!!!! ok cont from last week in the kitchen


Armaan n jassi r hugging each other when the door bell rings..  jassi n armaan withdraw from each other and jassai goes to open the door n armaan follows! Its jassi's parents....

Amrit. Baba N Billu: are happy to see jassi n then come in!

A: Papaji, main appsa kahnha chata tha ki hum ab magni ki tayriyaa shru karta hai everyone is happy n jassi runs in side everyone agrees m  the tayriya r on!!!!!!!!!


Armaan: Jassi! Jassi! Jassi! the gang is watching and giggling armaan is annoyed n goes to his cabin....

He grabs his stress ball n starts fumbling with it when jassi enter..

J: Armaan kya hai, kyun chiala raha ho?

Armaan: Who huma shopping karna jana hai!

J: oh!!!!! lakin mujhe kaam hai, naya collection sar pa hai aur... armaan is really annoyed n says ok tho phir main kudh jaaka aapni shopping karlata hoo! Clap (hehe) ok bye!

J: Mujhe bhi yana hai!

A: Kaha!

J: Who tum mujhe.... tum chalo main batati hoo!

They both sit in  the car armaan is paranoyed! LOL 

Jassi makes armaan stop the car rite in front of Millionar Bombay! and they both go in armaan is kinda confused but follows quitly...

Shopkeeper: May i help u ma'am

J: Yes who jo collection maina appko design karna ka liya bola tha kya who tyirra hai!

SP: Yes Ma Am this way! both follow! the Shopkeeper puts down lots of different outfits jassi aks armaan to go through them n pick n so does she armaan dosent know n gives up so jassi picks! she picks him this:


and asks armaan to go try it on... armaan goes n tries it and jassi is amazed to see armaan so handsome n cute! armaan stands there dumb like no one... jassi just nods n armaan goes back to change...

A: Ab kya!

J: kuch nahi.. she turns to the SK and says can u pack this

Armaan is confused n jassi sees the confusion n says Kya?

A: Kya, Kya!

J: Mujhe aasi kyun dekraha hi

A: Yeh kiska liya

J: Grins, woo abhi batati hoo they go sit in the car n he asks again

A: Yhe kis ka liya hai

J: Sighs, armaan appko pata hai meri hobby hai ka main sabko ek gift dati hooo.... aur khe mera doosara BF ka liya hai


J: Oh ho armaan tum bhi naa, tum batao yhe kis ka liya ho satta hai

A: Ab tum hi bata do ka tumahra kitna BF's hai aur ya kis liya hai

J: Armaan yhe tumhara liya hai!

A: Ya i KNOW!

J: Good! ab mujhe appna doosra BF sa milna jaana hai

Armaan looks at her in shock..

A: Kaun

J: Mera ko appna ARMAAN se milna hai jo har baat pair maazak kartha tha, armaan smiles n his mood is lightned! they both hug n drive off to find jassi a engagement dress... ok well the next part will be the engagent lets cont.

Evryone is there and so is armaan everyone is waiting 4 jassi... armaan cant wait to see jassi.. when no one is lookking he snneks up to Jassi's room

 Armaan knocks at the door

J: Aandar aajo darwaza kulha hai, when armaan enters he finds a jassi in crimson red trying to tie her blows from the back..

J: Babe: meri madat karo naa, armaan moves foward...

J: Babe yaldi karo na w/o saying domething armaan starts to tie her blouse.... when its done jassi turns to see armaan

J: Armaan app yaha kya kar raha ho????

Armaan puts his fingure on jassi's lip....

A: Shhhhhhhhhh (SRK STYLE!)

They both look into each others eyes... armaan puts his hand on jassi face n with his other hand reaches for her dupatta on her bed and wraps it around her....  he kisses her slightly on the cheek n wispers in her ear... tum ajj bauth sundar lag rahie hoo! jassi closes her eyes as she feels armaan hand move to her back and him kissing her neck! jassi starts to move away when armaan pulls her back n they look into each others eyes deep into eachothers eyes.... armaan sits jassi on her bed n help her put on her bangles still looking into her eyes, then kisses her hands.. then he puts on her tikka n kisses her forehead... jassi closes her eyes and he kisses her eyes n then he moves to her lip.. n stops jassi opens her eyes and hugs him tightly..

J: Abhi nahie armaan.. please armaan is mute enjoying the moment.. enjoying jassi ruffling through his hair n armaan through jassi's....  after a long hug jassi n armaan withrdraw from each other.... jassi wispers to him.. app jaho ab! armaan looks at her n says! I love u jassi.. main tumhara bina mar.... jassi puts her hand on her lips n hugs him...

J: Armaan aapko meri kasam pleae app phir aasa kuch nahie kaho ga! please...  armaan kisses her forehead n leaves....

Ok the next part will be up tommorow! PLEASE comment n tell me in if u want to read abt a scean or a situction on whatver! see u guys tomm!!!

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Posted: 15 years ago
oh wow that was something hope somehing like this happens injjkn ....pls forward this to t&d ...let them learn somethingSmile
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Posted: 15 years ago


*Gushes all over floor, goes to get mop and clean it up*
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Posted: 15 years ago
thanks everyone!!!!!!!! please keep commeanting!
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Posted: 15 years ago
yaar neha i have to go read the other fan-fics of yours. it was awesome. please continue.
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Posted: 15 years ago

that was sweet! Smile

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Posted: 15 years ago

Awww.......... plz continue i want read MORE!!!!!!!!!! ClapExcellent Job!

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Posted: 15 years ago

AWWWW...soo cute.....Clap

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