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Posted: 6 years ago
Vikas yeah you are right
i love dogs even stray and gutter ones
picked them up and got them medicated and sent to dog cares a million times.
my own dog is a Siberian Husky and family to me
i dont spare ppl who speak a word about him.
he has never attacked anybody...cos i Train my dog.

and cats?? i have had 5 Persian cats and they have all been awesome. lekin i love dogs more

there are times i have gone home hurt and crying...he would just come lay on my lap and snuggle or sit at my feet and lick my feet trying to calm me..if anybody as much as tries to yell at me..he growls at them like he can rip them to pieces.

the feeling that comes when your dog waits for u to get home and goes mad seeing cant be bought with a million dollars and a hundred friends.
he is like my kid...i love him like ppl love their babies...i love every dog like that
ppl talk dogs bark
we hear them bark...but never think about what they are trying to convey
it could be because they are hurt lonely hungry or dying...ur son can ask u food...dogs can only wait for u to get home and give them food.

i dont want to profess about dogs or convince anybody to love dogs.
if u are hurt by any dogs behavior im sorry on their behalf..they are afriad of u as much as u are of them...they cant express what they feel...and they have less mood swings as compared to a human..they are sensitive and loyal

jo bhi hai...i understand being afraid of dogs...i cant understand hatred towards them

i wasnt about to write and justify..because its your opinion and i respect it...similarly loving dogs and cats is my choice.

hating dogs because ankita karan patel has one is just like hating your son because he is good to the neighbor u hate.

and sorry whoever feels this is a discussion against their ideas...because its not
i dont care about others opinions on pets...unless mine is questioned
im ok being called stupid but i love dogs.

nadira...thanks a lot...this is be like by somebody like this in a virtual world
means a lot

dristi i love you too...lekin kya karen pagal hoon...cats and digs pasand hai mujhe..bohat LOL

thanks and tadaaa

Edited by NSB7 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

This is a laugh riot


Please watch all their reviews when you get time.. Many times have fell down from sofa...They are too good..Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by avni_19

Originally posted by Ashu25

What on earth is going on????

I am shit scared if dogs
They bark at me.. They are cute only when they are puppies.
I get terrified at the mere sight of a dog!!!
How much do you guys have to put up ya!!
I get so enlightened by the talk here.. You guys change my perspective totally!!
So glad I found this platformBig smile

Lolll...heinnaaa..mujheee bhii... I love seeing any pets from far...paas aye toh il run from thr... LOL

Puppies are sooo cuteee... Heart

Puppies are cuteee
Dogs are not. They bark Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Originally posted by dristi64


We are helpless compared to the money and influence those half-baked movie makers have on our illiterate masses and people abroad. Our opinions and ideas are in a minority. May be we can ask for a reservation from the Modi governmentLOL


I've watched kanan-gill videos! They are hilarious! I think Vibhu had shared them once before, too.

Is there anyway we can raise strong protest against Indian sick tele serials n movies?

Yeah, on Nisha's threadLOL
And by not watching them.
I strictly adhere to these two options.Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Nam :)
Respect aur badh gaya baby Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Looks like I missed out on welcoming the latest member of the SOSY familyEmbarrassed
Hello Sunita and WelcomeHug
Hope you have a great time here hanging out with usSmile

Hiii drishtiii.. Big smile and thankuuu sooo muchh for the lovely welcome love Hug
Posted: 6 years ago
Hello everyone Hug
Hope everyone is good 
Was really busy, even now I have just few hours of free time Ouch

Posted: 6 years ago
You remind me of one of my besties. He's the same about dogs. Unfortunately, I have my feet up on the sofa every time I visit him LOL
I so understand your sentiments. But when I see a dog, mujhe 'kuch kuch' nahi 'bohat kuch' hota haiWacko 

N I didn't get the Ankita Patel comment.D'oh
Looks like I missed some convo. Chalo u have a good day ahead.
M heading off, too.

Bye people.. Take careHug 

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