RAYA OS : Romance In The Candle Light

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It's raining very heavily Ram is coming back from his work It's already very late Priya is waiting for him at home she jumped slightly as a loud clap of thunder boomed above the large house suddenly electricity went offas she walked out of the bathroom dressed in knee length nighty with matching robe suddenly her phone rang looking at caller Id It's Ram she smile nd answered the phone hello where are you Mr.Kapoor Ram smiled nd said he was driving home Priya smile and said you come home then why did you call me  because I want aloo paratha today at the dinner Priya roll her eyes and said aloo ko aloo parataha khana hain woh bhi dinner main nd laugh Ram angrily kya kaha tumne abhi Priya she bite her lover lips and said maine kya kaha kuch bhi toh nhi Ram accha maine suna tumne muje aloo kaha Priya said maine aap ko aloo kaha nhi toh maine kaha aap ke aate he aapko aloo paratha mil jayega Ram said accha maine tumaine ghar aake batata hu aur tum bhi aaj mere sath aloo paratha khavogi Priya said main aur aloo paratha belkul nahi khaungi muje aapki tarha aloo nhi banna hain Ram angrily tumne muje phir se aloo kaha ab maine tumain nhi chodunga Priya smile and said ha phele ghar toh aaiye phir dekhte hain Ram ha ha aa raha hu Priya said ok jaldi I'm wating and cut the call she smile and herself aloo paratha pata nahi ine aloose itna pyar kyu hain jab dekho aloo paratha he chaiye chalo aloo ke liye aloo paratha banana hain but ye light kab aayegi the severe storm had caused a power blackout which annoyed Priya as she carefully walked down the staircase holding two large candles

After placing the candles on the kitchen counter Priya walked over to the kitchen window to gaze at the pounding rain rain pelted down heavily as a lightning strike lit up the neighbourhood for a few seconds she hoped for Ram's safe return home driving through the rain as she walked away from the window as she searched for more candles to light up the room she actually thought with a cheeky grin that the idea of a little candlelight dinner of aloo paratha with Ram on the couch would be fun nd romantic

Ram was beyond annoyed as he drove home that evening driving home through a heavy rain did nothing to help his mood over he heat rain but he want to be with his love he think about her smile nd said jaldi toh muje bhi hain ghar aane ki tume dekhne ki whenever I see you it makes me happy whenever I hear you over the phone it makes me happy whenever you laugh it makes me happy whenever you hug me it makes me happy whenever I hear you it makes me happy whenever I see you smile it makes me happy whenever you tease me it makes me happy whenever I hear you sing it makes me happy whenever you do something random it makes me happy whenever you say we'll always be together it makes me happy whenever you kiss me it makes me happy whenever you leave it makes me unhappy...until we meet again I'm coming home

Ram pulled into the parking lot completely relieved to be home with Priya and out of the heavy pounding rain as he walked through the front door he was greeted by the sight of flickering candles sitting on the coffee table in the living room nd of Priya standing in the candlelit kitchen as she lit up six tea light candles sitting in cube shaped holders made of crystal Priya looked up when she felt a slight chill in the room nd flashed a beautiful smile as Ram stood at the re locked front door the sight of  Priya in the candlelight as another lightning strike lit up outside lightened his mood as he crossed the distance from the front door to stand with his beauty in the kitchen

Hi jaan Ram said softly with a smirk where is my aloo paratha Priya smile and said aloo paratha is ready What you told me on the phone Priya look at him and said kya kuch bhi toh nhi Ram accha bhul gai main yaad dilau then he swooped down to capture her lips in a soft kiss his mouth caught her moan of delight when she felt his muscled arm snake around her to enjoy the soft feel of her silken covered body against his as they stood together in a passionate embrace in the kitchen Priya's hands gripped the shoulder over his black blazer as the kiss intensified until a sudden clap of thunder directly above the house interrupted the moment as she slightly jumped in fear Ram couldn't help but chuckle slightly as he held her the rainstorm outside Priya It won't hurt you in here Ram chuckled slightly as he rested his forehead against hers as he held her trust you to make fun of me for that but I'm glad you came home safely Priya answered softly before stealing a kiss nd escaping his hold to return to the task of serving the aloo paratha for a little candlelight meal he was a little surprised at first nd then smiled at the sight of her body barely covered by the baby pink coloured silken robe with her hair down

As Priya prepared to serve the aloo paratha on a plate she couldn't help but notice Ram's movements he walked over to the other side of the kitchen counter as his hands glided the shoulder blazer off his shoulders nd down his arms the sight of his muscled arms flexing as he removed the tie nd carefully placed it on the kitchen counter made her grin

Ram noticed how Priya was staring at him appreciatively made him grin in return he couldn't resist moments to tease nd flirt with Priya whenever they were together in private his grin became a deadly smirk when his hands gripped the shirt nd in one swift motion stood bare chested in the candlelight with the shirt in his left hand

Feeling cheeky Priya grinned in return nd pretended not to care as she reluctantly shifted her gaze from his muscled frame to the plate of aloo paratha  nd reached for a piece of the his favorite dish that he want to eat today she began to chuckle when she felt him lightly trap her body between his nd the kitchen counter she closed her eyes nd moaned when she felt his lips leave kisses to the skin of her neck as his hands delicately glided the silken robe away from her shoulders Priya knew what he wanted nd freed her arms out of the sleeves as the tied robe draped around her hips exposing her knee length nighty

My baby Ram murmured as one of his hands reached around to caress her sikn from behind as his left hand lifted a piece of aloo paratha to Priya's mouth to feed her Priya blushed at the sight of  Ram wanting to feed her as he held it near her mouth Ram watched in fascination as her mouth closed around the aloo paratha  nd reached for a piece to feed him over her shoulder in return as she chewed

What do you eat baby? Ram said

Aloo paratha Priya answered

Why jaan?

Because my aloo loves aloo paratha nd I love my aloo so much and he feeding me so I'm eating aloo paratha n smile

You told me aloo n angrily turn his face on the other side

Priya smile nd said I love you bhi kaha tha nd kiss on he cheeks Ram look at her smile nd hug her

Priya was beyond content as she stood in the candlelit kitchen eating aloo paratha with Ram as the rain continued outside in all its natural fury she melted against his muscled chest as she felt his calloused hands glide along her skin as she ate the remaining piece of aloo paratha

For Ram it was a moment to savour with her as the stresses nd annoyances of work melted away from the moment he saw her standing in the kitchen when he walked in through the door as he gently turned her around to face him he couldn't resist the urge to gaze at her with hungry eyes his arms then curled around her nd unzipped her nighty he wanted nothing more than the simple enjoyment of being able to feel her soft skin press against his muscled frame as he held her tightly

The intensity of the rainstorm outside raged on with the heavy rain but Ram barely noticed or cared as he handed her the fabric before he curled his arms around Priya nd captured her lips in another passion filled kiss as he gazed at Priya's natural beauty in the soft flickering glow of the candlelights after they pulled away from their passion filled kiss to breathe Ram knew nd always knew that Priya was his perfect find

As another lightning strike lit up the darkened streets outside she threaded her arms through the silken sleeves of her robe when Ram slightly pulled away from her with a smile nd motioned for her to sit with him on the couch he had been on his feet for most of the day along with his little candlelit moment in the kitchen with Priya nd wanted to rest with her on the couch as he waited for her to take his hand Priya giggled as she took his outstretched hand nd walked over to the living room in the candlelight

Ram sighed in relief when he sat down on the couch nd with a smile swung his boot covered feet over the arm of the couch nd lightly pulled Priya down to lay on his chest she could easily tell that he wanted to continue what they had started in the kitchen in more comfortable surroundings nd giggled when she felt him slide the robe away from her skin

Priya was more than happy to lay on top of the hard working businessmen as she freed her arms from the sleeves nd laid back down on his chest nd grinned when she felt his hand trace the length of her spine as a loud clap of thunder rattled the windows Ram felt incredibly content as he watched the raging thunderrain outside with Priya in his arms he briefly tore his gaze from the rain to look at his beautiful wife in his arms It never ceased to amaze him how her beauty could be enhanced by soft glowing candlelights as they laid together on the couch

But that was why he loved her nd why she made his world a better place without even trying she became something to him even more precious to protect as he wrapped his muscled arms around her nd kissed her as the intensity of the storm died down to heavy rain after some time letter priya struggled from Ram's grip

Ram look at her and said what happened baby Priya look at him and said leave me Ram make pappy face and said why? I need shower Priya said

Ram smile nd said can I join you?

Priya said no you stay hear only I come back soon nd come out from his grip

Priya I need shawer too Ram said softly with a smirk

Priya who was blushing nd said ok you can use guests room washroom nd run from there

Ram Priyaaa smile naughtily nd scratched his forhead

Priya sighed happily as she stood under the warm shower in their bathroom she closed her eyes in contentment as the warm pulsating spray of the shower she smiled as she saw him earlier completely content to lie on the couch for a while nd rest after their meal together

Both Ram nd Priya were pleasantly surprised to find how smooth nd thiere dinner had been when they just focus on what was important to them being together an earlier time they had shared a meal together Ram was incredibly determined the had Priya than he realised nd she let out a hearty laugh as they cuddled on the couch

She was lucky her recently washed hair had shielded the cheesy grin on her face as she remembered their romantic moments in kitchen as she didn't realise her love had come to enjoy her company in the shower until she felt her back being pressed against his wet nd muscled frame from behind nd his strong arms embraced her protectively Priya couldn't help but giggle

You are gonna have to tell me how you do that ya know? Priya smirked as she felt her Ram's chuckle as he trailed kisses to her shoulder

An businessman can't rev the secret Priya Ram said as his hands began to gently slide along her wet skin as they laughed together at their little private joke about his job Ram then reached around for the body sponge that was already lathered with Priya's body wash

Apparently Ram had joined her in the shower at the right time

With nothing more than a ruggedly handsome smile nd a glint in his eye he gently took the lathered body sponge from Priya's hand nd proceeded to slide it all over her skin as he held her from behind as she placed her trust in him that he would not let her fall in the shower he felt a strong surge of pride in the feel of Priya melting in his strong embrace as he lathered her soft skin with the scented body wash

Priya was truly a beautiful nd unique woman in his eyes as he felt her head rest back on his shoulder as he smoothed the body wash over her arms a beautiful nd unique woman he had the greatest privilege of knowing nd loving every element about her felt like the greatest healing balm to his soul every time he had the chance to take Priya out were just spent in there room having a quiet meal together nd learning new things about each other they were moments that were real nd precious to them both even the first kiss they ever shared on their fight tender nd full of certainty became stand out memories oh the brest cancer after that incident they both felt an incredible passion of truth nd something solid nd real in their bond of friendship nd the love that grew from that bond It became something neither could bear to live without each other

Priya's moan of contentment made Ram smile as he turned her around in his arms to lather her back nd he couldn't resist the urge to capture her lips in a slow nd loving kiss as he washed he he poured all of his passion into the kiss to show how thankful he was to have Priya he was the only woman who could show him that love could be steamy nd most importantly still be real nd true something that he felt was a more precious gift she could give him than anything she could buy him in a store their kiss ended when he momentarily crouched down to wash Priya's slender legs as he placed a soft kiss to her stomach

The intense look in his eyes left Priya breathless as he stood back up nd gently guided her to stand under the shower to rinse the body wash from her skin she hummed at the feeling of his hands sliding along her back as her arms came around his shoulders nd rested her head near his collarbone he couldn't resist placing a soft kiss on the top of her head when he felt Priya place a kiss to his neck his breath soon caught in his throat when she raised her head from his chest nd smiled her smile was breathtaking as he gently backed her against the wall of the shower nd rested his forehead to hers as he closed his eyes his eyes immediately opened when he see her stunning smile still in place

So what made you come nd interrupt my shower? Priya giggled as her hands caressed his arms as he held her to the wall Ram shrugged his shoulders with a grin

I was lonely downstairs Ram answered as he trailed kisses to her shoulder nd caressed her back

I wasn't going to be in here for very long u know I was going to come back down nd join you on the couch Priya laugh

You could but here with you is more fun I love you Ram whispered near her lips with a smile

I love you too Priya whispered in turn as his lips captured hers in another passion filled kiss as they shivered in delight as they felt their bodies become one it reminded Ram just how powerful Priya's love for him felt nd what it could do for him

They way it could love him heal him see him feel him warm him calm him help him but would never harm him As he gazed into her eyes he knew his love for Priya did the same for her

In the shower with his beuntiful wife as their love incitement their passion to such dizzying heights of bliss

As Priya reached around to turn off the water Ram quickly stepped out to grab towels from the cupboard After wrapping one around his hips he grabbed the fluffiest one he could find as Priya carefully stepped out of the shower standing on the large bathmat with him Priya was wrapped in both the fluffy towel nd his arms as he held her she buried her face in his muscled chest when she felt the towel move along her skin to dry her from their shower together as she felt him crouch down to dry her slender legs she felt determined to repay the favour after all she wanted to be with him again

As Ram stood back up nd secured the towel around his wife's body to cover her from the slight chill he noticed through the look in her eyes how much she wanted to return the favour nd he was more than happy to let her as she closed the gap between their bodies with a soft kiss to his lips as her hands slid down his chest to stop at the towel

Priya grab towel Ram ruggedly smirked as he felt Priya's soft hands nd the bath towel glide along his muscled frame to dry him from the shower

Priya's swift nd delicate movements with the bath towel drying his skin left him feeling more relaxed than if she had given him a massage after returning home she felt his arms immediately wrap around her

Priya sighed softly in bliss as she felt her Ram's hands nd his lips caress her freshly bathed bare skin as they lied across their bed as she breathed in the delicate scent from the candles Ram had placed around the bedroom she felt his right hand again stop directly over her heart as he raised his head to gaze down at her flushed face It caused Priya to open her eyes nd was greeted by his handsome smile as she placed her left hand with his over her heart Ram had lightly straddled Priya's bare right leg as he placed most of his body weight on his left side his hand had gently eased the towel open during their kiss to reveal the soft skin of her cleavage nd stomach but kept her lower half concealed by the towel

Do you have any idea how beautiful you look in the candlelight right now Priya? Ram asked softly as he gazed down at her flushed face in adoration

The flickering lights of the candles dancing along her skin made her look heavenly as she lied on their bed underneath him Priya couldn't stop the blush as her other hand came up to comb through his hair

Thank you Ram but just what did I do to deserve this? Priya asked with her blush still in place as she gazed up in approval at the sight of his features in the candlelight to see her bare chested husband in the candlelight Ram let out a slight chuckle as he placed a gentle kiss to her forehead

Since when did a man need a reason to? everything that's precious to me gets well looked after nd you Priya are by far the most precious thing to call mine nd that's what makes you deserve this Ram said softly as he claimed her lips in another mind blowing kiss

His words left Priya's head spinning even more than the intensity of his kiss as his tongue sought to dance with hers in their mouths she shivered in delight when she felt his arms curl around her possessively as his left hand cradled her head Priya's mouth swallowed her husband's low growl of approval at the feel of her hands slide along the length of his muscled back Ram lightly pulled away from their kiss as he readjusted his position to lay beside Priya he had propped his head up with his right hand to admire his wife in the soft glow of the candles his left hand began to delicately skim across her skin the metal band of his engagement ring sliding over her skin made her twitch slightly as he gazed down at her the intensity of his gaze left Priya feeling a little self conscious nd tried to move her arms to cover herself she was about to reach for the towel when Ram's free hand quickly stopped her nd gently shook his head

Don't ever hide your beauty from me Priya Ram said softly as his hand gently guided her hands away from trying to reach for the fluffy towel

With a smile Priya rolled over to lay on her stomach and flicked her hair over her shoulder she gazed up at her husband over her right shoulder with a cheeky smile as she placed her hands under her cheek to rest her head against seeing Priya's bare back made Ram smile as he guided her hair away from her shoulder with a kiss to her cheekbone he moved to gently straddle her and give her a back a massage Priya moaned in delight at the feel of his hands massaging her back If her bath earlier had left her feeling relaxed then her husband's skilled hands massaging her back left her completely lethargic

Shouldn't I be giving you a massage since you just came back from a Australia? Priya moaned with a smile as Ram's hands continued to massage her back he chuckled lightly as his hands slid up to massage her shoulders

As much as I would enjoy the feel of you on top of me nd your hands giving me a massage you sound too relaxed to even move my love Ram said softly as his hands moved to her back again and teased her when his fingertips found the skin of her cleavage

With a laugh Priya playfully tried to swing an arm behind her to hit Ram for his comment but without any intention to hurt him Ram's quick reflexes caught her swinging right arm at her wrist he then gently bent her arm behind her as if he was in the procedure of placing the handcuffs on an offender as he playfully reached for her other hand nd brought it behind her back

Am I being arrested for trying to assault mt dear husbaned? Priya said through her laughter as Ram gently held her wrists in one hand as he crouched over her in excitement Priya's laughter sounded like music to his ears nd her playful mood was infectious as his left hand caressed her hair

Guilty as charged my love Ram chuckled in her ear

He couldn't help but join in her joyful mood nd played along even though the angle was odd Ram was still able to place a soft kiss to Priya's lips as his left hand rubbed her shoulder Priya couldn't help but moan in joy as she gazed up at Ram's face

So what's my punishment? Priya continued to laugh as she felt Ram sit up again

That remains to be decided Ram chuckled as he let go of her wrists nd moved off of Priya to sit up on his side of the bed

Priya rolled over again so she was on her back nd reached for the towel to cover herself as she wiped the joyful tears from her eyes as Ram sat back on the bed with his pillow behind him this time he didn't mind the sight of Priya covering herself up again with the bath towel to see her in the throes of her laughter as she clutched the towel to her b*****s nd her hair fanned out on the bed was a beautiful sight for him to see in the soft candlelights she noticed through her laughter as she sat up that Ram sat on the bed but was too caught up in the moment with him to scold him for it since she had plans to change the bed linen anyway she then scooted across the bed when she noticed his gesture to sit in his arms the moment she laid on Ram's chest his arms curled around her

I think I enjoyed this moment even more so than my bath earlier Priya moaned as she felt Ram's hands slide along her arms as her hands found the heavy fabric of his short over his thighs Priya then turned her head at the sight of one of the candles Ram had placed around their bed was on his bedside table she shifted her position to face the candle nd gently reached for it with a soft smile

You know Ram after tonight I don't think I will ever be able to look at scented candles in the same way again Priya giggled softly as she held the candle in her left hand nd breathed in its delicate scent Ram let out a chuckle as he placed his right hand gently over hers as she held the candle

I agree I couldn't have imagined a more perfect sight to come home to after a work just the sight of your beauty in the candlelight made all of the stresses from my job disappear Ram said sincerely as he turned his gaze from the flickering candle they were holding to her beautiful face as his left hand came up from around her to gently caress her face

Priya blushed again at Ram's compliments about her beauty but she couldn't help it such compliments about her looks from him always left her humbled that it was not just one thing about her that he loved he loved everything about her as he caught her blush in the candlelight with a smile he gently returned the candle to his bedside table nd wrapped his arms around her he swooped down to capture her lips in another mindblowing kiss to remind her just how precious she was to him as their shadows from the candlelights danced along the walls of their bedroom

The End

I update from mobile sorry for mistakes

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Lovely os!
Thanks for pm!
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Awsome writing, lovely update
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Awww very cute n romanntic candle night dinner 
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sooo romantic.
thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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So romantic nd beautiful..
Wish it never ends...
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Superb OS...Very beautiful...
Thanks 4 the pm...
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Originally posted by Prabina057

Lovely os!

Thanks for pm!

Thanks for reading and commenting!Smile

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