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Posted: 6 years ago
Math with Manya

The air was cold, his lips were moist and warm

"U taste like hazelnut chocolate" she whispered on his lips

He nodded agreeing

She liked how he nodded when other men would say something, he smiled when other men would counter, he tilted his head when other mean would ask a question
He saved his energy... he didnt speak much at all

A sigh escaped her throat.. as she gently leaned

Inhaling his scent

She talked even in her sleep, she fell for a man who wouldnt talk even while wide awake

"Arent u cold?" he asked her

She shook her head...  "I have a sweater in my empty purse" she told him

He chuckled

A man asked him something in French

He fished the tickets out of his pocket and handed it to him, the guy scanned with his hand held device and said something to her in French

"I dont speak French" she said somberly

the man said something to R&B

He responded

"If u are in college, u get a discount with ur ID" R&B explained

"I have my IIM ID  and my Georgia Tech ID in my purse" she accused

"I paid full price already" he made a sad face

"He thinks I am in college?" II smiled smugly

R&B nodded

"I like him" she smiled

"I bet" he her husband muttered

Manya walked over after taking a few pictures

"Do u remember the boat we took when u were 10?" she asked R&B

He smiled and nodded

"He stood on the edge and did a Titanic like pose and fell over" Manya said

II wanted to ask

But she asked "How old was he?"

"12?" Manya looked at R&B

"Yep... sounds abt right"

"It was a private charter" Manya said... so they just fined us when we returned the boat" she informed

"Was he singing too" II enquired

R&B chuckled

"Hes a REALLY bad singer" Manya informed

"I surround myself with singers" he said

Manya rolled her eyes as if it say "I AM NOT A GOOD SINGER"

"I married a singer I shud say" R&B corrected himself

"thats better... kisi Bhalla ko bhi koi gaate hue sunega thats it... I heard he made u sing?" Manya asked

II blushed... "He was being a" "umm"

"Pompous ass" R&B supplied

Manya laughed hard... "I heard its a big deal in Iyers" "To sing for the groom"

II nodded  "used to be"

"does Vandita sing?" she asked

Amma only sings in bhajan mandlis, Amma learned singing for 8 years until Thatha moved for his job from Madurai to
Coimbatore, my mother is guilty of making me sing, even this morning she texted me.
PLEASE SING ISHITA" (mimicking Mrs Iyer)"I mean she would be OK if I quit my job and just sang"
"I dont want to make a career of it, I ve fiegned illness... period and what not so that I can skip the temple events
But drag karke lekar jaati hain" II ranted

Manya stared dumbfounded

"u will never get such a long answer from him for anything" she said still trying to process whatever Ii said

"Sorry" II mumbled


"wow" manya shook her head  "Kitna bolti hai yaar

"I am sorry" II said

Manya laughed  "dont be... he probably just listens" Manya shrugged

R&B nodded

"I know nobody talks this much in ur house...

"Ma would BEG him to talk... he would do all sorts of mean dirty things but wont talk" Manya punched her bro

"Ma loved Paris too" Manya said in a deep husky voice

The siblings went quiet

"what was her favorite place?

"The usual... Eiffel" Manya chuckled

ranjan finished up is call and walked over

"whats wrong pappajee" Manya asked hugging him

"Just work... strike tey hafta pelle khatm hoya, aur main idar" he shook his head  "Othey Harish di voti beemar haigi"

Manya didnt even ask what was wrong with Chachi
The kids hated her

II squirmed wanting to ask

"Low BP, tey, high sugar tey aur aur kayi sayape" Ranjan shook his head

"they give us all BP, and they steal our sweetness" Manya did elementary math

Ranjan guffawed

"I am not kidding" Manya said disgusted

"Utkarsh is emailing me to ask if I know FILM DISTRIBUTORS in Sydney, mujhe kya hustler samajhke rakha
 hai the movie has flop written all over it" (The movie in which a bahu had a lead role) Manya mumbled

"Toone kya kaha?" Ranjan asked worried

"I told him the only distributors I know are the ones that supply chemicals to the Bio chem lab" Manya laughed at her own joke

"He should outsource it, why is he asking u? Publicists hain aaj kal har cheez ke liye" Ranjan was getting protective for his brother

II squirmed

"Umm.. I am going to walk to the other end" she whispered to R&B

He held her hand firmly holding her down

"DADDD Dont tell them what to do? Did he help u when you had a strike?" Manya raised her voice "Chaar bete hain unke... give urself a break"

"Ranjan sighed

"Gudiya kya khaayegi?"

Some things hot and spicy" II chuckled

"Thai bomber Martini or Spicy gin cucumber lemonade or Hot in Rio" Manya listed

"Arey she is a Iyer" Ranjan warned

Ii nodded innocently

"You dont drink?" Manya asked

"No" Ii lied

"How do u cope with bad days?" Manya asked baffled

"I fight or throw a fit" II said spontaneously without thinking

Ranjan spit out the mouthful of water he was attempting to drink from a bottle

R&B chuckled

They ate at a casual dining place called La Coincidence

"i want lots of soup and warm bread" she told him as they entered the place and waited to be seated

It was dark , noisy with sounds of clattering silver ware, laughter and chatter

they were served drinks at the bar while they waited

A guest parted with his stool, Manya walke dover with Ranjan to inspect a tall cocktail sign...

R&B picked her up and seated her on it, like she was a child

"Do I get a bib? " she chuckled in his ear

"Umm...No I can clean u up later" he whispered in hers



Posted: 6 years ago
She liked how he nodded when other men would say something, he smiled when other men would counter, he tilted his head when other mean would ask a question
He saved his energy... he didnt speak much at all

II when Dude uses his energy and words you go powerless and speechless... Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
I am loving this.

Agge Kya hua? How did R&B clean up?
Posted: 6 years ago
Ma loved Paris
Beta loves Paris
UnhappyEdited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
An outing filled with fun and nostalgia ... A little bit of everything from chitchat to nostalgia to banter to casual convos to food to drinks and Romance makes for a great family outing. Light and warm. Nice
Posted: 6 years ago
Chalo bhai... Hamara R&B Modi supporter nikla...swachh bharat abhiyaan  mei yogdaan dega..II ki safai...afterall safai bigins AT HOMELOL
Thoda Savvy ka glimpse do na Niisssaaa!!!'
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

I am loving this.

Agge Kya hua? How did R&B clean up?

ayyo Pritee, wait for her to spill something...then Dude will do his jobROFL morning became beautiful, gives me the energy to face the stressful day.Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Yeh happily ever after wale scenes mujhe Zara pareshaan kar rahe hain..aane wale kisi Sankat ka Andesha de rahe hain...waise to Aisa Hona nahi chahiye, Lekin kyunki yeh kahani hai is mein drama wrama naa ho to...waise hum nahi...Humara Mann kEh raha hai. 

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