raya os..... ek pal kabhi jo dur hue... to dard hazaro sehte hai

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this os is taken from the niharika ko expose krna
wala jo pk ka plan tha.. jb vo ram ko divorce
dena chahti thi property bachane ke liye...
he torn the paper and hurled it in the air.. said :
divorce chahiye tumhe , mai bhi dekhta hu ki tum
mughse divorce kaise leti ho. saying this he
ascended for his room.. her eyes followed his
step till his room. one side she was happy that
he didnot accepted the paper, he didnot broke
her trust, loves her so much, but her heart was
aching with sharp pain that she hurted him so
much . he has been in a distress for 3days nd
top of that she hurted him more more..
she entered the room , seeing the room see
guessed , he didnot take care of anything, he
was so disciplined, always used to keep his room
perfect nd clean . the room was in a mess..
things were lying here and there.. she started
cleaning the room.. almost she done . when the
door of washroom opened and he cameout , she
looked at him, he was wearing the same kurta
payejama, which she worn in the morning after
their consumatiom.. all the memories obnubilate
on their mind. they reminicised their momemt and
were looking into each other eyes.. he smiled at
heart at being noticed by her.. his plan is
working... breaking the eye lock he said go and
change you saree.. she respond and headed
toward the changing room without speaking a
single word without apposing him , actually she
was not in a position to do oppose him. his
immense love , his tactics, actions were making
her weak. she could see how much love he has
for her, it clearly visible through his eyes . she
went to change while he called bansi for dinner..
after few min
she came out from the changing room, ram was
making the dinner table, he looked at her nd in a
soft voice he said: change kr liya come let have
but his queen again came in her mood to hurt
priya: plzz mr.kapoor dont show me your over
concerned ok.. mughe bhook nhi hai
she took step toward couch , sat there nd lifting
her legs up adusting herself upon the couch she
lied down..
ram: plzz priya tum mughse naraz ho, thik hai pr
khana to khalo.
priya:mr kapoor apko ek baar mein samgh nhi
ataa kaha na maine ki nhi khana mughe to nhi
khana, upar se ma ke ghar mein to sare kam krne
padte hai yaha ki trh naukar to hai nhi waha pr.
uske bad shopping.. ab thak to jaungi na... mr
kapoor ye sab natak band kariye plzz.. she said
in a harsh tone.
ram:ok my darling to aise bolo na ki tum thak gyi
ho.. he came to har , sat on the couch at the
side of her feet.
she was surprise now what he was upto do.
he smiled nd said: darling lao mai tumhre pair
(leg) daba deta hun.. he was abt to touch her
feet, instantly she dragged her feet back..
yelling she said: mr kapoor ye app kya kr rhe ..
aree mai tumhara pair daba rha hun , tum bahut
thak gyi ho na.. lao idhar lao.. he said in a
concerned voice...
priya: no its ok.. mai apse pair nhi dabwa sakti
u r my husband...
ram: acha with a naughty grin he added jab mai
pyar krta hu tab to tum mughe nhi rokti ho, from
kissing your soft feet...
she blushed profoundly,(sakshi special) her
cheeks turned red. she looked into his eyes, then
looking down said- tb ki baat kuch aurhai..
he asked - matlb...? thoda detail mein bologi.. he
she blushed.. bitting her lips..
achha to ab gussa khatam na.. he said , chalo
phir khana khalo..
but she again came into her hitler mode - kisne
kaha ki mai gussa nhi hu.. mughe dinner nhi krna
aur apko krna hai to kr lijiye... nhi bhi karengy
to mughe koi frk nhi padta ..
nhi abhi tum jaise sharmayi na to mughe laga ki
tum ... khair come let have dinner , uske baad
mai sari thakan mita dunga tumhari.. his last
sentence make her go weak . bt she was so
adamant to hear anything..
kaha na mughe nhi khana samgh nhi ata apko ek
baar mein mr kapoor.. she shouted
thik hai nhi khana hai to mat kahoo . bt mai bhi
nhi khaunga, 3 din se nhi khaya ek din aur sahi..
socha tha aj sath mein dinner karunga tumhare
sath, pr tumhe to mere fikar hi nhi hai. he said
dissapointly, he stood up and moved toward the
she felt sad seeing him hurt . she love him so
much nd he also love her soo much then why she
is hurting him this much, whatever is happening,
there is no mistake of him..
ek minute... she said, he turned . thik hai mai
thoda sa khalungi bt ye mat samghiyega ki maine
ye apke liye . kiye hai.. ye maine apne liye kiya
hai bicoz i know jb tk ap khayengy nhi tk ap
soyengy nhi aur jb tk soyengy nhi tb tk mughe b
isi trh pareshan krte rahengy.. and..
and mai kharrate lunga to tumhe bhi to chain se
neend ayegi, i can see in your eyes tum bhi thik
se soyi nhi ho 3din se..he said
she looked into his eyes . they were not talking
with eachother in words bt their eyes dont need
words to express their feeling, hom much they
missed eachother, they can see immense love...
she broke the eye lock.. mr kapoor she said..
he came in his sense chalo dinner krlo..
after having dinner..
she was in front of mirror , was combing her hair.
when he snaked his hand along her waist nd
hugged her from back, she got goosebump, the
comb fell down from her hand. her hand went on
his hand which was on her stomach, he was
nuzzling her shoulder and whispering i love you
priya so much, i missed you ... she also got
drowned in his love. she craving for his touch.
she love him.. he bit her ear lobe and kissed her
nape she moaned. he turned her to him ..
they looked into eachother eyes.. plzz mughe
kabhi chod ke mat jana priya i cant live ithout
you ..
this line remind her , the plan she is executing to
expose niharika.. nd next moment she pushed him
from her with all her force.
and yelled at top of her pitch- door rahiye mr
kapoor mughse, apne khabhi mere viswas nhi
kiya. mughe apse divorce chahiye bs... nd i dont
love you, suna apne . mughe bs apka paisa
chahiye.. mere pass ane ki koshish bhi mt
ab to mughe ap pr bharosa bhi nhi h isiliye mai
ja rhi ho guest room mein..she took her step for
the guest room..
now this is too much for him.. he gripped her
both arms..
bs bhut ho gya tumhara natak.. jbse ayi ho tbse
dekh rha hun.. mughe nhi pata ki tum ye sb kyu
kr rhi ho.
he made his grip tight , hurting her more. she
closed her eyes in pain..
paisa chahiye na tumhe .. thik hai kal hi sari
property tumhare naam kr deta hun. khud ko bhi
bechna pade na vo bhi krdunga... bt phir to chod
ke nhi jaugi na.. and tears rolled down on his
listening him she opened her eyes. her eyes were
brimmed wid tears, she felt bad , he loves her so
much and what she is doing with him. leaving no
chance to hurt him..
kyu ankh kyu bhar ayi tumhari.. kyu takleef de
rhi ho khud ko aur mughe...he said
saaf saaf dikh rha h mughe ki kitna pyaar krti ho
mughse. ye 3din kitna tadpi ho i can see in your
eyes bt phir bhi..
priya mughe nhi pata tha ki tumhare jane ke
baad kaise rahunga, bt in 3 dino ne mughe ehsas
krwa diya ki mai tumhare bina ek pal nhi reh
she was kept looking in his eyes while he was
pouring his heart out. and tears were
constantyly rolling on her cheeks..
wiping her tear with his finger, he noded no... i
cant see you crying my darling , it hurts me..
seeing his immense love for her she broke down
into more tears.. and hugged him and wept
nd kept murmuring i love you ram . i cant live
without you. i cant.. i m sorry i hurted you soo
much..plzz mughe maf kr dijiye
he detached himse;lf from her
said - its ok darling.. i know vo sab jhoot tha, i
knowe you very well how much you love me, bt ye
sb tum kyu kr rhi ho..
between her sobs she said abhi mai kuch nhi
bata skti .. plzz abhi hame kamre se bahar sbke
samne aise hi behave krna padega .. jaise mai kr
rhi hun
but kyu..?
plzz i will tell you when time come plzz dont ask
anything now apko meri kasam
ok... madam thik hai..bt kamre andar to bhut
kuch kr sakte hai na.. nd he winked her.. both
smiled looking at eachother(raya special)
cuppping her face he said - 3 din ka hisab bhi to
pura krna hai..
with dis he took her lips in his,, pouring his all
love in that kis, she was also responding equally.
giving her best to show how much she love him...
thank you.. for reading..
plzz doo comment kaisa laga..
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Posted: 2015-10-06T00:06:15Z
Beautiful update...
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Posted: 2015-10-06T00:16:30Z
wow. super os

this is the only way by which we relieve our beloved RaYa romance. keep writing.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-10-06T00:39:16Z
Hayeee superb os loved it n plsss keep writing
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Posted: 2015-10-06T02:19:53Z
Very beautiful update...
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Posted: 2015-10-06T02:26:34Z
Beautiful update... Written very nicely... 
Please do write more..TongueTongue
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Posted: 2015-10-06T03:29:56Z
Very nice attempt
Welcome To the forum
Keep posting
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Posted: 2015-10-06T05:30:00Z
Ram with cute tactics made Priya melt again and now moreover reading her but the way Ram said he can't leave without Priya made her heart cry and both sealed their love life with kiss.
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