RaYa Os - So close yet so far

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Hi to all I am here yet again with another story on our beloved RaYa. I hadn't thought that I will write again after the story Back in your arms' but my good friend Sanju aka Balhlover was behind me from very long that I should write again so only on her insistence I had written it. This Os is based on episode 6 feb 2014 but with some good twist in it. So now I will not take any more time of yours please read and enjoy.

The morning rays come inside the room which bought a smile on two faces thinking of each other. One in his big thinking of his beloved and other in opposite side of town thinking about her beloved without her life . Thinking about her only made him so excited which bought a silly grin on his face. On other side she is too thinking about him only which bought a dreamy look on her face. When his work was completed he went down to join other for breakfast with a smile on his slips. As he sit down on the chair where head of family sit Krishnaji instructed one of the servants to bring breakfast for him. When Bansi kaka serve him with his usual breakfast of Aloo prantha and curd it which made him remind of his beloved. He instructs Bansi kaka to bring salads, fruits and juice to serve him. Krishnaji who was observing him for time being interrupt him calling his name. He looks towards his mother and ask wat happened.

Krishnaji said Ram why are you not eating your fav8 aloo prantha he didn't answer much saying only that he didn't liked it and again engaged himself eating. Pihu was also sitting their ask the same quest to Ram but he shrugged his shoulders while getting up and saying that now he is not in mood to eat and will eat something in his office. Ram didn't share his grief with Krishnaji but she knows wat made him so upset and prayed to god that Priya soon back in his son life.

Priya who was getting ready for office has sudden had unusual feeling regarding Ram and hoping that he would be fine. Kush came into her room and finding her tensed asked the reason but she denied and told everything is fine and start getting ready again. He came near her and said that if she is thinking about Dad to which she stiffen a bit but which goes unnoticed by him and he continued saying that Dad don't care for her and believe on Pihu lies.

She knows her Ram very well and he is not like this and thinks that it was destiny decision that now both are living separate without each other but the love has not vanished from their life and still they are near from heart. Without answering Kush Priya rush towards the gate and once she reach outside near bus stop has sigh of relief.  Suhani who saw all this went near Kush and ask him as why Priya Angel was in hurry. He tells that Priya angel was thinking about Dad but he also doesn't know the reason behind why she went to office in so much hurry.

At bus stop Priya took auto rickshaw for the office and throughout the journey she was thinking about Ram and knew that eh love her so much but circumstance was so complicated that he can't able stop her from leaving him and the house. Meanwhile Ram in car thinking about her only and the day when she left him and he couldn't do anything to stop her. He was so helpless and had to support Pihu who was all together was wrong.  But now he has determined look on his face and  decided that he will bring Priya back in his life in her house where she belong in spite wat other think and now on he will think only about his and Priya happiness.

Both reached at same time and as Priya about to give fare to auto rickshaw driver Ram has given a bigger note to him by saying he can keep the change. Priya tried to protest but an angry glare from her man made her stop to say anything further. Ram says he wants to talk something important with her but she was giving silent treatment to him as she was upset with him as he behaves so angrily with her earlier and went toward the office elevator and entered inside. Ram too gets behind her in hope that he can talk with her peacefully in lift without any disturbance. Priya turned her face towards glass wall so that he can't talk to her and Ram had a silly grin on face watching her cute antics but as he was about to turn her to himself but along with them two aged couples joined them. Ram Priya was standing backwards surrounded by glass wall as aged couple was stand in front of them facing the elevator doors.

Priya is still facing towards the glass wall unknown that Ram was standing beside her with a little gap in between them. He slowly reached at her side and grazes his fingers on her arms which made her to turn towards him. But still she didn't say anything and glares him angrily. He took back his hand scratches on his head thinking how to manofy his lady love. As he was thinking a plan elevator halt at certain floor made more people to enter in making Ram Priya to duck more backwards towards the wall. To this sudden halt Priya collide with something solid as she turn she found Ram is standing behind her and she was about to move Ram circled his hand on her bare waist under the sari and tighten his hold so she can't move.

As at every halt of elevator on the floor lift was getting crowded with more people made RaYa to move at the farthest back and were pressed to corner. Ram hold on Priya hasn't loosened yet made them to press to each other without any gap between their bodies. Ram was nuzzling Priya hair while his finger having mind of their own making pattern on her stomach creating havoc in her body. His one hand was holding tight and other was moving towards her mounds under her swell. He was grazing his knuckles over them making her whimper. Slowly her hands was moving towards her shoulder he put her hair aside and kiss her on nape made which made her to moan a little. Priya can't able to think straightly as Ram was continuously torturing her with expert hand. Priya leaned her head against his chest closing her eyes and surrendering to his unrelenting fingers.

They were looking like a young couple in love but no one bother to turn around as everyone was busy chatting away as they were still oblivion wat happing in the farthest corner of lift where two love birds were totally lost in each other.

Finally the elevator reaches the top floor. With a loud ping the doors open and almost instantly the passengers start exiting. Ram hold on Priya was loosened but her eyes were still closed savoring the moment she spends with him. She knew her Ram is few words man and believe in action and now she experienced his action too. Ram slowly removes his hand from her waist and kisses the back of Priya head and moves out from the elevator after glancing towards Priya. There was smile on her lips. She was all left alone in the lift but still she can't think properly as wat happen earlier but as she get back to her sense her cheeks were reddened thinking wat Ram has done with her in this elevator with full of people around them.

She was in her dream land having flashback of romantic side of Ram but a ring on her phone made her to come out from her reverie. She turns around to look for Ram but he was not there and with constantly ringing of made her to pick up the call. As she said hello her colleague Shilpa immediately said why she was not picking up the phone without giving her any chance to say anything. Priya said why she is in so hurry if she had to say anything can say once she arrive at office as she is on the same floor.  Shilpa said Boss has arrived and asking for her only so she should come fast.

On other side as Ram entered in office a smile playing on his lips remembering wat transpired between him and Priya in lift. All the employees greet him Good morning to which he nods too which make all of them shocked. As Ram went towards his cabin he turns around and orders the peon to send Priya in his cabin with that Sinha project file.

One employee - Boss ko kya hoya bade smile kar rahe hai

Second employee - Bahut kush nazar aa rahe kisi pe chilaye bhi nhi

Third employee - Ram sir itne bhi bure nhi hai

Fourth employee - par Priya madam to abhi tak nhi aai hope boss unpe gussa naa hoo

As Ram went towards his cabin Priya immediately entered in office with a shy smile. Shilpa went towards her and ask why she was smile. Priya nods in negative but Shilpa says why she is so flustered as when Ram Sir entered he was also smiling and didn't yell on anyone also and now you also smiling. By listening his name only a blush came over her cheeks. To avoid any type of conversation with her Priya went towards her place and start to work. Her colleague shilpa to shrug her shoulder and went back to her place. Later on peon come and inform Priya that Ram sir has called her in his cabin with Sinha project file.

Priya collected all the papers regarding that project, attached in a file meanwhile employees were gossiping as how Boss was in good mood today and hope don't yell on Priya madam for coming late. By listening all commotion in the office Ram went towards the employees and ordered them to stop gossiping and start working. As Priya was about to go her hand collided with her office table making file fall from her hand and result she yelp in pain. Hearing her pain Ram went toward Priya and start helping her to collect the paper and after this he takes her hand in his to see if there any kind of medical help needed to her.

Priya was trying struggle but Ram was adamant. She was kind of feeling awkward as wat her colleague will think seeing Ram helping her out. Ram made her to come with him in waiting room and told the peon to bring first box in the room. Ram begin to see wat happen in Priya hand meanwhile peon has come with first aid box by signaling him to keep the box on table Ram ordered him to leave. He saw a red spot behind her hand and started applying the Soframycin Cream with care. Priya kehati hai yeh app kya kar rahe hai Mr kapoor sab employees kya sochenge. Ram interrupts by saying that he is only helping her as she in pain and he doesn't care any wat others will think as he is trying lessen the pain of his wife. Priya was feeling so happy seeing Ram taking care of her. While applying the cream Ram says looking towards Priya that he wants to talk about them and Pihu with her. She looks up and says she also want to talk him about the same. But before they can continue their convo they were interrupted by the knock and Rishi another employee came inside and Ram has to leave Priya hand. He told there is conference call for Ram from London regarding some ongoing projects of them they are handling and they only want to talk with him. Ram says arrange the meeting in conference room immediately as he is coming in five mins. Ram turns towards Priya and says their convo as yet to be finished and after the meeting she will come to his cabin and they will talk on that matter.

As both come out form the room Ram went towards the conference room. Among one of the colleague Nishi went to Priya and ask wat happen in the room. She says nothing happened and starts smiling. Nishi says something has happened between you and Boss as woh tumpe aaj bahut meharbaan hain badi achese baat kar rahe hain tumhe help bhi ki. Priya says aise kuch nhi hai I was in pain and he helped me nothing more and now stop talking all this meanwhile Rishi came and announce about the meeting to the staff.

In Conference room

Ram was attending the call from London meanwhile all the staff was waiting for his order as he finishes with call he turn up towards Priya and ask her to receive the call from intercom where she receive the good news of getting the London project and same thing she shares with everyone. Ram say it's good start for this company as we got a new deal and it can be done by the hard work of all the staff member especially Priya who had motivated other. Now we all have to work hard more so that company can reach to heights in business world. Ram announces half day for the entire staff and all leave the room after congratulating him and Priya for getting new deal. As Priya about to leave Ram says their convo is yet to be finished as he said earlier and now he will be waiting for her in his cabin and leave from there.

In Ram cabin            

Priya went to her desk pack all the thing by seeing all things are arranged she went towards Ram cabin by climbing the stairs. She knocks on the door and asks the permission from Ram to enter. As she entered Ram in jovially mood say she is his wife so she didn't has to ask for permission to enter in her husband cabin and told her sit.  

Ram begin to say Priya tum kyu ghar chod kar chali gai tumahre bina woh ghar ekdum katne ko daurta hai' Priya says Mai bhi nhi jana chahati thi ghar chodkar par Peehu ne aise circumstances laa diye the ki apko mujhme or usme kisko ek ko chose karna pardta or main nhi chahati thi ki apko koi problem ho chose karne mai isleye apki muskil asan karne ke liye mainbe ghar choda' Ram say Maine to tumhe nhi kaha ghar chodne ke liye phir kyu choda mai koi rasta nikal leta' Priya say apne roka bhi to nhi mai wait kar rhi thi ki ek baar app awaz lagaenge Priya maat jooa mai tumhere bina nhi jii sakta to mai kabhi nhi jati'

While saying all this Priya eyes was moist Ram come towards her and ask her to stop crying. He was very near to her - Ram Priya aur kareeb jata hai uska haath uske face pe se hatha kar uske aanso pochata and now she can stop herself and hug him tightly. Ram too embraced her in tight bear hug. For some moments they keep standing like this only. Ram take Priya face in his palms from another he tuck the strands of her hair behind her ear which was blocking his view and kiss her on forehead, than kissed on her both eyes slowly as he want to savor every moment with her. Ram slowly went towards her jaw. Ram gave a little peck on Priya lips but later on passionately kissed on her lips as he want a assurance that she is with him and which made her blush. Ram says Mrs. Kapoor hamare shaddi ko itne saal ho gaye par aaj bhi tum nai dulhan ki tarah sharmati hoo.

Priya says kya app bhi Mr kapoor mujhe tease kar rahe hain and try to move from him. But he didn't gave a chance to her and still holding her in hug and says please Priya be like this only we are meeting after long wait of six months and I had kissed you after so long and I want to savor each moment with you. Priya says to Ram that you want to talk about Pihu, Ram says that can wait and again shut her mouth in his own style by kissing her more deeply with passion.

The End.

This is my second attempt to write something and so I am ready to receive each view of all of you whether it's bad or good so please bear it with me and do hit the like the button and comment. Silent readers are most welcome too.

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Wow... Beautiful OS..
Superb update for a second attempt..
Please do write more..
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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Beautiful OS
Loved it so much
Thank u for your pm
Do write more
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woww.. super duper hit. kya os hai di. too gud...

thanks for pm.
pl do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-09-29T11:44:47Z
Awesome...Superbly written...
Pls do write more...
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Posted: 2015-09-29T12:11:46Z
Awesome os it is.
Superbly written...
Thanks to you for PM and
Please do write more...Edited by Sakshiashu - 2016-04-19T11:26:44Z
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Posted: 2015-09-29T12:43:41Z
nyc & rmntc os...
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Posted: 2015-09-29T12:46:18Z
Fabulous dear . I loved it. N do keep writing
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